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June 27, 2006


Dubi, great background and inside type info going on at Tarrytown. Now I see that Sanguinetti said he was up there for some medical testing and stuff. So now I must ask, are players tipped off in advance? We're going to draft you type of stuff. I mean we all know that number one Johnson was going to St Louis. I thought it was all a crap shoot after that number one and two picks. How did the Ranger's know Sanguinetti would be available at 21? They must have flown him in and did the preliminary stuff for a reason. Do the Rangers and other teams routinely fly draft picks in to check them out? It just seemed odd to me that he was at the Training Center a few weeks ago.
Jess, feel free to add info to my Dubi question.

Looks like Dubi and Jess have answered my questions below in the Prospect Camp Opens comments. Thanks for the info guys.

Bob, they interview and test everyone they think they might be interested in. They didn't have to think he'd drop to #21 -- they might have been considering moving up in the draft to select him, or any of the other prospects they tested. It's a crap shoot who will be available at any particular slot, so a team has to look in depth at a wide number of possibilities.

A large part of the process is consolidated at the draft combine so people don't have to fly all over the place, but specific players any team is particularly interested in, they might bring them in privately for further interviews and tests. The Rangers were obviously going to be interested in Sanguinetti, so they brought him in.

Jess, my thanks also for the outstanding coverage you provided for this draft and followup after that. Also agree about Sather, if he has changed his modus operandi, have to change our previous attitude about him. Guess some people are slow learners.

I was impressed that Sather cordially agreed to be interviewed by you. I'm sure he knows of your previous assessment of him through the years. Nice coup on your part.

Don't forget my offer if you ever come East. Instead of meeting Dubi in the elevator, it might be you next time.

Thanks again for a fine job.


Let me add a bit to what Dubi said which is that teams typically have a list of 4-5 players they would like to draft (in the case this year the Rangers I am led to believe actually got 1 and 2 of their most wanted) but in order to gain an idea as to who else might be interested they bring in players just for the sake of bringing them in.

There are several reasons why a team will do that; wanting to force another team to spend more and trade up (while leaving alone the player the Rangers really wanted), get a trade offer or to fool people (both in the media and NHL) about where the interest truly is.


Actually I doubt Sather knows who I am even after the story but I am pretty sure Shannon (his son) does since he reportedly reads the BB.

Speaking of Shannon; here is a guy who has done an excellent job for the Rangers in their scouting department but rumor has it he is leaving to run his own company.

Many credit Shannon for scouting Brodie Dupont who is going to become the Ranger's future PF. Shannon (and Ernie Gare) who has been scouting the WHL has been a major reason why the Rangers have found talent to restock the farm system and his leaving will be a huge loss


First of all, great job both leading up to and during the draft. Also, keep the good stuff coming from prospect camp. It would nice if the Rangers as an organization understood how much us diehards love hearing about these things. BTW, I was perusing your pre-draft postings and, I came across this quote from you in regards to Sanguinetti - "If he is there, you just know who the Rangers will want to draft." Nice call on your part!

So it's your opinion that Anisimov ranked as high on the Ranger board as Berglund? I was disappointed at first when the Rangers didn't take Berglund. But, then getting Anisimov in the 2nd round, IMO, makes the Sanguinetti pick look that much stronger. If Sanguinetti, Anisimov and one of Hillier, Kveton or Zaborsky fulfills their potential, the Rangers could very well have filled all three of the big holes the organization was lacking coming into the draft.

Question - are you getting a sense of chemistry is developing among the prospects, and do you get the feeling that some of them sense they could be the core in a couple of years of what Maloney and Renney are trying to build?

Jess and Dubi, good stuff with all that info. I had no idea there was so much cat and mouse going on. So I imagine some teams actually bring people in that they are not interested in just for the smoke-screen. A real chess match but you have to feel for some players that are shuffled about for evaluations and interviews when a particular team has used this tactic just for smoke and mirrors. I guess its all part of the process to make it to the promised land.


First off thanks for the kind words as they mean alot to me.

However it is Dubi who is covering the development camp while I am working on my new contacts for the next season. The CHL import draft was held yesterday and the following Ranger prospect were taken:

Lukas Zeliska who was taken 11th by Prince Albert of the WHL.

David Kvelton went 2 picks later by the Gatineau Olympiques of the QMJHL.

Tomas Zaborsky got drafted by the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL at 36. He will join fellow prospect Tom Pyatt there. The Spirit already have offered to make both prospects to me for an interview. Classy franchise.

As for Anisimov, yes I believe that there been an agreement in place with the Russian fed prior to the draft then Anisimov would have been the Ranger pick at 21. While I was watching the Ranger table in the 2nd round there was actually more activity then there during the first round. I believe he was the number one propsect on the Ranger board.

As for your question, I will have to leave questions about chemistry developing now to Dubi BUT I do know that the North American prospects get to spend a lot of time together off the ice. Without revealing who told me what I can tell you that during last year's camp there were a lot of friendships made as whoever I talked with would always be asking me for info on someone else.


LOL Oh man you would not believe some of the stuff that went on before the draft. I know of 3 different writers who were told 3 different things from the same source.

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