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June 28, 2006


Scroll down the article at NYR.com and you'll find a list of the prospects attending the minicamp...

> Greg Moore is listed at 6'1" and 230 pounds.
> Brandon Dubinsky is listed at 6'1" and 224 pounds.

Can those numbers be accurate? I've always heard that Moore is a big dude, but Dubinsky? Seems like he's gained 50 pounds in 2 years.

Billy Hicke was brought in by the Habs to replace the great Maurice Richard when he retired and although there was no draft then, he was touted as the next superstar. Well he never panned out in Montreal and they dumped him on the unsuspecting Rangers. The guy had the talent, but he was gutless.

I saw a game at the old Garden against Detroit, the year Terrible Ted Lindsay made his comeback. Hicke broke out of the defensive zone with the puck and it appeared he thought he had a clean breakaway. Then he looked up and saw Lindsay standing back on his blueline, a menacing smile on his face. Their eyes met, and here's what you don't get on television, there was of a look of actual fear in Hicke's eyes when he saw Lindsay. You could feel the shudder up in the stands. Hicke immediately made a U-turn and passed off the puck like it was a hot potato to an onrushing winger, who was marked, and the Wings took back possession.

And for him they traded a Hall of Famer? No wonder the Rangers had so many lean years. .

Duff hated coming to the Rangers, he almost pulled a Red Kelly who refused to report to the Rangers in a nullified trade. You could tell he wasn't trying and eventually the Rangers had to get rid of him.

Angry -- I did take notice when I saw him off the ice in T-shirt and shorts that Brandon looked a lot bigger than last September. Then he looked like a skinny kid. Now, his legs look like tree stumps and his upper body has broadened. Greg Moore is a big broad guy too. Taking into consideration some of the other listings, for example Jessiman at 6'6-225 and Staal at 6'4-204, which are realistic numbers, I don't think there is much exaggeration in Dubinsky's and Moore's weight.

I happen to know Brandon very well and yes that weight gain is accurate and the credit for it belongs to the Ranger's strength and conditioning head Reg Grant.

Part of the function of this camp is to allow Grant a chance to see what he is working with and tailor a program for each prospect. In talking with the kids he also follows up with the prospect sometimes even more than any of the scouting or coaching staff does.

Put it this way a prospect may show up for his first development camp not in shape but it is the very last time it happens. There is no more Brendls at Ranger camps.

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