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August 24, 2006


That's good news! Now we need to see him perform at the major league level. Any idea what the terms were?

Great signing, finally. As I said in the Jags article comments below, I think he'll be a force on our blueline for a long time.

according to TSN, Pock "has excellent offensive instincts and is never afraid to attack the opposition. Is a better-than-average goal-scoring defenseman." Also, he "must work on the defensive aspects of the game in order to make it big in the NHL. Needs to work on his positioning." In eight games he had one goal,one assist, two points, and a -3 +/-.

To be honest Pock has a long road ahead of him to become a full time NHLer. I for one wonder IF perhaps moving Pock back to forward would be a smarter move.

Really if you think about it Pock's defensive limitations are going to hold him back and since the Rangers prefer to use a forward on the PP point then Pock's usefulness gets smaller and smaller.

Please do not take this as an Anti-Pock rant but rather it is more a "lets find the best use for him".

Jess, I couldn't disagree more. Pock is either a defensemen for the NYR or he needs to be traded. He is now 24 and you want to start experimenting (I assume you mean at the AHL level) trying to convert him back to a forward. First there is not enough time, second he will be competing against a pretty good core of forwards in the system now and third he has proven to be a solid offensive defensemen at the AHL level. He is no Leetch, but his defensive skills just are not as bad as you point out or another way of saying it...he is no Ozo! He is Thomas Pock, take him for what he is and if he can't play defense up to the standards the coaching staff requires, send him down or trade him.

You got that right, RangerBill94 - Pock is no Ozo. In fact, Pock should be lucky to have as good a career as Ozolinish has. Yes, I'm being serious.

Yeah, yeah, I know Ozo was bad defensively for the Rangers, and his defense has never been great, but he is an elite offensive D-man, a seven-time All-Star, a Stanley Cup winner, and a Cup runner-up one other time.

So far Pock is a mid-level prospect with no guarantee he will be a regular NHL defenseman, let alone a star. If Pock can match what Ozolinsh has done - and do it with the Rangers - I'd be thrilled.

This is going to be a VERY interesting season for Tommy Pock. I would classify it as a make or break season for him whether he plays in NY or in Hartford. He has a lot of offensive upside. Having seen him play at least 50 or more times in person and then on the net, I can tell you that he makes a good first pass, can get the puck up the ice quickly and runs the point on the PP very well and has a thunderous shot from the point. His defense can't be argued. It's not great. I think it's safe to say that he's average defensively, but certainly not more than that but remember, he's only been playing defense for what 4 years maybe. What I am concerned about is that he goes the way Lawrence Nycoholat went. That would be a concern, but I think he's better than Nycho!

The other issue that nobody has brought up though is that IMO anyway this signing pretty much assures that there is NOT going to be a return of Brian Leetch to MSG. I know there are some who say good riddance. Thanks for the memories and we're moving on and then there are those of us who recognize that Leetchie isn't half of what he once was but sentimentally you want to see him go out with us in some sort of style. It's not necessarily good hockey sense but from strictly an emotional POV it would have been fun. Actually the way it's looking now, nobody is signing Brian. Apparently, according to an article at Spector even Edmonton has pulled out and the article hints that only Washington might have interest but I don't think he'll go there because he's said he wants to play for a contender. Personally, if he's not playing for us, I hope he retires and we get a great night to celebrate all he's done for NY and the organization as well as us fans.

I personally think a lot of people are going to be surprised by Tommy this season. At least I hope I'm right. I have eaten my last crow and the taste of that last serving is finally dissipating from my taste buds and I don't feel like going through that again.

Have a wonderful day all...

Mitch, you said:
"The other issue that nobody has brought up though is that IMO anyway this signing pretty much assures that there is NOT going to be a return of Brian Leetch to MSG. I know there are some who say good riddance."
Are you trying to give Ed McGrogan a heart attack? :)

Jess... I don't think the Rangers, as you say, prefer to use a foward on the point for the PP. I think they have been leaning that way because we have not had two reliable PP-Dmen to run it. I do not believe that a foward on the PP is Renney's style and is more that he does not have a better option.

I like Pock. I have said it here before. I want to see what he can do with some legit playing time up here. IMO, how he does will depend on who he is paried with. I think if they give him a good, stay-at-home partner then he could have a good season. But I also agree that this is probably his 'make or break' season...


Renney's use of a forward on the point sadly was more of another example of the Rangers being way too Euro last season. It was not as you believe a lack of confidence in the defense corp.


Pock is more natural inclined to be a forward as that is what he spent the majority of his career as. I am not willing to just give up on a player who while is a one way player can contribute while doing a better job hiding his weaknesses.


While the rest of you are awaiting the start of Ranger camps to open the CHL leagues have started their training camps (mainly they open this early because the NHL disrupts the junior camps by taking the best players away).

