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October 31, 2006


A good and necessary move for the Rangers. Now if they could only do the same with Malik we might be onto something here.

I've been advocating sending our underwhelming D-men, including Kaspar, to Hartford for a while, and I'm not wavering one bit on that. At the same time, this move makes me a little bit sad on a personal level. I've always loved Kaspar's game and personality, and I really hope this is not the end for him. He was very solid last year before he broke down, and I continue to hope he gets himself straightened out and returns to provide a boost to the Rangers blueline later this season. If not, thanks for the memories you crazy Lithuanian bastard!

I share your feelings about Kaspar, Lurker -- it pains me to see him go. But it may well be for the best in terms of his conditioning -- at times, lately, he's seemed frustrated on the ice with his inability to play his game, so maybe he needs this.

There's been a rally cry for Pock's return to the lineup, and I also would be happy to see that, though I caution that Pock's no panacea. Most of the attention here the last few days has been on the dreadful defense, but the utilization of the forward lines is a huge issue as well. Why did L.A. succeed in the 1st 30 minutes or so? They skated hard and kept putting pucks at the net. When did the momentum reverse itself? When the Rangers started banging them and getting the puck deep themselves. There's a reason L.A. started taking those penalties: we started to force the issue. The Rangers are good enough to dictate the tempo of a game, but that has to be a priority right from the start of a game: to skate hard, get the puck deep, and go to the net. The aggressive lines need to be treated like an integral part of the team, with a regular shift from the get-go; then it will be the opposition that is back on its heels, not us. Then you'll see Jagr and co. really do their thing. I'm still not sure that Renney gets that, but if he does, there's no reason we can't compete with these left coast powerhouses that Jess keeps warning us about. Early on, many here refused to see the warning signs of trouble. Now, people are reacting in the reverse direction. There's still some good in this team, and I'll gladly stay up late on the chance I'll see it.

Sure he hasn't been himself this year, but I feel that Kasper is getting a raw deal here. Did something happen between him and the organisation during the off-season? First, he's stripped of the "A," then, he's benched before he even played one game; now this "conditioning assignment?" Why do the other stiffs on defence get s free pass?


It is a move but one that makes next to no sense and in many ways highly suspect. First off the Rangers can't replace him on the roster as DK remains on there but more important I really have to ask what conditioning does he really need?

Of all the defensemen his play while weak has not been the worst and yet he agrees to go on this "comnditioning" assignment. DK was the one playing clown in those bike ride shots so there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

The other problem I have with this "move" is that who does it open the door for Pock or Rachunek? We have seen what Rachunek CAN'T do so in my eyes it is time to see what Pock can or can't do.

If Rachunek gets to return to the lineup then this move was a joke.


If anything the first thing you will see as the number one difference between them and the Rangers will be how disciplined those teams are on the ice. Give the Sharks a PP and they will make you pay. They are the number one PP team in the NHL (Ducks are 5th BTW) so if the Rangers give either team 5-7 pps like they have the Coyos and Kings it will get ugly.

I think the Rangers can match up with both teams first lines, I give them an edge over the Duck second line but even with the Sharks. Third and fourth lines the edge belongs to the Ducks and Sharks.

On defense there is no contest as both Ducks and Sharks blueline corps are worlds ahead of the Rangers. The Ducks with the Pronger/Neidermeyer pairing alone are down right scary.
The Sharks have a kid who really in my book would merit serious Calder consideration if not for Malkin or Staal in Matt Carle who just might be a future Norris winner.

In goal I hate to say this but I think the Rangers need to give Weekes the start against the Ducks and let Henrik watch for a change.

Question for everyone - was the Kaspar move to punish him for his play and his penalties? Or was the Kaspar move made to make room or precede a move (i.e. a trade) by the Rangers prior to the end of this road trip? The Isles, Devs and Pens are jumping ahead in the Atlantic race and so are many teams in the East. We need to straighten this out now. We know the players who are doing their jobs, who aren't - Hossa, Hall, Orr, Malik, Roszival, Kaspar, and Ozo. Some move has to be made, hopefully more than the Kaspar move. They do need to add Pock and Dawes to the lineup for good. I would rather see these young guys make mistakes and play and gain experience than these older guys make mistakes that cost us the game. Anybody have rumors on any imminent Rangers moves now? Also, is Renney safe for sure? Just stirring the pot here...

