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July 26, 2006


Guys whats the deal with rozsival y are we having such a hard time signing him. And are the rangers interested at all about gomez or briere.

do u guys think sather still has a trade up his sleave or is he done.

im really scared we might lose tyutin.

Get Leetch...that's what I want to see done.

Our 23 man roster sits at about $39 million right now. That leaves good depth at the defensive positions AND allows Renney the comfort of having Orr available every night. Gomez would be a solid addition, but I'm not sure it would be the right move. His age, stats and skating skills would be a big advantage for Jagr's line. Chemistry, attitude and an apparent inability to pass the puck tape-to-tape when he is at full speed could be the negatives. Briere is a flash in the pan...forget about him. York, like Gomez is really not a first line center. So for me, I stand pat on the hand I've got...unless something just too good to be true comes along. As for Leetch, let him play for NJ or the Blues, but not the Rangers. All the Ranger websites for the past 7 years have been demanding a rebuild with youth. Now we have people with great nostalgia looking to re-live the past glory. Leetch is cooked, done, ready to have his number hoisted. Lets focus on the future and develop or youngsters and not even discuss the Leetch subject. Further, I was not impressed with Tyutin's play last year. He showed spurts of what we all expect from him. I want to see him re-signed. Don't understand the holdup. Also, has Pock been resigned or is this an option year?

NO LEETCH! That is all I want.... ;-)


I can understand your reluctance to bringing back Leetch when he isn't exactly in the prime of his career, but why would you ever want to see him in a... *shudder* Devils jersey? I know you said "let" him play for the Devs, but that still implies you wouldn't mind seeing him sign a pact with Lou.

Again, I can see why you, Chris and other Blueshirt fans don't want to see #2 back on Broadway, but I actually think he could contribute if used in the right role. He is no longer the offensive machine we remember from the '94 playoffs, but he is still a great leader who can make that first pass that is even more important in today's NHL.

Maybe I am caught up in the nostalgia, but I genuinely believe Leetch can be valuable to this team.

I think Leetch is, except due to age, an upgrade over Ozo and I would much rather see Brian play in that offensive-defenseman role. He is, as Jason and a host of other people, a great leader. Although, right now I would like to see the Rangers bring up and develop players from within. I would really like to see Marc Staal get some games in next season, whether it be 5,20,or, although extremly unlikely, 82. *Sigh*, I still hope he dosen't become a devil...

I think Leetch is, except due to age, an upgrade over Ozo and I would much rather see Brian play in that offensive-defenseman role. He is, as Jason and a host of other people point out, a great leader. Although, right now I would like to see the Rangers bring up and develop players from within. I would really like to see Marc Staal get some games in next season, whether it be 5,20,or, although extremly unlikely, 82. *Sigh*, I still hope he dosen't become a devil...

Derek, I think if most here are given a black and white choice, Leetch or Ozo, Leetchie will win.

Ed McGrogan, if the Rangers ever sign Leetch, Dubi needs to hold an Ed Mcgrogan special edition. You have been his loyal campaign manager. :)

Jason, I must agree that Leetch does have value as maybe a 15-18 minute D-man. Trouble is that coaches play him for his past reputation and probably try and use him 25 or 28 minutes a game.
That's way too much for almost anyone let alone an elder statesman. Still 15 to 18 minutes his talent would be an asset.
This is just a statement, I'm not getting into a Stall vs Leetch war of words. This is just my own opinion of value of one player, I'm not looking to debate a young guy vs Leetch.

I do think I may kill myself if number 2 ever wears Lou's sweater!

Gomez is signed by the devils. Not a surprise there; now it's just a question of if they're going to trade him. I've heard rumors about possibly Phoenix. I haven't had a chance to add my word onto all these debates, but if the Rangers did trade for Briere, Gomez, or York, I would definitely prefer Briere. Still 29, has plenty of potential, and the most talented of the bunch(in my opinion). There are questions about his health, but I definitely like him and would love to see him in a Rangers uniform depending on the price.

