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June 25, 2006


Jess, thanks a million for gving us a first hand look and analysis of the Rangers draft and draft picks. Its been terrific.
YOU DA MAN!!!!!!

Glad to see Potter's name on the Prospect camp list.
I will be curious to see the whole list, and hope for other unsigneds, such as Crabb and Guenin.
Even though NYR have signed so many recent draftees, guys from really succesful programs like Michigan St (Potter), and Colorado College (Crabb) are often very ready for pro hockey. And last summer/fall we read so much about Guenin's leadership on and off ice.
Of note re 2 other unsigneds with no where amateur to go back to , at NYR.com's 'In The System', Walsh is still listed, but Paiement is not.
Thanks Jess and everyone for the great work this weekend.

Hey Jess,

I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for their excellent coverage of the draft. It was the most in-depth and entertaining coverage around - especially for all of us hardcore Ranger fans! I am looking forward to the new issue in the Fall with all of the complete interviews and write-ups. Thanks again for a great draft night experience! Keep up the good work.


Jess, looking forward to the Sather published interview in the next BB paper edition. I was also quite anti Sather a few years back maybe at my worst the day he dumped Brian Leetch.
I'm now willing to move on and acknowledge what Slats has accomplished with this rebuild.

Thanks for the reports Jess. Interesting that Sather's svengali act still works!

Last year not one Russian player moved out to North America and despite Tretiak's best efforts there are still teams there that don't want to sign the deal. I don't know if individual teams can block it, but meanwhile nothing has happened. I'd hate to think that Malkin won't be able to play for Pittsburgh, not to mention what must be a goodly number of other players capable of playing in the NHL. It just goes to show Russia doesn't need an Iron Curtain to cut themselves off from the world.

Thank you all for the kind words.

They just make that long drive worthwhile.

Great work, Jess! Considering the volume of interesting draft info that you sent our way, I'm wondering where the rest of the New York press was. Who needs them anyway? When it comes to detailed, non-cookie cutter coverage of the Rangers, the BB kicked their butts.

Hopefully, when you spoke with Sather, he didn't have a mouth full of layer cake or chewing gum. Not that he would have anything coherent to say anyway.

Hey Jess... I'm curios on why Eric Hunter dropped so far. Not sure if you have any insight on this or not. But it looks like he put up good numbers. Does him being 20 instead of 18 have anything to do with it? Also, does him being a little more mature help or hurt his chances of at least staying in Hartford this year?

Christ QCT: Hunter was picked so late b/c his numbers should be very impressive at 20 vs. being 18. As an overager, he should post very impressive numbers. Secondly, there is an unwritten rule about re-entries. He was initially drafted in the 8th round by Chicago. The "old boys club" 99% of the time will not draft a re-entry before the spot he was initially drafted at. Some clubs have ignored this, but in the most part, it's respected. Since there is no longer an 8th round, that explains why he went before. Lastly, this shows that Maloney and not Sather is giving the final word. While Sather was at the helm in the 2002 draft, he passed on Jarret Stoll (despite his talent) b/c he respects the "don't redraft players higher" technique. While many fans bemoan this, it is actually a good policy. If every promising propsect isn't happy w/ the team that drafted them, they would hold-out and wait to be re-drafted.


I realize that Sather is going to remain unpopular with a ton of Ranger fans BUT I got to watch how many people paid their respects to him at the draft and it was a who's who of the NHL.

I have lost count of the number of times I have run into someone who is almost cult-like loyal to Sather for either helping, hiring or saving someone's career.

It doesn't mean I have changed my views about his being the Ranger GM BUT I have to put those aside when covering the story. The Ranger staff knows who I am and could have pulled Sather from me but did not which makes me one of the few folks who got to talk with him on the record.

As for the rest of the NY coverage John Dellapina of the Daily News sat 3 seats from me and was quite the help with this "rookie" as was Alan Haln of Newsday.


Frozen Rubber covered most of what I would have said so I will instead talk about whether or not Hunter will be coming to Hartford (sorry Rangers are totally out of the question).

If I was Hunter I would change my attitude a tad because as badly as he may want to leave Prince George a return is most likely going to happen.

The numbers at Hartford simply are going to work against someone who does have a year of junior eligibility remaining. He needs a lot of bulking up with his upper body and while I can understand his desire to turn pro at the same time I for one expect the Rangers to tell him that he has to show that he is more than a one season wonder.

He lost one year due to injury and just had the one good year last season. He has to prove (like Callahan did) that this was no fluke.

frozenrubber- just a quick question re. your mention of Jarret Stoll: is the info. you have that Sather was sepcifically prepared to take Stoll, and only passed on him b/c of the unwritten rule you described? or is that just conjecture? i really like Stoll's game, and am curious how the Rangers actually had him evaluated, if you know. thanks.

Jess, my thanks also for the outstanding coverage you provided for this draft. Also agree about Sather, if he has changed his modus operandi, have to change our previous attitude about him. Guess some people are slow learners.

I was impressed that Sather cordially agreed to be interviewed by you. I'm sure he knows of your previous assessment of him through the years. Nice coup on your part.

Don't forget my offer if you ever come East. Instead of meeting Dubi in the elevator, it might be you next time.

Thanks again for a fine job.

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