The Post says the Hawks talk may involve Prucha for young D Seabrook
TSN ranks him highly
Brent Seabrook #7 D
DOB: Apr 20, 1985 Age: 21
Place of Birth: Richmond, B.C., Canada
HT: 6-3 WT: 215 Shoots: R
"Assets - Owns a nice combination of size and skating ability. Has plenty of offensive upside and could emerge as a power-play quarterback down the road.
Flaws - Durability is an issue, in terms of elevating his overall game. Doesn't use his size effectively enough.
Career potential - No. 2 defenseman. "
He played Junior in Western Canada.
Jess - what's your take on him?

Even before the summer free agency started , most astute Ranger fans implored the Rangers to sign a big tough Dman ,as it was a GLARING weakness last year. Sather instead opted to bring over the pond, Rachunek for $ 1.8 million to add to his collection of soft uninspiring Euro Dmen. Yes he did sign Ward, but he isn't that tough crease clearing Dman we are in desperate need of either.

He also assumed that Kaspar will be better after his operations. Sather grossly misjudged his current crew of Dmen and Rachunek's abilities.
Sather is now looking for that big tough Dman to help steady his defense and he could have had Witt without having to trade a player like Prucha.

There is no need to trade a LEAGUE PROVEN 30 GOAL Scorer who uses his body effectively. He will only get better and is far from the root cause of this teams problems. You shouldn't trade proven youth for more potential which is about all the Ranger farm system is. If you tell me we could get A. Aucoin for a prospect and Malik/Rosival(salary balance), I am all for it. That guy can play.

I wonder if Petr will be playing on the 3rd line in Chicago!

Scott, he isn't "LEAGUE PROVEN." The league is full of players that hit 30 goals once and never came close again. I don't think Prucha will end up there, but you can't say a guy is "LEAGUE PROVEN" after one season. Is St. Louis "LEAGUE PROVEN" as one of the elite? Hell, is Lundqvist "LEAGE PROVEN" as a #1 goaltender? Certainly isn't looking very proven right now, is he?

Seabrook was involved in quite a few Rangers rumors last year, too, maybe before the season. He's an excellent player with a huge upside. Comparisons had been made to Brian Leetch, although I don't know if they still are.

I'd trade Prucha, who will probably be a second liner at his peak, for Seabrook, who will be a first pair D. I'd look much deeper into it before hand, but I'd most likely do it.

And I'm an enormous Prucha fan.

Beamer, Prucha scored 30 goals, he proved he can last year. Saebrook has accomplished zero, no proof that he can. Where is Prucha now, playing the second power play unit for less then 30 seconds per opportunity and 3rd line duties with less then great talent. This is NOT how to develop a winger. So now what, the Rangers trade Prucha for Seabrook, they won't even play Pock(an AHL allstar last year, most points ever for a Ranger minor league defensement with an edge to his game). I certainly wouldn't trade a sniper like Prucha as he is not the root cause of their problems and one of few assets on the team. We have Staal, Sauer and Sanguinetti amongst Baranka, Pock and Girardi. We need centers and high profile wingers, feel free to read hockeysfuture, blueshirtbulletin, Hockey News & hockey rodent which are my sources to formulate opinions outside of watching games. By the way, Seabrook didn't impress last night against the Islanders.

-By the way, St. Louis has won a CUP. That's all the proof I need. Thats as many CUPS as we have one in 66 years.

-Should we trade Lundqvist because has only proved he can play for one season thus far.

not really smart move at all MALIK shouldve been said atleast kaspar hits

I'm not sure we need to be trading for more D prospects. We are already chock full of them in juniors. We either need help now or need to stockpile prospects at center/power wing.

My thoughts, just say no to any trade with the name Prucha. He struggled a bit now but has unlimited potential. He is exactly what this team needs to keep, not jettison.
I feel bad for Kaspar as by far he is NOT the worst we have on D and I know he's a great team guy. His heart is there but indeed he has not hit the sweet spot as of yet. His recovery is taking longer than expected. If I poll the studio audience and ask if you'd rather have Kaspar on the blue line or Rachunek? I think I know the answer. I never questioned Kaspars heart being in this thing but I questioned Rachunek's even before the season began.

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