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August 22, 2006


"The Post reports that former Islander analyst Joe Micheletti is just about a lock to replace JD on Ranger MSGN broadcasts."

Is there no one within the organization that can step in a continue internal tradition. How about Glenn Anderson who seems to be floating around. I think Bruce Beck on News 4 has a solid voice. Gresh may be a possibility. Mike Hudson/Greg Gilbert. Red Light?? Someone from the 94 Championship team would be outstanding. Maybe even fan favorite Nick Fotiu. No offense to Mich, but I am not interested in trading Islander announcers.

What does anyone else think??

sign Richter and win the whole thing...

I agree that finding someone from within the organization to fill the vacant seat next to Sam would be preferable, with my choice being that witty little goalie from that 94 team.

Let's face it, the bottom line here is that no one will ever be able to replace JD - we're simply looking for the next best guy for the job.


I take no offense at all. I think that Micheletti is a VERY solid announcer. I know the rabid anti-Islander guys out there will have a tough time swallowing this pill, but truly he's a gifted color guy. If you asked me who my first choice would be to replace JD, would be Mike Richter. The guy is quick witted, knows the game and loves to talk. My second choice would be Dave Maloney because I think he's really solid, knows the game, has Ranger history and has shown an ability to grow with the job. My third choice, and gentlemen start your bashing fingers would be, NEIL SMITH. I think he would bring an incredibly interesting to listen to and his perspective on things and how things are done would be great. I also love innovation and I think this would be an extremely risky but fascinating thing to listen to.

Runners up would be: (in no specific order)

Hockey Rodent: Although he probably wouldn't do it because he would have to come out from behind his secret identity and that would kind of be like asking Batman to tell the world that he's...who is he again? anyhow 'Ro probably knows the game and it's intricacies better than any person I've ever come in contact with and has a very twisted sense of humor.

Dubi: The guy is my boss here for goodness sakes how can I not put him in the mix. He does have the passion and the knowledge to do a fabulous job.

LASTLY (and here comes another controversial pick)

Carol Alt...she certainly has a perspective on hockey that none of us has ever had...or for that matter will have. She's closer to more Hockey players than Bauer skates...I'm just teasing...'cuz I'm a kidder, it's what I do.

Writer's note: If anyone took offense at that remark. I truly apologize. I just thought we could all share a laugh, granted at someone's expense, but a laugh nonetheless.

Have a wonderful afternoon...

BTW, Congratulations are due to our friend Mike Hudson who's wife gave birth to their 4th daughter the other day. Mike tells me that mother and daughter are doing fine...Daddy on the other hand is having anxiety issues now. I mean 1 man living with 5 women...do we even need to discuss that? :)

Bruce Beck?!?!? My kid's music teacher has a solid voice, too; let's hope the Rangers can find someone a bit more qualified to provide color commentary.

OK Mitch, my ears stood up like hunting dog when you said Carol Alt. It would keep me from leaving the TV in between periods anyway. :)

I guess I'm in the camp with those that want to see a Ranger connection in the booth. I really tried to put the past in the past when we hired Mr. Penmanship as our coach. Every time I looked behind the bench, I saw an Islander. That did not work for me and I'm afraid I'll feel the same way with a fishstick guy in the booth.

What do you suggest throwaway? Al Arbour.. Or better yet, Mike Bossy, we might as well bring on Bobby Nystrom for between periods.. At least Bruce(wanna be Barry Beck) would be a fresh voice. He's not currently working in Long Island at least. I gew up on the Island and now live in the city, 8 blocks from the Garden. I did not enjoy anything about the Isalnders, and I certainly don't need Joe Mich's transfer and any Isalnder culture in OUR HOUSE.. Here's to the architect Neil! I don't think Sather would have it though.. Given more opportunity then the fill in for Len Berman, Brucey may surprise people. Throwaway, I'm in section 228 for the season, I owe you a beer. Hey, at least I'll only have to listen to 41 raods games no matter who they chose...

Trottier had to have better spelling than I do to get the Rangers job..

Oh no .... Neil Smith? Seriously? Did you watch the OLN broadcasts which he did the color commentary? He is knowledgable and perhaps it was because he wasn't used to doing the color commentaries but he was slow and would often repeat himself .... I didn't enjoy listening to him as he just didn't bring anything interesting to the broadcast, I actually loved that OLN dubbed into the CBC feed for some games that J.D. and Emerick weren't doing ...

I don't mind Micheletti because I don't think he'd bring any Islanders bias with him. He's a solid guy. This isn't like Bill Clement or Keith Jones on OLN here.

Mike Richter would be great but he's too busy learning stuff at Yale.

Personally I'd like to see Steve Levy ditch ESPN and color for the team he loves, but that's never gonna happen.

Scott - What I envision in a color commentator is someone with some specific hockey expertise, who can actually add something of substance to the broadcast. It also would help to have someone with the ability to gather team and league information that we might not otherwise have access to ourselves. That is the reason why I reacted to your suggestion of Bruce Beck -- he doesn't at all seem to be a fit for this. I'm not sure who the right fit is, but I'd like it to be someone we can respect and want to listen to. Like Matty above, I'd also prefer someone a bit more dynamic than Neil Smith, but that's just personal preference.

Section 228, Scott? I'm a level higher up, over in front of the broadcast booth. Tell you what: you come by with that beer, and if we end up not liking Micheletti, we'll start a "Joe must go" chant.

I can't say I know a ton about Micheletti, since I didn't live in the NY area for a long time and didn't pay attention to Isles broadcasts...but other people have said that if you're going to consider Micheletti any teams guy, it'd be the Blues since he played for them and did broadcast work for them over many years.

