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September 27, 2006


Why is it I have this nagging feeling that all the fans watching on TV or at MSG will cover their eyes each time JJ will be hit? I guess because that's what I'll be doing. You know as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, every teams game plan will be to attack and punish JJ's shoulder with the hopes of knocking him out of the game. I mean you can just feel it.
May be a good enough reason to keep Orr in the line up. Someone will need to pay a heavy price when they start the nonsense. I like Rodents idea, take out our player with your goons and we don't go after your goons but we line up and take out your top player on a stretcher. Well, he did not use those words but that was his point and I like it!

Thanks for posting a new story, Dubi -- that last thread was starting to make me feel ill.

Sorry to see Korpikoski won't be joining the varsity tonight, having instead been designated for adult education classes at Hartford. Not sure exactly what the issues are with him that need straightening out (his attitude, perhaps?), but I saw enough good things from him the other night to suggest to me that he's worth getting to the NHL level sooner than most others I've seen. He demonstrated good transitional speed, and seems capable of fighting through checks with the puck, good qualities to have in the new NHL. The Rangers ought to take advantage of that, rather than wasting time with a guy like Hossa who seems destined to disappoint.

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