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June 26, 2006


Dubi, it caught my eye that both Maloney and Messier had offspring at the prospect camp. At one point I assumed you needed to be at least a draft pick to attend but obviously I'm wrong. Can you elaborate on non Ranger property at the camp. Are these fellows future potential draft picks? Was Lyon eligible this year for the draft and not picked? Same question about Maloney's son?

FYI - seems that Beller will be at Yale in the fall:

re Bob M's questions,
I look forward to the BB team's understandings on this,
We have seen other non-draftees in Ranger camps and even eventually signed - recently such as Daniel Sparre, Rory Rawlyk, Dan Girardi and Bryan Rodney

I will leave it to Dubi to address the free agents attending the camp (even though my own POV says that Maloney and Messier lites are legacy invites)

I will however address Elsie's mention on Greg Beller who is in fact going to attend Yale this season.

Beller lost all but 3 games last season due to injury and it speaks volumes about what Yale thinks about him to still give him a chance.

I will if you like contact Yale and ask them if they could tell us what they liked about Beller to keep.

BTW in case anyone cares Fan Favorite Matt Barnaby was bought out the Blackhawks and now is a UFA.

Any sign of Ryan Callahan?

Messier was draft-eligible this year and was considered a possibility, although obviously no one took him. I think he's looking down the road at progressing as a pro, though not necessarily to the NHL. Donny Jr. is playing for a Junior B team at age 18, so he's a long shot as a pro. Of the other non-draftees in camp, I'd say Mitch Fadden and Miika Wiikman are getting a serious look-see, maybe Westgarth too. Pavone and the two goalies I think are just there because they had the roster spots and they know someone who got them in.

As for Elsie's comments on a later thread about college players at camp, it's true, there were a few last year, I'd forgotten that. There could be new rules under the new CBA (we know the length of the camp was shortened by the new CBA) -- otherwise I can't explain why there seems to be a systematic absence of college graduates and Europeans while non-bona fide prospects are invited to fill roster spots.

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