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October 26, 2006


Nothing good hapenned in yesterdays game 3 times malik touched the puck he gave good passes but there was 1 problem he didnt pass them to our players all 6 D man played horrible all of them had a part in turn over that led to a goal. Hollweg dont hit anymore Ward got killed by boards and we didnt do a goddam ting about it so i dont see any positive yest Straka had a beatiful goal so thta should shut people up bout him bein horrible, i Still believe wel make it to the cup but playing like that sh*****t.

Last year Renney benched Poti early and it seemed to send a message to the team (well, everyone EXCEPT Poti, really!) that their jobs were not safe. He absolutely has to do the same thing again, and maybe even do something more dramatic than that.

Yeah, Malik missed the Toronto game, but they used the root canal excuse to soften the blow. And not starting Kaspar at the start of the season was probably an attempt to send a message to the team, but it was handled poorly because it almost seemed like they were unfairly picking on him instead of benching him on merit.

What Renney needs to do pronto is sit any combination of Rozsival, Malik, Rachunek and Kaspar, who are all playing very, very poorly. In fact, I'd bench three of those guys and replace them with Pock, Ozolinsh and Baranka, at least for 2-3 games, just to see how they do. If they bomb out, go back to some of the benched vets and see if they got the message,

Next, Renney needs to give Hall, Hollweg and Dawes a LOT more ice time. Maybe throw Orr into the mix too at times (but please give him more than 2:30 of ice time.) These guys play the energetic, tough style this team needs more of.

Lastly, the team needs Jagr to regain his shoulder strength, and for the supposed best goalie coach in the league to get Henrik back on track. Last year the single most impressive thing Lundqvist did was control rebounds. He ain't doing that this year, and it needs to stop.

I'm not ready to panic yet, because I think for the most part this team has enough talent and character to succeed. In fact, I think they're probably closer to righting the ship than a lot of posters on this board. But despite my optimism, they definitely need to shake things up to light a fire under the team, many of whose players aren't competing with the same passion and hunger they did last season.

Along those lines, I've been hammering away at this for a while, as have others, but toughness HAS to become part of the Rangers game. And I'm willing to go even further than just demanding they stick up for teammates when they get hit (which they absolutely have to do.) I'm actually advocating being proactive and stirring some crap up on our own to get their dormant juices flowing. "New NHL" or not, a good goon-fest never hurt a team's camaraderie.

Jagr said last night the team is playing tight, and I agree wholeheartedly. They're almost like robots out there. Where's the fire? Where's the anger? Where's the passion? Nonexistent. It needs to change.

The Rangers' problem is they're not moving the puck fast enough. That closes off their passing lanes and kills their speed through the neutral zone and the result is turnovers. They're trying so hard to make the right play they make no play at all.

And while I'll never argue shooting the puck, despite outshooting the Panthers there weren't a lot of quality chances. Belfour had a relatively easy night.

On the plus, our cycle continues to look good. But I'd like to see the Rangers use their speed more to get the other team's D back on their heels, which starts with quick puck movement.

All good points made by everybody. But the game I watched last night had one glaring problem that no one has pointed out. On all parts of the ice we were consistantly beaten to loose pucks. I firmly believe that a team develops its intensity by a commitment to get to all loose puck first! In order to do that you must be in the game. I'd stress that guys beaten to loose pucks that they should have won get the bench for a shift or two and if it continues, we'll just shorten the bench for the rest of the game! ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Maybe is just me but I watched (My Boys) the Ranger's game, and saw them lose. And then I switched it over to the Alanta, Carolina game, my how much more fast paced that game was, it was very noticable. I don't think these guys are hustling like they were last year. I remember talking to a fellow Ranger fan last year and we said my how they were winning and how much they were hustling to the puck. Did you see the guy pass Kasper to the puck last night. I think this is only part of the problem but they need to hustle a lot more. thanks for the opportunity for me to post here.

