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June 27, 2006


if there are rules prohibiting college players, those are new since last summer when Crabb, Roche, Walsh, Olver, Moore, Potter and Guenin attended

I can provide part of an explanation as to why the college players are for the most part not attending;

First off Crabb, Guenin, Walsh are no longer in the Ranger plans so they were not invited.

Second this year the camp has been cut back to only those who really the Rangers wanted to work with.

IF one looks closer at the list then you see:

players coming off injury, major rehab or surgery: Sauer, Beller and Koverko (btw I am betting that the reason Flatt is not attending is that he I believe had to have surgery on a hand which he repeated injured (most of the time he hurt it using it on someone'e face)

players who played on a very bad teams: Jordan Foote and Dane Byers
players who needed a message sent: Lauri Korpikoski, Hugh Jessiman and Bruce Graham please meet Brodie Dupont and Marc-Andre Cliche who are going to pass you by.

Players who needed some help on their bodies: Ryan Russell (looks like a HS freshman really), Tom Pyatt and Corey Potter.

Player who needed a fire lit under him: Zdenek Bahensky (who has size, skill and the look BUT is too INCONSISTENT). If Zman ever gets serious about hockey he could become a superstar.

Is it a question of money with Guenin or do the Rangers not think he is NHL-caliber? If the Rangers pass on signing Guenin, what other SAH d-men are in the system? Liffiton, Grenier (not really a prospect) and Flatt - is that it?


Interesting stuff on your breakdown of camp. Korpikocki and Graham worry me less, only because I think Lauri K probably needs a year of transition to NA, while Graham (from my understanding) missed most of last year due to a viral infection which sapped his strength and stamina. Jessiman is the one who is going to see other prospects shoot by him (Moore and Dubinsky already have) if he doesn't get his act together. BTW, do you expect Bahensky to go to Hartford, or does he go back to juniors for one more year? Also, the 20054 draft gets a lot of hype, but looking at what the Rangers did in 2005, there's a good chance that they did even better that year. Everyone of the picks from that year (save Flatt) is in camp.


To be honest the only hint I got about what the Rangers are thinking with Guenin is that they did not believe he had a good enough senior season at OSU.


Bahensky has a Hartford contract not a Ranger one which hopefully someone explains to him the difference. I think that if the Rangers decide to send him back to the juniors that his days as being a legit Ranger prospect just might be over. I don't believe he would have anything to gain by returning to the Blades.

Graham got a pass from most but I guess I have never been sold on him as a legit prospect so I think the leash is just as short for him as it is for Jessiman.

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