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September 28, 2006


According to Sam Weinman's blog, Girardi and Moore are not on the ice at practice today, and have likely been sent to Hartford.

Word from Sam Weinman is that neither Girardi or Moore were at practice today, leading him to assume they've been sent to Hartford, though no formal announcement has been made.

I agree completely about Hossa. It was obvious from the first period that Prucha and Dubinsky were a great match, but things fell apart whenever Hossa got in on the play. The most perplexing thing was that in the quick post-game interview Renney did on MSG, the first player he commended for having a solid game was Hossa. My husband and I just looked at each other with blanks stares on our faces, totally puzzled.

Dubinsky has quickly become one of my favorite players on this team. At the risk of giving Jess a swelled head, he is everything Jess ever said he was and more. I'll be crushed if he gets sent down, though my guess is that he will be (unless all this Hossa press is just an effort to build value so we can finally be rid of him.) I don't know how many people noticed it, but during the 3rd, a Bruin took liberties with one of the Rangers (forgive me for not noticing who) and Dubinsky went right over to give him a shove and some lip. Way to go Dubi! He may be young, but he's got the poise, presence, skill and confidence to play with this team now.

Instead of speculating about Hossa (Hossa this, Hossa that). Someone should go up to Hossa and ask him what's going on in his head. LEAVE HOSSA ALONE. The kids got talent and the coaching staff realizes it as do other non-hockey individuals. How soon we forget. Hossa was one of the contributing factors in Team Slovakia's success in Torino (Penalty kill). A good and true coach will be able to coach a kid and make him better. The question is does Mgmt (Sather and Renney) have the moral fiber to do the right thing.

How soon we forget? Sorry, but Hossa's play as a blueshirt has been entirely forgettable. When Nigel Dawes or Jarkko Immonen or Dubinsky do as little in 65 games as he did last year, I'll consider that maybe we're all delusional. The "moral fiber" to do the right thing would be to send him to Hartford and play the guys who have earned it. And I still cant believe people think the guy won't clear waivers. Please.

With any luck at all, Renney is marketing Hossa. He should be fully aware that what he is looking for he now has in Hall. Good-by Hossa, I hope. It looks like Dawes and either Dubinsky or Immonen will make the team. Frankly, the minutes that Dominic Moore got will be just fine for Dawes and we won't have an on-again, off-again wing taking up space. I don't think Dawes can get much more help from the AHL, in fact it could hurt. Good players need to be pushed and only the speed and intensity of the NHL will do that for him. If he starts off really bad and confidence is going down hill fast, then maybe ship him back, but I'd give him a shot.


It was Prucha that Dubinsky stood up for. And, I would have preferred to see someone like Greg Moore to Dubi's right, as opposed to Hossa.


Hossa has had excellent coaches in his NA career.

At what point are you going to realize that the problem starts and ends with Hossa's ticker.


You know with each passing day when I see Baranka, Dawes and Dubinsky on the roster I get so nervous that I am afraid to dream of the "what ifs" as I don't want to jinx these special prospects.

When they becomes Ranger regs then I will celebrate but until that time I remain a nervous wreck almost like an expectant father LOL

Great coverage as always Dubi!!

Am I the only one who thinks that Marc Savard is completely overrated? I think he benefitted from centering Kovalchuk and Boston's attempt to jumpstart Glen Murray by acquiring him is probably going to be the worst signing since grabbing Martin LaPointe.

As far as Hossa, I think the coaching staff is giving him the benefit of the doubt, hoping that one day he will become the same type of player that his brother is. Other than that I can't see why he gets so many chances.

Captain Bosh, I think you'll find MANY people who believe Savard is overrated - me included. He's an excellent passer, but he brings nothing else to the table, is poor defensively, and a locker room cancer. Other than that he's just swell!

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