I think there are to many people that are forgetting the most unexpected lose the Rangers suffered this offseason, Jed Ortmeyer. He has been one of my favorite players for a long time for several reasons, he is an underrated player who has much more skill than people think, he is probably the best defensive forward on the Rangers, and he is a natural leader, doesn't anyone remeber what Messier said about him having Captian's Blood running through his veins. Last season he was the only player who doesn't count as an NHL "veteran" to get to where an "A", he is the future leader of this team, and even if like Adam Graves he doesn't get to wear the "C" because it goes to the superstar who is the face of the organization (although Marc Staal apparently has great leadership skills, and he will be the face of the team) he will always be there to lead by example and motivate his teammates, there is a reason he was the player's player last year, and there is a reason the Bulletin created the Heart and Soul Award.
This team faces the major problems of the lack of an identity and the lack of forwards who work harder in their own zone than in the other teams. Oh and it would have been nice to try and obtain a top 2 defenseman, (perhaps we can send Weekes and a package to Phoenix for Jovo, they need a goalie and a center and we need a defenseman).

This season looks a lot like pre lockout Rangers hockey.

Given the success of his brothers, is there a possibility/chance that the Rangers can recall Marc Staal from junior hockey? I am not sure if there is a restriction on their ability to do that, but if were going to watch bad defense, we might as well develop the younger players. On another note, I am going out on a limb, but I would have to include Karel Rachunek in the elite class of such players as - Valeri Kamensky, The Big E, Bobby Holik, Sergei Momesso, Pat Flately, Petr Nedved, Bruce Driver, anyone from the 99-00 team and fellow teammate Sandis Ozonlinsh - as one of the WORST signings of all time. I look forward to the day when he is an ex-ranger. I have no clue how/why Renney has faith in this guy or wants to put him on the powerplay.

"We may not have enough tough guys, but I'm not sure that's what hockey needs nowadays either." -- Tom Renney

In coaching, as in driving a car, you go where you steer. What is Renney's focus -- to see if he make the game more like Europe, soccer on ice? Or to cope with reality of the NHL? If it's he former, then what we have here is a social experiment. It actually worked for a while last year before reality intruded and everything collapsed. Now he's got a different cast of characters who may not be suitable guinea pigs. The bottom line is he should be thinking 100 per cent what the Rangers need, not "hockey."

Renney is a Canadian and somehow that quote brought back memories of one of the biggest screwballs who ever got his hands on a Canadian sports team. In today's political correct world, "screwball" would never be used, but that's how everyone felt about him then. His name was Ted Workman. He took over the Montreal Alouettes CFL team around 1960 and traded their great QB Sam Etcheverry. It made no sense at all. For the next few years he never really answered questions about football, what he was doing, rather turned interviews to his social beliefs, which went under the heading of Moral Rearmament. Sports was to be harnessed to this. The Als meanwhile stank under Workman.

I suppose only a Canadian would read something alarming into this. But if Renney's using this coaching position to mount a covert crusade, then he's steering the Rangers into another crash.


The Rangers can not recall Staal until his season in Juniors is over. Nor should they, as they have defensement who looked better than him in training camp sitting down in Hartford.

Looks like I was better off in the MSG Theater last night, taking my kid to The Killers concert. I've tried to get a sense of last night's game from the posts here. Nobody has really talked much about the line combo's and what kind of flow they had, which to me is still a key to this team. But the clear message coming across is that yet again there were too many individual breakdowns. Dubi asks whether it's just a fluke, though clearly he, like most of us here, are well past accepting that as an explanation. I can't accept that many of last year's players suddenly stink, so I choose to look elsewhere for what ails us, which brings me back to the flow. Last season the team felt quicker and more cohesive than it does now. I think that Renney has yet to settle on an appropriate, consistent lineup, and that instability is hurting the team. There should be enough talent here; it's a question of putting it together in an optimum way. Once that's done, some of the flow should come back to the attack, and I suspect that some of the breakdowns will disappear. Until then, I'm not in favor of dismantling the team, other than getting rid of one or two guys like Rachunek. Once Renney settles on a lineup, (and it had better be real soon), then we'll need to see some progress in the team's overall attack; if not, we'll know it's time to put the call into Hartford.

You know wnat bothered me about last night's game? People can say it's the D, or whatever...but, it just seemed to be that Florida beat the Rangers all over the ice. They were one step ahead. The Panthers outskated the Rangers everywhere last night.

Well while I know people are upset at the Rangers for their pathetic efforts against the kitties but I have some news about the prospects.

Already Marc-Andre Cliche (QMJHL), Ryan Hillier (QMJHL), Marc Staal (OHL) and Tom Pyatt (OHL) have been selected to play for their respective league's Team Canada/Russia Challenge.

