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June 24, 2006


Hey Mitch,

Thanks for keeping us covered on the draft. Without OLN TV coverage (my cable system doesnt get it), I am depending on my friends at BB to keep me updated. I enjoyed reading your observations. I agree that Hugh Jessiman should be a goner. I would not mind seeing Pock go either. I think that Havlat would be great if they could sign him to a deal and then lock up Elias. I also feel that Pronger may be a good trade, unlike you. We need a #1 defenseman bad. I think Redden and perhaps Chara will resign with Ottawa (especially if Havlat is traded). Jay McKee or Ruslein Salei are not #1s. Tyutin is a #3 defenseman at best. Hoepfully, Staal could be a 1 or 2 but hes is still young. Pronger can add some veteran leadership, play a ton of minutes and can finally give us a physical defenseman besides Kaspar. I am all for it! However, I think Prucha and or Montoya would be the price. I would rather trade Montoya because I think Henrik is the real deal and we could draft or trade for a future back up...What do you think?

I caught Lowe's calling Pronger the best player in the world... it was such a transparent comment it made me laugh.

I don't want Pronger. We can get what we need on defense via free agency without giving up talent. Havlat, maybe. But I don't think I'll like the price.


Thanks for the complements. My ego has taken quite the bruising the past few days…long story. If you’re married you’d understand. J

Anyhow, I am concerned about Pronger’s age and salary demands. Yes, he’s a number one d-man no doubt about it, but unlike you I am a BIG fan of Tommy Pock. I think this kid is going to be huge. Remember this, he’s only been playing defense for 3 years. He’s been a forward. He has a booming shot and he’s VERY fast and he’s learning to play more defense and he’s great on the point. Hartford’s power-play totally collapsed when he went up to NY. As for Montoya, I don’t think he’s going anywhere except back to Hartford.

Personally, my wish list for the team is McKee and Elias and bring on the young guys. I wouldn’t mind trading Tyutin for Pronger because I’m not as high on him. I think he has a very difficult time making his decisions on the first pass out of the zone and in the second half of the year played poorly.

I don’t think we will get Chara either because he’s going to want WAY too much money.

I personally am hoping that Kessel drops all the way to us at 21, but that probably won’t happen…



I would not mind going out to free agency for a guy or two especially if they're the two I mentioned, but i am far more in favor of building from within. I hope that you agree we are not a Stanley Pie contender yet. it takes time and we need to be patient and see if the kids develop. Think about in the last 10 years how many guys we've given up on only to watch them go somewhere else and do great and make you cringe everytime they play...

OH WELL...no Phil Kessel to the Rangers. Can you believe that he's being critized for not being a good interview? Jesus, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard...

Mitch, I'm with you. McKee and Elias would be great. McKee might not be the absolutes best defenseman or biggest name available out there right now, but going for the biggest names is what got us in trouble in the past.

I think McKee has a gigantic upside. He won't cost that much, probably 3 million or so and he can play as as 1 or 2. I 100% want to do this from within. I think the only wasy though that we get Elias is by getting Havlat which I will bet you my bottom dollar that means the end of Jagr's roomie...

The Islanders pick next...I'd make jokes here, but why bother...

Nice to see Ted Nolan back in the NHL. Could Neil Smith have used a few No Doz before he went up there. He looked like he was asleep.

Okposo seems like an interesting pick. He seems like a tough kid.

Gretzky looks terrible...why is it that super-rich guys can't get a decent haircut???

We're about half way now to our next Blueshirt. I'm rooting, much like Jess, for Patrik Berglund...

Interesting that Bryan Little was rated number 7 and fell all the way to 12. Not one person has menitoned that...

Montreal looking for depth in picks is my guess

Sounds like a big trade is coming with LA. I don't think LA has anyone the Rangers want...

What a trade for Dimetra. Boy, how happy is Marion Gaborik right now?

Trevor lewis was slated as the 30th best player by CSS and the Kings make the big trade to move up for him? That's odd. The other thing that's odd is the number of GM's that are saying they didn't have anything to do with the picks...I guess that's to save your behind in case it goes bust.

Mitera goes to the Anaheim Mickey Mousers...There was talk he would go to the Rangers if he was there. We already have a player just like him in Hartford...his name is Jake Taylor

We're up next...My guess is Sanguinetti...what's yours?

Either Berglund or Sanguinetti.

Right from the get-go the Rangers said they would take the best available player and that's what they got. He is an offensive d-man. The critism is flying by McGuire already. Someone needs to hit him in the head

There was a great article today in the NJ Star Ledger about Sanguinetti. I recommend finding the link

I will track it down and post it here for everyone else to read. Thanks Ryan...

Got it:

You beat me to it...bonus points and you get to go the the bonus round...what's Bobby's favorite breakfaast cereal?

Am I the only person wondering if JD had anything to do with the moves that St Louis made today?

How cool is this story of Leland Irving...beats Cancer as a child, and has such a strong contingent of fans follow him to teh draft. Good for him!

Sorry Mitch, you got me on the cereal question. Wheaties?

I have a GIGANTIC newsflash that you can only find right here. I have just received a call from Glen Sather and the Rangers with their next pick are going to select 3 1/2 year old 4' 50lb LW Ross Beck from the Beck family clan in CT. :)

Total joke that OLN pulls the plug on the draft before the first round is even over. Maybe what we need is to have a discussion about the benefits of chew...