Although I hate to say this, if were looking for an offensive defenseman, I think Ozolinsh is better than Leetch now. Both are all but useless on the defensive end at this point, but at least Ozolinsh shoots the puck. I have no clue whats going on with Ozolinsh, but I think I saw here that Sather said Ozolinsh would be back for training camp. Personally though, I want neither of them. I love Leetch, but he goes against everything we need right now. Give Pock a shot before Leetch. Give Pock a shot before Ozolinsh if you ask me, but that definitely won't happen..

Jason, Leetch is a "great leader"? We all saw what happened when he put the "C" on his chest. His game went to hell...based on his standards. I love the guy, and he has done more then most other Rangers. His number should be raised to the rafters. Just to watch the guy move up and down the ice...grace, speed, hockey sense...lead the play into the attack zone and be the first one back to defend. Play hurt, Play healthy; either way you almost couldn't tell any difference. My point is this: Signed to contracts we have; Kaspar, Rozsoval, Rachunek, Ward, Malik, Pock, Richter and maybe Tyutin. Count 'em...8 defensemen and that does not include Stall, Lampman, and the others that are young and will be assigned to Hartford. I'm not even including OZO! All the Rangers will do if the sign Leetch is hurt the long term goals of the team. As for seeing Leetch as a Devil...I don't really care. I chear for the Rangers and what the Wang'ers or Devils do just isn't important to me. Sometimes it's good for a laugh, though. If Leetch plays for them, I hope he helps their team, as long as we beat them if we meet in the playoffs.

Derek, OZO over Leetch! Leetch at age 50 will be better then OZO EVER WAS! The guy has very poor judgement when it comes to "decision time" to join the play. When he does get into the zone he is the last one out. Waive, trade or release...that's the only safe play.


Dude thanks for the laugh: "Briere is a flash in the pan... forget about him"

Let us see he has scored 25 goals in 05-06, 28 in 03-04, 24 in 02-03, 32 in 01-02 and you say he is a flash in the pan???? Gee your standards are really tough.


So you would like to see Leetch back in a minor role with the Rangers being a shell of himself or would you rather just remember him as the great Ranger player he once was?

At what point do you say thanks for everything Brian but it is time for you to retire with dignity. He had next to nothing for the Bruins last year and at his age given all those injuries he has suffered in his career how much is really left in the tank?

Let him go already.

Everyone else on Leetch:

(A) being the Ranger captain hurt Leetch's career as it was forced upon him and he was the wrong person to replace Mess in 97.

(B)Devils can't afford Leetch so I think it is a safe bet that Leetch will not wear Red

(C)Which very proud person will swallow his pride Sather or Leetch to make any return possible? Neither so I believe we can put those rumors to rest.

Recalling Leetch as Captain should be kept in mind for the upcoming season. Jags doesn't need the distraction. Is Shanahan a reasonable option?


That is a very good question but there is IMO a problem with it.

Despite all that Shanahan has done he has always been the "A" and not the guy wearing the "C". Now while people might think "what's the difference?" the answer is plenty.

For starters, Shanahan has not even played a game with the Rangers and to some it might look like a slap to Jagr (he can say in public all he wants but we are talking about the worlds most fragile ego here worse than ARod).

It might be best to continue to have 3 guys wearing the "A"s for another season that way Shanahan pays his dues as a Rangers and IF he returns then consideration can be given to his becoming Captain

I dont know if Leetch is coming back, but I do know for a fact the parties have spoken. Not sure who is swallowing what, though!

Someone above noted we have Rosival signed, we do not. It looks to me like he is being told to take a hike. He and Rucinsky. Who knows what the plan is for Ozolinsh - I hope we dont have to see him in blue anymore. I still have yet to see that Pock can play any defense, never mond at the NHL level. Id love to see Girardi, Id love to see Staal actually win a top 6 spotl. Maybe the only way that happens is if Tyutin heads to Russia. I do want to see how he turns out when used properly, but if he doesnt want to be here let him go back to Russia.

