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June 29, 2006


word is rachunek was resigned...they're waiting for july 1 to make an anoucement? according to czech papers..

Karel Rachunek and Martin Richter ? the czech-mating continues. ... and the D is already crowding, even if Poti and Strudwick don't return. Well they are both righty, >200#s and a few years under 30.

Could you please please please use target=_blank in your hyper links to other news sources :-) I always click your links then get lost and have to retype blueshirt bulletin in the address bar. target=_blank creates a popup window to the link. more info http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/linking/_A_TARGET_95y98y108y97y110y107y.html

More rumor reporting to do:

YES Rachunek has been resigned by the Rangers BUT do not be so sure he is coming back to the team. Rangers were not at all happy with his remarks last year so he could find himself playing in a very bad location.

The Stars appear to have reached an impasse with Jason Arnott over length of any contract. Reports say that Arnott is going to test the waters of free agency knowing that several Eastern Confernce teams are very interested in his services.

The Blues reportedly looking to talk with Petr Sykora on July 1. The Blues have money to spend and want a first line player.

The blues can talk with sykora all they want...but the truth of the matter is that Petr said he will talk to Glen bEfore anyone else. He wants to come back to the Rangers.

Anthony, you can always right click on the link and select "open in new window" to avoid the problem you described... that's what I do anyway! ;)

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