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August 29, 2006


oi, Stan actually referred to DiPietro as Sexy Ricky ? I am sorry but that is just so WRONG on so many levels *shudder*

anybody have any thoughts on where Leetch will sign? Havent heard anything in a while

I wonder... should we go with Sour Cherry juice, or Pickle Juice Sport?

One of the possible things that could happen with Hunter being signed or not is whether or not the decision is made to keep him or return him to the juniors.

Hunter may not like it but if the number's games comes up then he just might find himself back in the WHL (which despite his desires might be better for him)

OOPS forgot the game report I just got

Ryan Hillier scored his 2nd goal of the exhibition season as his Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Cape Breton Eagles 6-3. The Mooseheads will return to action tomorrow as they travel to Prince Edward Island.

regarding henrik...don't you mean who he chose to do, rather than 'what'?


What are your thoughts on Hillier so far? I thought he was a great pick in the 3rd round. (I'd seen him as a potential 2nd round pick.) Someone whose opinion I value loves the kid, and think he has a LOT of untapped potential. (This person also loved Dubinsky, Dawes and Dupont, before the Rangers drafted all three of them.) The knock on Hillier, from what I've gathered from this person, is that, he just doesn't realize just how much talent he has (sort of like how you look at Baranka.) Is this kid a potential 2nd line LW down the road?

What's Stan smoking? The Fishsticks have as much chance of winning the Cup as I have playing goal for the Rangers.


I have not seen Hillier in game action so it would not be fair of me to do a scouting report on him.

I too have heard a lot of the same that you have and the "kneejerk" response would be to think the same.

I want to see Hillier play in 3 different games against 3 different teams before I do a scouting report. I find that by having that many different looks allow me to take all the possible "excuses" into consideration.

Trust me when I get a report on him it will be shared

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