>>>It also would help to have someone with the ability to gather team and league information that we might not otherwise have access to ourselves.<<<<

You know throwaway, this is why I enjoyed listening to JD so much. The stuff that he knew, and not just about the Rangers but about the other team as well, stuff that wasn't in print and that you understood it came from him talking to the players and the coaching staff and such was really one of the most enjoyable aspects of what he brought to the broadcast ... I just hope that whomever replaces him can give little insights like he did ... I know it wont be the same but it would be very good if it can be done ...

Bruce Beck can't be a colorman! He has never played the game. Only people that have played the game can be analysts, i.e. JD, Micheletti, Chico Resch. People that have never played the game become play-by-play men, we already have one in Sam.

Folks, after doing a little poking around myself this afternoon and early evening, the people I know are telling me that they are just finishing up the contract and that it's going to be Micheletti with Sam. As long as we're taking some Islander guys, I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind having back Howie "Matteau, Matteau, Matteau" Rose. Kenny does a great job, but I think Howie is better. For that matter I'd rather have Deb Kaufman than Al Trautwig. I have no idea what it is about her either, I've met her once and she's ok looking in person, but OMG if she doesn't make me nuts when I'm watching her on TV. Don't beat me up too bad about it guys because I can't explain it and believe me friends and family members have been working on it for me for years.

Incidentally, in spite the same last name and probably some relation back in the caves, but Bruce Beck, while a nice guy, is totally wrong as a color guy. He was never even given a second's thought. I'm trying to see through my friends if any odd names were being considered that we haven't heard yet, but so far only the ones that everyone knows.

There should be some other news to be posted shortly regarding the Mike Hudson trips that we mentioned the other day...keep watching.

Ok so while people are so worried about an effing color man how about more important news?

Start with Russia supposedly declaring war on the NHL (this could have an impact on current 2nd rounder Artem Anisimov down the road)


It seems the Rangers also have a high energy drink that is about to hit the open market


For those of you who followed that bizarre story of former Devil Mike Danton there has been a new twist and might explain perhaps what MAY have happened to Danton to do what he did as his former agent/target Scott Frost has been arrested on multiple sex charges involving young boys and girls


I also exchanged emails with 2003 6th Rd draft pick Phillippe Furrier of Bern in the Swiss League. He is very excited about his chance to come over here and attend rookie and training camp.

OK class for 2 points what former Ranger player has been Phillippe Furrier's teammate on Bern the last 3 seasons? IF you read the Furrer profile last season you would know the answer.

Answer tomorrow for those of you not smart enough to be BB subscribers.

And finally some words on the signees

Jacub Petruzalek: just by showing up becomes the fastest skater in the entire system. Smallish yes but a pure playmaker who is also Petr Prucha's best friend.

Do not be shocked if this kid sets training camp on fire with his speed and offense.

Corey Potter: If I had a choice of Potter or Guenin I would have signed Guenin. I do not believe Potter has showed enough progress to be viewed as a legit NHL prospect. I place him at ECHL level for now.

I do not know enough about the other 2 signees to give them a fair shake one way or another but hope that IF the Rangers are willing to sign these guys that they give former 2002 draft pick Mike Walsh a Hartford/Charlotte contract as well.

Jess, I'd argue whether a sports drink made of rotten cherries is more important than who we're going to have to listen to for two and a half hours at a time over 80 times over the next 8-10 months. ;)

As for Furrer's teammate, it's Christian Dubé. Forget the 2 points, I want in on these beers everyone's always passing around.

I'm thrilled that Petruzalek got a Wolfpack contract and look foward to seeing what he can do in camp. I've been keeping an eye on him since the BB profiled him last year.

One question for those with more knowledge than I -- what's up with the goalie glut? Seems the Rangers/Pack have an awful lot of goalies signed...

Glad to see the signings, and some of the loose ends being resolved.
Any insights into Eric Hunter or Roman Psurny? Will either do an overage year back in Canadian Junior? That sure was worthwhile for Ryan Hollweg and Ryan Callahan. However, Hunter has already had 4 full seasons in the WHL.

RE the 'goalie glut', not sure if it was covered here, [Dubi does this site offer a Search feature?] but HockeyBird http://bb.hockeybird.com/viewtopic.php?t=20120 reported that the Miika Wiikman deal fell through, so he is back in Finland or whereever.
Last year, Hartford ended up relying alot on Robert Gherson (his status?), and even used the Bernd Bruckler and Ty Conklin, and then still needed emergency try-out Ryan McDonald to finish the playoffs, so it seems you cannot have too many...

Laurie, all you have to say is Throwaway, Beer Me!

I really don't understand what you folks have against Joe Micheletti, other than his employer for the last few years. He's a good color guy, he's done alot of games with Sam for national broadcasts while JD was off working with "Doc" Emerick and he won't talk your ear off until it's numb about useless drivel like Tim McCarver does during baseball games. The fact that he and Sam have worked together so many times in the past may be why he has the inside track for the job.

Micheletti does a decent job. I could care less is he worked for the Isles in the past. To get hung up on that is acting like an Islander fan. I care about the Isles as much as I care about every other team we play. Obviously a little bit more because of the rivalry. But I will not throw anyone under the bus because they once worked for them. Who cares? That is Islander-fan-baby-crap. They do childish stuff like that. I like to think NYR fans are above that nonsense.

Also, didn't Bruce Beck get his start doing Al Trautwig's job way back?

My problem with Micheletti isn't that he worked for the Islanders, it's that he's bland, boring, vanilla, and way too serious. Other than that he's perfect!

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