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July 22, 2006


Oh jeez. Alright, I can see both sides of the bring back Leetch debate, but holy poop, a Devil. That would be a killer. And here I thought I was safe after Neil Smith signed Poti for his puck moving d-man. Somehow I don't think even your proverbial case of beer would help.

The only reason Lou would sign Leetch is to stick it to us. He can't afford Gomez, how's he going to afford Leetch?
What a horrifying sight that would be to see Brian wearing that jersey.

Wow you sure are on a crusade to discredit Adam Hall. This site has become a joke. Who the hell quotes Nashville hockey fans quotes from internet message boards? Nashville! Can anybody say A-M-A-T-U-R-E journalism.

If people who post on message boards don't have real opinions, or at least opinions that constitute newsworthy reporting, I guess nobody will take offense to YOU calling them an amature.

Seriously begs the question of why bother posting if you think your opinion is worthless.

His spelling's worthless too. A-M-A-T-U-R-E? It's pretty pathetic when you capitalize AND hyphenate a word that you misspell.

No, Dan, my mission is not to discredit Hall -- he is what he is. I'm only trying to show the whole story to Ranger fans who have (to my mind) unfairly discredited Dom Moore after a heart and soul season and have yet to see past Hall's size statistics.

This trade undermines the mission the Rangers swore they were on, and Ranger fans seem willing to look past that just because Moore appeared to be unable to score (something coaching never wanted from him last season anyway) and Hall appears to be a player with size (although as you can see, Nashville fans that watched him play confirm what the statistics say, that he does not play a physical game).

By the way, it's spelled A-M-A-T-E-U-R, and it's true, I am and have always been an amateur journalist. Never claimed to be otherwise. What do you expect for free? The professionals write for the print publication -- you want the good stuff, buy a subscription.

Dan, that remark was Islander like. Dubi said he's not a professional writer. Well, we on the board think Dubi, Jess, Ron and the other writers that contribute do a helluva job. Who else gives you this kind of coverage day in and day out?

A lot of Ranger fans on hfboards.com have pointed out that there have been no discussions or press conferences on the acquisition of Hall. When we signed Shanny, Ward, and even Cullen the Ranger organization, especially Renney, commented on how happy they were with the signing. Therefore, it's defiantly possible Hall will be used in a much bigger trade Say, being packaged for Scott Gomez. Although i don't know that much about Hall, a physical element would do nothing but help improve out team's performance in the playoffs.

Derek, according to Dubie's postings of the Nashville fans, Hall is the exact opposite of a physical presence.

I think Dom Moore is gonna do just fine in Pitt's youthful atmosphere. The Pens are a couple of seasons away from serious contention, esp. if the Russian kid pans out.


Ok so if we here at the BB are Amateur for posting an opinion on this message board then can we call you less than amateur for not even being able to write correctly?


The only reason Leetch would be interested in the Debbies is because his wife misses living in the NYC area. It would be a serious PR coup for Lou if he was able to pull off such a signing.

I could see Leetch doing such a move after watching Messier and TGO end their careers without a final playoff appearance. Face it Leetch would not be doing it for the money and the chance to possibly embarrass Sather would be a bonus.


Unlike the others Hall has won nothing which is why the Rangers did not waste the effort on a PC


The salary arbitration rulings are starting to come in and now we get to see if teams will accept or walk away from arbitration rulings. Would you pay Mike York (13-39-52)2.85 mil for a year is going to be Garth Snow and the Fishie clowns big decision. They have 48 hours to decide on what to do. If they decline then York becomes a UFA.

Also today will be decisions on Daniel Briere and Mark Smith. Like I keep saying the Mets are not at all done dealing or tinkering with the roster.

LOL that will teach me to post while watching ESPNews as they showed the Mets beating the Astros.

However now that I have learned how to screw up like an Islander then I can safely say it was not my fault and instead blame someone else for not being a part of the team; thus it is all Throwaway's fault as if he would have supplied me with beer I would have been drinking instead of posting.

Throwaway would rather have Ranger season tickets instead of keeping a BB writer in brewsky. See how wrong that is of him?

Actually, Jess, I was at Shea, beer in hand, watching the Mets comeback against Houston today. There are usually some empty seats around if you don't mind sitting in the upper deck (the land of Fuzzy), and I'd be happy to set you up with some grandstand grog if you ever make your way up there. Otherwise you'll just have to track me down at MSG, and we'll share a couple there one night. No way I'm sending any brew your way via Blueshirt Bulletin -- all these posts in support of the Moore trade have probably driven Dubi to drink, and he'd snatch up that beer before you even had a chance to see it.

wow so the rangers are undermining the mission they SWORE they were on by trading DOM FRIGGEN MOORE 26 years old for adam hall 25 years old?????? talk about taking it a bit to far. the hatred for ranger management in BB is one of the few things that keep this publication from reaching newer bigger heights. seriously boys next round table try to tone it down.


There you go again trying to escape responsibility by expecting me to travel back home for a Met's game LOL


The BB reaching new heights??????????? You mean we are moving and nobody sent me out a memo? Damm that Dubi forgetting to tell me stuff once again.