O/T, but I saw JD shopping at the White Plains (Westchester Mall) Nordstrom's with his wife and daughter today. Shouldn't he be in St. Louis working? It was quite a sight - his wife and daughter were running around trying to find size XXL shirts. I didn't realize just how big a guy he is. Very friendly, treated the staff well...class act all the way. He'll be missed in NY!

JD will not be missed by me at all. Sorry many may have loved his act but it was (and this is MY Opinion) dishonest of him to try to sell a bad product to Ranger fans as if all was well when we all knew better.


Sorry but Rozy has not been told to take a hike but quite honestly I believe the real message is "Hello we made you and we can break you stop being greedy".

I am amazed though at (I know not you PG)how many are acting as if Rozsival is "THE MAN" and how so much could be determined by his being resigned.

Holy Dirty Diapers Diaper Man, Rozy had all of 30 points last season and if he thinks he deserves a multi year million dollar contract then please I really want to be smoking the dope he is.

Heck I think Pock could replace those numbers given PT with Jagr, Throwaway could score (uh nah must be a contact high from Rozycrack) at air hockey and Bob Merchant could drink 50 beers without needing to go to the bathroom (provided he had his depends on)

Jess, I don't need depends, just let me keep the empty beer cups as I can refill them without leaving my seat. :)

Jess, my standards are based on the record. His career stats are (pts/game and (+/-): 1 (+1), 22 (-3), 2 (0), 15 (-2), 60 (+6), 46 (-21), 12 (+1), 65 (-7), 58 (+3). Overall career is 0.7 pts/game and a (-22). In the last 5 years his high was 65 pts and the low was 12 pts. Most of that is with the Sabers and the Ruff system. Don't get me wrong, he's a fine player, just not the first line center everybody thinks he is. Look at York. He is 0.64 pts/game and a (-8) for his career...hardly a first line center. His arbitration hearing was close to the mark...Briere was way out of line. Lets look at Gomez. He has a career of 0.82 pts/game and a (+52). He is far above the other two and has more potential as a true first line center. Compare him to Sakic at 1.2 pts/game (+38) and Fedorov at 1 pt/game (+269) or Koivu at 0.81 pt (+11). Breire and York just don't stack up. The real mark of first line centers is the ability to produce points big time AND play defense. My knock on Gomez is the Devils are such a good defensive team that his +/- may reflect more on the team then him. My comment "flash in the pan" addresses this past seasons playoff performance which was very good for him. Another way to look at Briere and Gomez at $5MM each is this: Briere averaged 31 pts/ season while Gomez averaged 65 pts/season. Is Brier worth the same as Gomez? Gomez is about 4 years younger. Now, based on all that do you really think Lou will trade Gomez and if so, what do you think he will want in return. For the Rangers, I think the price will be too high. If it isn't too high, then Gomez is the guy go after, not Briere and certainly not York. I have no problem with the jersey a player used to wear, I only care about the Ranger colors and how each of our players represents them.

P.S. Jess, Nylander's career record is 0.72 pts/game and (+82) and he averaged 31 pts/season. That's just slightly better then Briere, except for the +/-. Nylander had his best season last year, thanks to Jagr on his wing. We all agree that Nylander is not a premier center. Like Briere, he can get the job done. Unlike Briere, he is more defensively responsible.



I saw 19 playoff points in 18 games during what was his first true playoff run. His play was clearly top shelf.

You are also basing those number that fail to take into account that he played on some crappy Coyo teams and still produced and sorry but using +/- is the worst of stats. I for one look at what kinds of responsibilities a player has, is he on the ice at critical moments of a game or how is he defensed by the other team.

IF you looked at Briere under those conditions then I believe you will change your mind. Too often numbers simply do not properly state the case for a player

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