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August 23, 2006


I'm affraid that the NY Times ceased being the "paper of record" when they allowed their reporter to create "facts" in supposed news storys instead of reporting the facts.

The NY Times new slogan; "All the News that's Fit to Invent."

Its unfortunate because Jason Diamos is an excellent beat writer for the NY Rangers. Too bad they barely use him OR - better - make him cover Philadelphia-Buffalo during the Rangers' return to the postseason.

When I said "they" I meant the Times of course. Which is unfortunate because its forcing me to read the Post to levels I'm not comfortable with.

Hey fellas is it just me or is Jagr carrying his hockey bag on his injured shoulder?

Jason Diamos is one of the best interviewers on the Ranger beat, maybe anywhere. The problem he had with his ability to cover the Rangers last season was that he was responsible for covering all three area teams -- that meant he could only get to games, not to practices or other events, and therefore didn't get as inside the team as a beat writer needs to get. There must have been a personal reason for him to have covered other series while a baseball writer (Lee Jenkins) was assigned to cover the Rangers.

Wolf, he has the bag on his right shoulder, he injured the left one, no?

Dubi, I can almost see Jagr skating up the ice and throwing that missed punch. I'm pretty sure it was the left jab that he threw. I think your right.

Yeah, and I can picture him being slammed into the boards left shoulder first in that last playoff game. Actually, we know for sure it's his left shoulder because he's been talking about how difficult it is to shoot, and his left is his shooting arm.

Wasn't Diamos implicated in some sort of scandal recently?

Diamos is the best reporter covering the Rangers??????? Geeze what is in that sour cherry juice you are drinking Dubi (which BTW I posted about in yesterday's thread) Sorry but Diamos is the "mail it in effort' kind of reporter when it comes to covering the Rangers.

Now responding to stuff in yesterday's thread:


First off for failing to say "Please" when asking for one of the beers Throwaway has to buy all of us you are hereby penalized one round of beer to be purchased for Bob Merchant, Lurker Kev and myself. No cheap beer either or else you will be deported to Philly and made to wear a Bobby Clarke jersey.

Seriously though; The reason for this "goalie glut" as you called it is simple. The Rangers got inconsistent goaltender from the younger goalies not named Lundqvist last season and adding the veteran Valiquette will do several things including (hopefully) a mentor for Montoya and Holt. Young players will at times tune out a coach but few are dumb to tune out a veteran teammare.


For starter you can cross Roman Psurny's name off the list of legit NHL prospects as he has returned home to the Czech Rep. His is a frustrating story as he has skill and desire but sadly a very maddening and frustrating inconsistency as well. IF he can ever figure out how to perform at a consistent basis then he would be a player to bring back over.

When Psurny was on, he was as good as any in the WHL but he had trouble putting solid runs together.

As for Eric Hunter, this is a prospect who badly wants to play in Hartford this season BUT I fear that the numbers game (IE the contract limit and roster size) works against him. I also think that the Rangers are going to want to see him put up some numbers at the WHL level. He will be 20 so his window is not very open.


As reported on this very website this past weekend the Rangers finally got arround to confirming what BB readers already knew that the prospects will be playing in the Detroit tournament. I am trying to work out something with my peer over at the Red Wing Central fan site so as to share their coverage with us.

I am also trying to see who among the prospects will be our on the spot reporter as well.

Dubi dammit if I have to work so hard during the off-season the least you can do is provide some energy drinks for me (and some knishes, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings and Wise Potatoe Chips).

Jess: I said Jason was "one of the best interviewers", not THE best reporter. I watched the guy in action at every home game, and he did not mail anything in. He's hamstrung by an idiot editor (as you can see by the link posted today) and by having to cover three teams at the same time.

Aaron: Diamos was reportedly present during an incident that a Ranger PR exec and his employer (not sure if it's the Rangers, the Garden, or Cablevision) are being sued over, but Diamos himself was not implicated, as far as I know, nor is he or the Times being sued.

Jess, Laurie: All the goalie signings surely have a lot to do with the adage that Jess has quoted Slats on, that you can never have too much of it. That was proven last season when there was clearly not enough of it, especially at the minor league level. But you have to wonder if Montoya's fragility last season (both mental and physical) has something to do with it.

The Times definitely chose Jenkins over Diamos during the postseason because of that PR scandal... which, yes, I can understand their logic...but come on. It was still a bad move.

The Times has not been sued over the incident in question, but Jason Diamos was implicated. He was allegedly out drinking with an MSG employee and a member of the Rangers cheerleading squad - or whatever they call their "dancers" - who is suing MSG for sexual harassment on the grounds that, among other things, the MSG employee and Diamos tried to talk her into having a three-way.

Hey, sorry to offend anyone. I just report the news, I don't make it.

Not much coverage from the traitorous NYT? Not much of a loss as far as I am concerned.

