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August 27, 2006


AA was predicted to be in NHL-ready shape, or at least significant-AHL-time-ready shape, wasn't he?

I remember him being one of our better picks, having fallen much lower than predicted. Likely for this reason. A shame, I'd really like to see what he can do.


AA was expected to spend another year in Russia but to me the concern has to be those issues with the transfer agreement with the Russian Fed. I am hoping that cooler heads (read that as smarter folks) will realize how much damage the Russian teams are doing to the prospects of their own peoples.

In my eyes the Russians team owners could very well destroy the Russian National team as hard feelings could (down the road) make several Russian players refuse to play for their national team.

As for AA, he should have gone in the first round so the Rangers got a major steal (most thought he would have been the pick instead of Sanguinetti) because he fell to the 2nd rd.

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