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July 31, 2006


Prucha's knee injury haunts me also! ;-)

Even before he was injured I always found myself gasping when I saw someone lining him up. I don't know how many times I would yell from my seats, "Heads up Petr!!" The kid had me worried all year that he would eventually get caught blindsided by someone like Hal Gill and never get up. I would love to see him put on about 20-30 lbs. That would put him in the 180-190lbs range, which is where he needs to be IMO in order to be able to take the day-in-day-out punishment that he will definitely receive. I think that will also allow him to keep the agility and 'shiftiness' that is so much of his game...whereas if he bulked up too much he would lose.

Petr and Pavel Bure are basically the same shape and size. How did Bure avoid getting killed on the ice, or did he?

Wow this doesn't sound good at all. Jagr still cant move his shoulder????? I really hope hes back for the start of the season, but now im going to be worried he will just re-injure it right away. This doesnt look good at all.

On the Ranger board on the official site, a Czech fan checked in with their translation and it's a much better article with the proper translation. Sorry to whoever wrote it here.
Don't know if this is allowed but here's a link to the thread:

Scroll down to the 8th post.


I feel the same way about Prucha, I love the kid but I think he's going to get seriously hurt out there, which is why I proposed trading him for Afinogenov. His value may never be higher than it is now...

No problem posting the link to the better translation -- we want to make sure we get these things right. We'd love to get good, timely translations from natural Czechophones instead of relying on online translators -- the main problem is that many of the words we try to translate have many meanings that depend on the context, and that's hard for a non-Czech speaker to figure out.

The Jagr quotes are accurate, according to the Czech translator at the NYR Bulletin Board -- that's the most critical thing. It's not as bad as it sounds -- he was supposed to be ready for training camp, not for a late-July soccer exhibition, and it sounds like he has a good plan to achieve that.

The gist of the Prucha article happens to be accurate too -- by saying he remains "haunted" by the injury, the suggestion was that he has to overcome it mentally, not that he's still injured. And until he does, one has to be concerned about him playing with the abandon that made him such a treat to watch last season.

That jives with everything written about the injury in English last spring, and it jives with every off-season artcile written about Prucha in which he never fails to mention the injury. That he is working extra hard to make sure it's ready for the season is of course a good thing, but it also adds to that notion that it is a big concern to him. That's what we gleaned from our unschooled reading of the original Czech.

After reading this above article, the signing of Shanny is looking better and better. Without Jags and a healthy Prucha our offense would be non existent.

Hey anyone hear of any Rangers rumors? Anything on Leetch? I wonder with the Roszival talks going sour if he could get moved in a trade - maybe for Vitali Vishneski, another disgruntled player - however because of his arbitration hearing. I would rather have the Rangers swing a trade for a forward or PP specialist which we are without if they dont resign Roszival, if they dont Leetch and if Ozolish doesnt wind up coming back. Thomas Pock or Staal are not options for the PP point and starting the rush. ANy thoughts everybody?

My thought is that I can't wait for the season to begin so fans have something to think about besides who they can trade away for what over-priced, disgruntled cast-away. ;)

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