Today the WHL named Brodie Dupont and Ryan Russell to the WHL team in this series giving the Rangers six prospects on the three teams. Russell though is expected to miss the games due to an injured index finger.

Still having six prospects on these teams is a major sign of improvement among the prospect pool.

So how about some congrats for these future Rangers?

WE NEED TEEM SPEED AND INTENSITY. Enough with Ward, Betts and Hossa. Bring up younger, faster players from the AHL that will add hunger to this team.

Give Pock a chance and bring up Baranka.

If we have such a good farm system, where are the players?

Note to Sather REBUILD not retool!

Steve - the farm is currently struggling for what its worth. If you're looking for speed, then there are merely one or two players in the minors faster than J. Ward. Korpikoski and Helminen. Maybe Korpi's game is more suitable for a call up. But if he stays in the AHL a little longer he could develop his latent offensive talent. Bringing him up now will limit his ice and turn him into a banger and potentially a defensive player. He's got great wheels and strong legs. Helminen is fast, but a slight breeze sends him to the ice. Greg Moore can become a grinder but needs to work on his skating stride and some other things before he's ready. Dubinsky has raw talent that needs cultivating, again, best with much ice. He also needs to work on his stride. Ironically, there isn't much besides Baranka and maybe Immonen to bring up right now and neither will provide grit, nor overwhelming speed. Baranka and Immo have skill and good vision.

Hope that helps.

Immonen goes to the front of the net. Anybody who ever played this game knows that 90% of all goals come from 5-10 feet out or from a screen IN FRONT. Nobody goes to the front of the net on this team.

Throwaway, I know you were a big fan of the HMO line. Now people are starting to question if indeed the demise of that line has thrown the flow and chemistry out of whack. Of course even if Dom were still here, through no fault of the Rangers, Jed is not. My take is the team rode the backs of JJ and HL all last season, game in and out. Now that is not happening for whatever reasons you can insert to that equation. Another thing, Poti could outshine the current entire defensive corp right now, isn't that something to make you say hmmm.

Lurker Kev: I have always maintained that a pre-emptive strike might be a better approach rather than waiting for one of your players to get smeared before you retaliate.

That said, if you go the pre-emptive way you have to be willing to respond in kind to what may follow. This Ranger team, as currently structured, has only Hollweg in the line up to carry the torch. Colton Orr can't do it from the DUMB (Christian Dube Memorial Bench to all of you old-timers out there)and there is no rugged defenseman willing to drop the gloves.

Right now, there is very little toughness in the line up, both physically and mentally. Last year we had the mentally tough part from opening day on. Renney is just a non believer in the physically tough part.

If you are going to play a few defenseman that are slow afoot, playing poorly while refusing to come to the aid of a team mate, you might as well call up Dale Purinton. He would be just as good as the current crew of bumblers from the mistake and slow afoot side, but at least you can always count on him to protect his fellow Rangers any time he steps on the ice.

I know Purinton is not a popular guy in many circles and I'll take some heat for this, but if a guy is going to flub his way round the ice and skate in cement it might as well be a guy who will get his nose dirty.

Good point on Purinton, might just be worth a try. However, the way the NHL is structured, I am looking forward to the day when a Vic Hadfield or Ted Lindsey are back in the league. These guys were productive forwards who could really fight. We need to start hunting for that kind of player. For the time being, do you think a trade for Jamal Mayers may be a good move?

No, bringing up Dale Purinton is NOT a good idea. Adding a slow, no-talent defenseman to the mix solves nothing. We don't need to add guys whose sole purpose is to fight; we need to develop a team of grit, with players who can skate through a hit, and hit back as part of their regular game.
Haven't heard from you in a while, Merchant. Yes, I was a huge fan of HMO, and still maintain that they were a major part of last season's success. Moore is gone, and I have no desire to revisit that debate. The only productive thing to do now is to find a way to fill the void, by developing a new line to provide what HMO provided last season. There's more to the struggles we're seeing this season than Jagr's ailing shoulder.

I miss last years Rangers, BIG TIME.

I don´t understand why people are talking about what great players the Rangers have acquired and so on, and not talking about the losses.

I think Rucinsky was superb last year, chipped in with many points, skated hard and even threw a couple of hits and cheap shots. Very impressive to me.