I got to start off with an article about the Calgary Hitmen who have one of my picks to have a breakout season Brodie Dupont:


Although the pressre will be on Brodie to build on his 30 goals of last season.

The Winterhawks will be counting on Michael Sauer as part of their experienced blueline corps:


We also have our first exhibiton action to report on as Marc-Andre Cliche's Lewiston MAINEaics lost to Moncton in a shootout 4-3. Interesting to note that in the exhibition season there is no OT but rather any tied games at the end of regulation will go directly to the SO period.

Something to keep an eye on is the Sudbury Wolves (Marc Staal's junior team) as they are going to fly a 20 man squad over to Poland to play in a goodwill tournament leaving on Monday the 27th and not returning until Sept 4. The Ranger Rookie camp starts Sept 6th so it will be interesting to see if Staal is on the European tour.

Prince George (Eric Hunter) opened training camp yesterday as well as several other WHL teams.

In other words vacation time is over and it is time for you BB fans to start getting yourselves into shape for yet another season of hockey here at the BB.

Jess, we just have to disagree on POCK. He becomes a Hobey Baker FINALIST after only 2 years on the backline! Give me a break, the kid has natural defensive abilities. His two years as a forward were less then average. I don't know if he can make it as a defensemen, but he has earned a shot at it. Personally, I think his poise and hockey sense will come to the surface once he gets steady ice time. His skill set looks pretty good; good size, good speed, a great outlet pass, a hammer of a shot from the blueline. If he had all the defensive qualities of an outstanding offensive defensemen, he would have been playing last year for NY. Also remember, the year of the work stopage he fully expected to be playing in NY after his very good showing at the end of that season. Playing that next year in Hartford (thru no fault of his own) was a real downer for him, clearly a lost year. He didn't play very well in Hartford that next year, so when the NHL statred play in 2005 he was a question mark, and rightly so. He was sent to Hartford to show what he is capable of, and IMO he responded very well. If he comes into this camp with his head screwed on right (and I hope he is ready), he will skate away with a starting position. The kid is smart and has good hockey sense. The mistakes he has made are more a function of ice time...unlike OZO who simply doesn't possess much hockey sense. I don't think Pock will be as strong as OZO on the offensive side, but he will be much better on the defensive side of the game. That makes him better then OZO or Poti for that matter. He kind of reminds me of Rafalski...that would be just great!

I'm probably as big a supporter of Tommy Pock as it appears you are but we have to be careful not to overestimate or for that matter underestimate him either. Tommy has a lot to prove and as I've stated in earlier posts, I genuinely believe that this is a make or break season for the young D-Man. If he comes into camp and puts on a show I think he stands a very good chance of making the team as a floating 6 or a 7, assuming Ozo comes back. If he doesn't he could be paired as a 5 or 6. Personally though I would rather see him in Hartford working on his game every day than playing once or maybe twice a week and then when he gets an opportunity comes in and shines. Tommy has a lot of pressure on him coming into camp so we'll have to see what he brings with him. Like you though, I am rooting for him to make it.

On the other hand, I think that your characterization of OZO as someone "who simply does not possess much hockey sense" is also an unfair characterization. Lurker Kev spelled out the things Ozo's already accomplished at the NHL level not to mention his accomplishments in the international arena either. He is an extremely talented offensive d-man who, while many Rangers fans, me included, were EXTREMELY frustrated by his defensive ineptitude and some very untimely passes, put up very good offensive numbers when he came over to the Blueshirts. This may sound mean spirited, but it isn't intended that way at all, but none of us know what kind of demons he was battling towards the end when he started to make these big mistakes. Does this mean I think we should just turn our backs and ignore the bad things he did, NO. I do think though that like each and every one of us he deserves opportunity to redeem himself which he appears to be doing in the substance abuse program, and then IF he merits it through his work in practice and rehab, should be given a chance on the ice. HOWEVER, if that level of effort isn't there then he should be released. Who knows, but maybe the rumors that we're hearing are true and he might just retire and save us all a lot of trouble.

Have a very pleasant day...

If we can give Marcel Hossa a 50+ game extended tryout on the team then we certainly deserve to give Pock more than a small handful of games here and there before we're ready to write him off...

I think he looked very solid out there towards the end of the season when we called him up... Some of our defensive regulars looked crappier out there during that time...

Pock's offensive upside is very appealing... And he's got the speed suited for the new NHL... I want to see him get in maybe 15-20 games because I can decisively say that he can't cut it as a defenseman in the NHL... I certainly wouldn't mind having him as a 6th d-man...


No prob we can agree to disagree on Pock with no hard feelings at all nope none whatsoever.


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Never seen Pock play...I'll make a judgement this season.

As for Ozo i think he has that 7 time allstar in him, but he has a disease. He really needs to get rid of this demon in order to at least live his life. Who knows what got him on this path, but I don't see him being really ready to be the "old" Ozo for a long time. So he should retire until...

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