XM radio has it on if you are still interested and have the thing. I'm listening and here is the big news. Their guy on the floor is hearing that the RANGERS are putting togehter a deal right now with...EDMONTON for...you guessed it, Chris Pronger. They said it might not happen today or even tomorrow but the deal looks like it is going to happen...

Shoot me now. What happened to getting younger? Can Dolan fire himself?

You have to understand Dolan...in his mind they are getting younger...Pronger is younger than Dolan so I think that counts right?

As at least one of their guys on the floor is Eklund, I'm hoping this is BS.

I have to disagree here. Pronger is 31 and the best D-man in the league. He could play for another 5-7 years. He's better than any D-man on the UFA market. This team succeeded with the likes of Malik and Rozsival getting big time minutes. Pronger IMMEDIATELY slots every D-man into their probably spot. As long as Staal, Sauer or Dubinsky aren't in the deal, I trade for him.

I'll tell you something that just pisses me off. The "expert" on XM radio just said that the top 3 goalies in the NHL are Kiprsuoff or however you spell it, Brodeur and Luongo. How much winning has Luongo done? I would 100% put Lundqvist ahead of him...

There is a lot of good to be said about Pronger, no doubt about it. I am not fond of the fact that he can't control his VERY hard shot. Read Hockeyrodent's article about death shots. I think while Pronger did a ton of good in the finals, he also could not find the net with hsi shot at all! That bothers me. We also have a ton of very solid young guys and there's no reason to do it because it's going to cost a boat load to get him

Like I said, it depends upon what we're giving up. A package of Immonen, Tyutin and Pock is more than reasonable. But, Staal, Sauer, Dubinsky and Korpikoski can't be included.

There's no doubt that Pronger is the solid veteran defenseman the Rangers have been looking for, and he'll also add another dangerous weapon to a powerplay that predictably overuses Jagr.

However -- I dislike the notion of either trading youth or having a defensemen take up a spot any one of the players mentioned could potentially hold in future years.

I was hoping with the drafting of Sanguinetti that the Rangers would stay the course, but the potential Pronger trade has me worried that Rangers management is trying to make a shortsighted run at something.

Of the guys you mentioned, I don't want to move any of them except I'd listen for Tyutin and Korpikowski. The other people to me are untouchable. I've gotten t oknow these kids in Hartford and they are NHL quality talent. I also don't want Nigel Dawes going anywhere either. Pronger's a great player there is no doubt about that but you have to consider that there are probably his best years are most likely he's peaked. he's also VERY expensive and there is not telling what these young guys, who cost less can bring to the table and with a salary cap and other needs you don't want to leave yourself no room to work in...

To me getting Pronger (who is either at his peak or is starting to enter post-peak) is reminiscent of the deals made during the 97-04 years and I never, ever, ever want to go back there again. I want to hear Sweet Caroline as much as possible in the future.

I agree with you Ryan...let's stay young and develop a team. Big names in NYC seem to fade faster than George Bush's approval ratings

You'll read in the Spetember issue when it comes out a column that I wrote about Sweet Caroline that we should change it next year, if we stay in the youth movement that the song should be Timbuk Three's song "The Future's so bright I've gotta wear shades."

GREAT PICK of Anisimov at #54!!!

I disagree. Pronger becomes your veteran anchor that guys like Staal, Sauer and Sanguinetti all draw leadership from.

The Rangers second pick in the second round went to the Russia where they took Artem Anisimov a 6'3" 187lb a left handed shooting Center who played 32 games and had 27 points (15 goals 12 assists). Central Scouting rated him as the #6 overall European Player...interesting choice

You have 3 other veterans there in Kasper, Malik and Rozival. I won't be angry if they get Pronger as long as they don't give up the ship to get him.

Pronger will be 32 next season, a real good player, but please dont give up more than 2 kids for him. It's not like getting Barry Beck who was only 22 when we got him

You know what, if we are a team rebuilding why give up ANY of your young guys? Granted it's going to take at least one or two of them to get him. I don't like stupid trade suggestions, but what about Prucha (who by the way I don't want to trade but who Edmonton is going to want) and Tyutin and a draft pick?

On XM they are sure making it seem like a foregone conclusion that Pronger is coming to NY.

Mitch why are you so quick to give away Prucha?

Great pick getting Anisimov at 54. Jess reported that Maloney said they were interested in moving up in the second, but it looks like they didn't have to. Anisimov was expected to go in the late first round/early second from what I've read.

I posted earlier that it would be interesting if the fact that the Rangers did a big favor for Edmonton letting them use our facilities. I am really curious if that is a favor when this trade is being executed that is going to be called in...

I will be totally honest here. I really do NOT want to bring in Pronger at the expense of ANY young guys. The problem is that if the trade is going to happen it's going to be for some of them because that's all we really have to trade. The other hard truth is that you have to give up something to get something and the only knock on Petr Puck is that the Rangers consider him VERY fragile goods and potential to get badly hurt. They are also concerned about his play since coming back from the injury. You also have to figure that if the Rangers are going after Havlat also that either Ottawa or Edmonton is goign ot wind up with Petr Puck because he is a solid asset and we'd be getting a major player back in return. Since I di bring up Havlat again, I don't want ANY trade made for him in ANY situation unless it's a mid round draft pick if he's only willing to sign a one year deal as we're being told...

We're 13 picks form the next Rangers pick. Cal Cluster...you know the rest was just taken. Nigel Williams is still available. If he falls to us that would be great...

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