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August 28, 2006


How could Dubi forget that the clowns from Long Island have found their savior in the Ranger's past.

Yes Ranger fans start shaking in your boots, get the women and children to a safe place and secure your homes and apartments.

The Islanders today have signed former 1992 Ranger first round pick Peter Ferraro to a one year deal.

Ranger fans may begin laughing at anytime they choose.

Sound like a fun issue. I look forward to it's arrival. Rangers news is so scarce in Denver. I rely on you guys to keep me up to date. Let's Go Rangers!!!!!

Hey the hockey-haters at ESPN have a summer session on the Rangers...I was wondering if anyone had a subscription to ESPN Insider for a quick sum up.

Why sign up to ESPN when we have The Blueshirt Bulletin, Hockeybird & Rodent, Fan Central and Uncle Larry! Plus, I have three sons, all former hockey players and fans of Nashville, Tampa Bay and the Devils. We exchange plenty of info. A little help: I know the number on my address label is the renewal number, but I can't remember if I get that one or my subscription ends with that number. I assume I'll get that edition, but if someone can just clarify it I won't miss any editions. Keep up the good work, I especially like the updates on the youngsters in our system. You have a difficult job, mainly because we Rangers fans are so passionate AND knowledgeable. Our opinions are held with great conviction, but for most of us, all we want is the best for the Rangers and us as fans.

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