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June 30, 2006


today's wire articles about the finaizing of St Louis purchase by Checketts' group say Davidson indeed became their president today. Good-bye JD and thanks.

Well for you folks back east it is now July 1 and free agency has begun. In taking a look at the Ranger pulse I get the sense that the Rangers will make a number of serious efforts at key targeted players but none of those efforts will be those viewed as "break the bank".

There is also the consideration of not having any other player making more money than Jagr on the Ranger roster. Jagr was the happy happy camper last year but bring in someone else and pay him more (remember Jagr was very unhappy about the lockout for what it cost him) than Jagr and you could have some real problems.

I for one do not believe the Rangers will sign Chara (I think if he does not resign with the Sens that he will look at the Red Wings or Wild who happen to have a ton of cap room along with fellow countrymen Gaborik and now Demitra) but rather will target Pavel Kubina who is a puck carrying defender who is solid on the defensive end. His price tag isn't expected to be more in line with 3-4 million range which would then open the door for the Rangers to also go after Ed Jovanovski who is believed to be wanting a return to the East.

IF they do not sign Jovo then they will go after Jay McKee.

I also get the feeling that while they would like to sign Patrik Elias he is more of the wishful thinking nature. They will make him a very serious offer if for no other reason to drive up his pricetag as to eat up someone else's cap room.

I think that Jason Arnott is more of what the Rangers will really be looking for as not only is he coming off a very strong season but has such a great rep among the players that Elias might consider less money to sign with the Rangers. Arnott is IMO a way better option than Nylander in the middle for Jagr.

Also do not discount the possibility of the Rangers being interested in Marc Savard either. Savard is coming off a career high in goals would help build the badly needed stong 2nd line to take the pressure off Jagr.

Some other names to keep an eye on as secondary role UFAs for the Rangers:

Jarkko Ruutuu: perhaps the new king of the NHL pests a position that Sather and Maloney would love to have on the team.

Joe Corvo: Here is a UFA who will slip under most people's radar because of all the bigger names BUT if you want a reliable defender who can chip in 30 points a season while providing decent blueline defense he will come a lot cheaper than most but will have a better overall season. He will be a steal.

Sergei Samsonov will garner a lot of attention but can he try to make it though a season without getting hurt first? People will see his name and ask for him but I will say PASS ON HIM.

Brendan Shanahan: Don't laugh Sather has long admired him for his hard work and excellent work ethic. Despite being 37 he will attract interest.

Willie Mitchell: A very underrated stay at home defenseman who the Stars are praying nobody notices. Boo Hoo Stars as Mitchell is the right defender for any of the offensive minded defenders the Rangers have. He also is well known for being a solid team first player who helps the new kids learn their way around. He too would be a good signee.

I suppose we should also mention Billy Guenin and Doug Weight but I seriously doubt that the Rangers would have interest in either but I bet some foolish Ranger fans will.

As for John Davidson leaving; ok seeya as in my eyes he lost a ton of credibility for his yuk yuks and contracted blind eye for the veterans.

Bad play at any experience level should be called equally so go suck a blue JD I will not miss you at all.

That was classless...

As far as who we go after...

I would love Markov, Arnott and Mckee..But in all honesty this is how I see things shaping up

Elias- NYR
Arnott- LA
Legace- STL
Gerber- LA
Roenick- Chicago
Samsonov- Detroit
Jovanovski - Florida
McKee- Islanders
Kubina- NYR
Chara- LA
Shannahan- STL



Oh and BTW your list is just a copy of what someone like Brooks would say nothing original and lacking in why certain players will sign where.

There now you can call me classless.

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