Would you be so kind as to tell me exactly what newer bigger heights we are not reaching since you appear to be some kind of expert on what a magazine is supposed to do.

OK, Jess, (as the old saying goes), put you money where your mouth is...what are hearing. You are not the first observer to mention such a thing. RODENT stated it earlier this week (even mentioning that his sources say not to consider Prucha "untouchable"), and a trusted poster I know at HF mentioned the same thing. Many things line up for the Rangers to do such a thing - cap space, inexpensive, young assets for trading, a definite hole at 2nd line center - my first thought was possibly Vinny L, but a player who might make more sense is Patrick Marleau. The Sharks can move Michalek to center and add a young winger with goal-scoring ability, possibly even a fellow countryman at that. Plus, the Sharks could use a D-man with NHL experience who's not too expensive. Why, you ask would the Sharks make such a deal? Cap flexibility is always important in the new NHL. As for the Rangers, wouldn't a 26-year-old who's coming off an 86 point season and entering the prime of his career look awfully nice centering Shanny next year? C'mon, Jess, fess up, what have you heard?

Why would the Sharks break up possibly the best 1-2 punch at center? Especially for such a weak retrun. If they are that hungry for an NHL d-man I believe Danny Markov is still available. He's a better option than anything we have to offer, and he costs less for the team in terms of assets. Personally before we go talking about dumping our assets, I'd like to see if any arbitration RFA's become available.

That said, I'm not particularly attached to Hall. In the interests of taking the middle road, I'll say he's got a great resume' but bad references. If we are going to package him, great.

But if there is to be a trade, I suspect (and have no expert opinion other than years as a hockey fan, and the guessing skills of a weatherman) that the targets will be players recieving arbitration awards too rich for teams bumping up against the cap.

I promised myself I'd stay out of the Hall vs. Moore debate from now on, but I can't help myself. With all due respect Dubi, if you really believe that "Moore appeared to be unable to score (something coaching never wanted from him last season anyway)," that is beyond ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure you meant to write that "the coaches never expected Moore to score a lot," but I also know you're pretty shrewd about how you frame your arguments and how you choose your words, so I'm worried you actually meant what you wrote. Please explain that comment when you get a chance.


Wow, you really are a pathetic person. Do you work for Rangers management? Seriously, if you have nothing better to do than to bad mouth an excellent source for Rangers news which provides a lot of fans with original view points and a discussion fourm, than you should just give up on life now. Quit all you communistic bull about not bashing a management that failed to take their team to the playoffs for 7 years. No one makes you read this.

I'm sorry but I really don't see how trading Dominic Moore is impacting the organization in a negative way... Would the same have been said if Blair Betts, Jason Ward, Jed Ortmeyer, were traded? Seems like some Ranger fans were so giddy over the success last season that they were reluctant to lose any player form last year's roster... I think Ortmeyer & Betts are the next guys to leave the team in the near future....

Moore was no defensive specialist at even strength... He was incapable of driving hard to the net or setting up infront of the crease... He was incapable of playing a physical game... Aside from having a strong work ethic and being a 'team player', his biggest asset was his penalty killing... When the Rangers become a more disciplined team (and I believe they will), his value diminishes...

Rangers have plenty of players who can fill Moore's shoes on the PK... The additions of Cullen and hopefully Immonen being a few options...

Kev, I meant it the way you said it -- this whole thing has gotten so insane (myself included, obviously) that I didn't take care to word it properly, as I usually strive to do. Of course they always want a guy to score, they just didn't expect it of Moore, as you phrased it.

But to be clear on it in another sense, I didn't mean to say that it seemed to me that Moore wasn't able to score, but that it seems to me that fans are too focused on his apparent inability to score despite the fact that coaching didn't really expect it of him in his first year assignment.

I don't know how many ways to say it and still be misunderstood about it, but this is not about Moore or Hall for me, this is about patient long-term team building vs. going out and getting a guy who looks good on paper without taking chemistry into account. One good season based on the former is not going to suddenly make the latter a good approach rather than the proven failure it was in the past.

As I've said, I've obviously gone a little nuts (to understate the matter) on this topic, and I've reached the end of the line on it, but I'm flabbergasted that Ranger fans are so quick to dismiss someone who has been part of the growing young corps of players that will form a long-term base on which to build. I'm a bit puzzled that people can be so easily seduced by the promise of size and scoring even when it's clearly not there (at least not yet).

It could have been Orty or Holly or even Ward or Betts as easily as Moore -- from what I've read, the only one of these guys fans would currently complain about losing would be Holly. These are not the guys who are going to score the big goals that win us a Cup down the road, but these are the guys who are going to form the core on which that could take place. These are the guys who are going energize the other guys, as they did so often last season.

Yes, they may be replaced by better guys coming up through the system, but that would be fine, that's what the program is all about. They may very well be pushed to elevate their own game in the process, which becomes a win-win all around. But sending these guys off while handing jobs to guys from outside who are unknown quantities, well, that worries me.

Understood, Dubi - I figured as much. Thanks for the response!

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