Sykora was certainly better (Exception of Shanahan maybe) than any of the new players we´ve gotten this year and look at the start he´s having with the Oilers.

Why would the Rangers ever get rid of Moore who were great last year? Insanity from Sather & company. Hall is a slower version of Moore and I can´t believe that everybody isn´t upset about this change.

Tom Poti was shown the door and WHY THE HELL was a disaster like Rachunek signed instead? I wake up at night and I´m longing for Poti to comeback cause everyone is horrible back in the defense right now.

Add to that the fact that all Rangers vets have are a year older and slower. There is MUCH LESS GRIT, HUSTLE, SPEED and FIGHTNING SPIRIT in todays Rangers. I´m so pissed every time I see them play because I loved the way they played last year. It was so exciting to watch with all the hits and energy.

And of course Jagr playing of maybe 50% of his last season capabilty is a major factor, and when Jags isn´t doing everything as last year we get to see the real Rangers unfortunately.

I would like to see a major overhaul in the lineup Like Lurker Kev wrote.

Rachunek, Kasparatis, Malik, Hall, Hossa all need to get dumped as soon as it gets. Play Ozolinsh, he can´t possible be worse than our current defensman.

Guys like Prucha, Cullen, Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Lundqvist, Rozi needs to step it up.

I´m sorry to say it but I think were in for a very long and disturbing season.

To all of you who forgot why Poti is gone, blame no one but yourselves. Rangers fans did to Poti what Yankees fans do to A-Rod. Poti was booed out of the Garden, which is also happening to Ozolinsh (though more deservedly so). Management got rid of Poti because the fans made him not want to come back.

Is anyone here lamenting the loss of Tom Poti? Wow. The Rangers succeeded last season In SPITE of that softy wasting valuable space in the lineup. So, so glad he's gone (and I'm Mr. Glass Half-Full when it comes to most players!)

I completely disagree with Lesky when he says Sykora was better than any of the new non-Shanahan additions, as well as when he says Hall is just a slower version of D. Moore. Sykora wasn't awful, but I think Cullen plays a more complete two-way game. And Hall and Moore couldn't be more different as players. Hall is a power forward who goes to the front of the net and checks. Moore is a fast little pest who constantly harasses opponents defensively. Both of those guys are solid in my book, and I actually hope Renney gives Hall more ice time, because I think he's got some grit in his game that hasn't been properly deployed yet.

As for the toughness thing, I agree with Ron Boesgaard that the Rangers really don't have a "tough" lineup. But I don't think it's really about fighting - I think it's about hitting hard, and sometimes late and dirty, to send a message. I may be wrong, but I believe Hollweg, Hall, both Wards, Shanahan, Kaspar and Orr can do just that if they set their minds to it, or if they are instructed to by Renney. Which is a HUGE "if," admittedly.

And rangerbill94, I agree they're a dying breed, but there are still a couple of productive forwards around the league who can fight. Two who spring to mind are Iginla and Shanahan. We haven't seen it yet, but Shanny is still known to drop the gloves if required. Can't wait to see that!

"Haven't heard from you in a while, Merchant."

Yeah Throwaway, I went from hadly working to working almost 50 hours a week. Something had to give! My BB chat time lost that battle but I get to pay the bills.

I am getting sick watching our team go through the motions. J.D. always talked about passion for the game. We look like zombies out there. I know the NHL all but changed their name to the National European Hockey League, but we can still work hard, and stick up for each other. It's a crime to see Jagr getting hit all over the ice without pay back. Someone said bring up Dale, why not? At least he won't stand for any crap. Get rid of Snowshoes Malik, his place in Rangers history will always be the 15 round shoot out win. Rachunek should be sent packing. He show no emotion, and does not use his size
at all, better suited to Euro hockey. Betts is the second center?????????? You might as well put Immonen there. Hall should be in front of the net on the PP, deflecting pucks into the net. Rozsival looks like a smaller Rachunek. Most of the d are on multi year contracts, we have to trade some of them while we can. These guys are dead men skating. What happened to all of the prospects ready to take over? Looks like pre lockout Rangers to me.

Did anyone happen to see the late sportscenter last night thatshowed what Ottawa did to Tucker??? He spent more time on his ass than he was standing. Wish NYR would do some of that... Later Z

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