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August 20, 2006


THANKS for the Prospect Camp info! I was curious why 2d-years Kozak, Graham, Holt and Montoya were in, while Dawes and Girardi, but especially Jessiman, were not - but the FAQ explains: "...each team can have a maximum of four players with one year of professional experience each..." http://www.redwingscentral.com/camps/2006-07/FAQ.html

I got a bad feeling about jagr by reading his interview it dont look like he might be ready to play and hel never be the same jagr that we seen lasy season

I wish Lindros was never a Ranger. I thought he was extremely overrated as a player and was useless as a Ranger. What a waste of time that deal was.

Another experienced player not listed is Ivan Baranka. Is he still injured/recovering?
That prospect tournamnet is less than 3 weeks off - how very cool!

Uncool is that owner Dolan's band is opening shows for the James Gang reunion tour.
I'll try to stay calm during their set Tuesday in Westbury.

OK I am trying to get more info on this prospect tournament as I question several of those being listed on that roster.

I think that the roster listed as of right now is just a listing of current Ranger prospects with a couple of additions. None of those numbers match up uniform wise.

I hope to get info from the Rangers within the next 24 hours and will post it when I do.

I will not worry about Jagr until I see him play. He has shown me that he is one of the more resiliant players in the game. He took that hit in the Olympics and came back fine. Most guys would have not gotten up from that. I know a shoulder is different. But he seems only to discuss injuries in a way that suits him. Meaning that in The Playoffs, it would have been a "miracle" to see him play again and then there he is. I think he is more trying to create some doubt in opponents so they slightly underestimate him again. All I am saying is that Jagr plays the game both on and off the ice. He knows that people read into every syllable that he utters, especially when it come to injuries. He knows what he is saying and I have no doubt that he (like every other NHL-er) is choosing his words wisely. If creating a little doubt in his game gets him an extra .05 seconds, then he could have 10 goals on the season before people realize that he can hit the net with no problem.

While it's true that athletes are often less than forthcoming about their physical well-being, I think that it's usually the reverse situation - ie. minimizing what is really a more serious, nagging injury. I don't for a second accept the suggestion that Jagr is exaggerating his injury with the hope of gaining a tactical advantage at the start of next season.

Yet I agree that we need to see Jagr on the ice, as well as the rest of the team for that matter, to clear up the many questions surrounding the team as we approach the season. Aside from the physical well-being of guys like Jagr, Lundqvist and Prucha, there is the question of just how well this group will come together as a team. Having just been at Shea for the 1986 Met reunion, I'm again reminded of how certain teams just have that feel of being a championship team. It's not the type of thing that you can ever predict with certainty, and sometimes it takes some time to develop. I actually started sensing the beginning of it with last year's Ranger team, but whether they continue to build off of that is, for me, still very much undecided. Will the energy previously generated by the HMO line come from a different source? Who will step forward to assume PK duty, such a vital part of the team's early success last season? Will the new guys fit in in a way that enables the team to move forward, or will the team have a more individual feel to it? It's hard to figure how this will all shake out on paper; we need everyone back on the ice, and then we'll see for ourselves whether this team has the stuff dreams are made of.


Jagr never tells it exactly like it is... Remember his comments after Game 1 of the Playoffs? No one would have imagined he would skate in Game 2 after those comments, then sure enough, you see Jagr taking the ice for Game 2...

Jagr never seems to be 100% honest... Sure maybe his shoulder is still sore, but that stuff about him being unable to hit the net... Pleeeease!

While the Doctor who operated on his arm might have been surprised about the extent of the damage to his shoulder, he apparently was also surprised at the rate in which he was healing... So I'm not sweating over this... Jagr would never give statements to the press to reassure everyone that his shoulder is healing as planned and that he'll be 100% to play... He's going to embellish his rehab and give people the absolute worst impression that he can....

I think it's more of a mental thing for him... He wants people to expect less, so they'll be that much more impressed when they get more out of him then they've anticipated....

You know, whatever the severity or healing process of JJ's shoulder injury he cracks me up ... apparently he had problems with his driver's license at home and it's been revoked or something so in a lot of his recent interviews he keeps getting asked about it ... but this last bit ... too funny ...

How did you arrive here from Kladno?

JJ: "I rode a horse."


OK how about some hockey news:

Unsigned 2004 draft pick and NOW free agent Jonathan Paiement signed a contract with the Texas Wildcatters of the ECHL. He is also going to attend the Boston Bruin rookie camp.

Now before anyone says a word this was not a mistake by the Rangers to not sign him, to me the final straw on a talented but headcase of a player please understand that this was a player who in my book cost his team a playoff series by leaving the bench to join a fight and rightfully got suspended for it. He has a habit of bonehead plays and the Rangers were correct not to sign him.

In other news:


2006 3rd rd draft Ryan Hillier is already attending his junior training camp and this is the right kind of start for his season. Big things are expected out of Ryan and the BB will profile him hopefully in the Nov issue.

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