The Hockey News is out with its 2006/2007 Yearbook. Lots of stats and complete lists of roster and future watch on all teams.
Larry Brooks who did the write up on our NYR, claims that we won't sneak up on other teams this year and has us finishing 3rd in the East. Our biggest weakness is our lack of toughness, grit or physical strength upfront.
One unnamed NHL executive has finishing 3rd from the bottom in the Eastern Conference and out of the playoffs.
Also Brooks claims that the NYR don't have a policeman to keep opponents honest and from harassing the likes of Jagr.
Geez , wasn't that a refrain all last year?
Jess according to THN the Rangers top 10 future watch players are : 1)Staal; Montoya; Korpikoski;Baranka;Immonen; Sauer; Dawes; Jessiman; Graham;10) Pyatt.
How do you feel about this list and how would you change the order?


That is a very interesting list (which means that is the only nice thing I can say about it because it is a XXXXXXX joke)
I would like to see how they came up with their list as not seeing Dubinsky on it makes the list highly suspect.

THN list: Staal; Montoya; Korpikoski;Baranka;Immonen; Sauer; Dawes; Jessiman; Graham;10) Pyatt.

Mine would be more like this one:

1-Staal: Yes he gets number one BUT I wonder and worry that perhaps we (meaning the media) are overhyping his prospects.

2-Immonen: No question he already has an NHL level offensive game BUT can he show some NHL level defense?

3- Montoya: Showed flashes of brillant goaltending and flashes of crappy goaltending which is normal for a young goalie. He needs to become more consistent.

4- Brandon Dubinsky: He has made major strides in his development each year and I for one believe IF he plays up to his potential can one day become the Ranger's 2nd line center. Ask anyone who saw his AHL playoffs last season if I am wrong. He does need to work on maturity as he can be suckered into taking a dumb penalty.

5- Dawes: I say he is NHL ready NOW. Ignore any concerns about his size as he can taking a licking and keep on ticking. He has an uncanny on ice vision and passing skill that Rangers fans will love. I believe he will be a playmaker and PP QB at the NHL level.

6-Pyatt: This is the future checking line center for the Rangers. No flash and nothing fancy from this kid except that when the smoke clears he has shut down the other team's best player. Perhaps the hardest working Ranger prospect period as his work ethic is in my book number one. First to arrive last to leave is what everyone says about him no matter what team he is on. He is also a winner having won one gold and one silver on Canada's WJC teams.

7- Baranka: Needs to stop playing 2nd fiddle and take charge when on the ice. Has a laser shot but doesn't always use it, is stronger than he realizes and should use the body more. He knows how to play defense but his offense is so underrated. Sometimes I think he is too nice and if someone can light a fire under him then the Rangers will have Tjutin's new partner.

8-Sauer: the key to him is can he ever stay healthy? If he does then he could pass Staal in terms of pro potential but it sadly seems that every time you blink he gets hurt. This season he will show the Rangers fans just how dominant he can be at both ends of the ice IF he stays healthy.

9- Marc-Andre Cliche: He had what most would call a breakout season last year but I am saying that this season will top that as he could bypass Jessiman and become the Ranger's power forward. The race for that position will be between him and Brodie Dupont. Strong offense and not bad defensively, this season will say a lot about his prospects as the pressure will be on him to produce even more.

10- Brodie Dupont: Like Cliche had a breakout season and this year should be better. Not supersized but has super work ethic. Needs more consistency BUT I believe he will provide it this season.

I left off as you noticed Jessiman and Graham as I believe those 2 were built for the old NHL not the new one and do not believe that either will be able to adapt to the changes.

As for Korpikoski, I know it from very good sources within the Rangers that there is some serious concern about how good a player he will develop into. He has a ton to prove this year.

I am not sure that who ever came up with the future watch list for THN knows as much about the Rangers farm system as you do. I agree with your assessment on Jessiman and Graham.
I think they were sloppy and misinformed.
Here's a snipet they wrote regarding Ranger rookies making the big club this year:

" The crop of home grown talent may be a year or two away from making it to Broadway. Staal will be given a look, but is likely to return to the OHL. Forwards Immonen, Dawes, Dubinsky,and Greg Moore are the leading challengers for top spots with Korpikoski a dark horse."
So they mention Dubinsky and Moore having a shot to make the team but don't list them in their top 10.

Kev, last I looked propositioning a woman in a bar was not a crime -- unless you're her boss and you made her job status dependent on her response. That's why Diamos has not been implicated in the scandal. For all we know, he may have just been standing there while her boss made the (alleged) proposition. Either way, while he may have made a poor decision in letting the other guy get himself into trouble, it doesn't appear that he himself did anything wrong.

Dubi, I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote - I was just giving the background on the story. Diamos wasn't implicated in any legal sense, and probably didn't do anything wrong, but he was definitely implicated as having a role in the event, and I believe is even mentioned in the lawsuit filed by the woman.


I can agree that the pipeline from Hartford is about a year away from being unleashed BUT I have this nagging concern about whether or not those kids will get a legit and fair chance at becoming Rangers as long as Jagr remains a Ranger.

Having been down this road before I want to see these kids in Ranger uniforms as NHL regulars before I believe it.

Sometimes I wonder about TSN as they have in the past been very Anti-Ranger so when I see them missing on so many prospects I am not shocked.

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