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July 25, 2006


Ranger draft choices Marc Andre Cliche and Ryan Russell are also at the camp hoping to make the World Junior team.

When can we expect Staal to join the Rangers and play his first NHL game?

My guess is next season, but time will tell. He can't play in Hartford till he turns 20 in Jan (and Im not even sure if you can pull that off mid-season) so he would be stuck up with the Rangers. So if he faltered and had trouble with NHL-level play, you'd have to keep playing him or bench him, you wouldn't be able to send him down. Thats a risky proposition.

Gomez just got $5 Million! Which one or couple of our young studs goes to the Devils before the beginning of the season?

It is doubtful that either Cliche or Russell will make the WJC team and IF Pyatt does as I expect then it will be his THIRD time on the team.


Staal basically has to go back to Sudbury unless someone suffers a season ending injury during training camp. It is not because of his youth or play but a matter of contracts as the Rangers are dangerously close to the 50 contract limit.


Sorry but no way does Lou make a deal for Gomez with the Rangers as the politics of such a deal would haunt them. I believe Lou will figure out a way to keep Gomez so when they have their new arena in Newark the Debbies still have a decent team.

I think Sather has one more big move left in a trade for this summer. If Roszival's situation remains unresolved I think he gets traded for some forward help, opening up room for Leetch if they choose or a spot for Staal. I think Staal could probably make the team this season with the amount of vets they have on the team so he wont have much presssure. However, I think they will let him have another season in Sudsbury or HD if thats possible. It is amazing when you look at the Canadian WJC team how many great Rangers prospects are on it. The Canadian WJC team is young and good so they may have a year or two left together which will only help the development of all these players, hopefully they will be more polished when they finally come up to the Rangers someday soon. Did I mention what a mess the Isles are these days? Its a joke and I'm loving it, however, Neil Smith deserved better - he is a good man and a good GM, here is hoping he lands on his feet as a GM somewhere again soon and that the Isles corporate boardroom fails miserably this season.


Sorry but that is not the WJC team but rather the tryout camp.

Yes it is very nice to see so many of the Ranger prospects being invited for a very welcome change BUT sadly the reality is that if it remains a repeat of Staal and Pyatt on the roster then it is still something to be happy about.

However the extra work that the kids are getting now is also something to be happy about as well.

However I still think USA Hockey should have invited Mike Sauer to their WJC team but USA Hockey tends to select those who go though their NTDP program which in my book is a crock.

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