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June 24, 2006


are the Rangers near the buffet table :-)

seriously, who is at the table for the Rangers - Slats, Maloney & Renny?

I will see if someone will take the time to ID the draft party for me other than the ususal suspects of Sather, Maloney, and Renney

TSN said Rangers & Leafs leaders for Pronger. Any indication if a deal will happen sooner rather than later?

any reaction at the Ranger table when the Pens took Staal?

Any news on Pronger trade? Any rumors about Rangers players going the other way to Edmonton? ANy news on Rangers trading up picks in the draft? How about any news about a trade for Peca or Havlat?

is this live or plausibly live :-)

I am so sick and tired of the Rangers and USA hockey getting kicked in the nads by Canadians...I'm excited that we took the best player available and stayed the course which was told to us two years ago. This move leaves me confident that people like Dawes and Prucha aren't going anywhere...GOOD MOVE!!!

Jess- Let me 1st qualify my comments by acknowledging that I've never seen any of these draft kids play yet. Having said that, based mainly on your write-ups and the McKean comments, I'm somewhat disappointed that NY passed on Clutterbuck in the 2nd round. Your descriptions made it seem as if he possesses exactly the type of grit and quickness that I was hoping the team would target, the type of player you need for a successful playoff run. Sanguinetti seems like a solid 1st choice, though.
Thanks for your work on this.

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