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May 22, 2006


The Perry penalty was in fact for clearing away the UN-broken stick so the player could not pick it up. The referee pointed at the stick across the ice when he siginled perry to the box

Sorry, Tom, but that's incorrect. Check the scoresheet, it says "Interference - Goaltender". The stick (which was in fact broken) was at the half boards and was cleared away by a different player who wasn't penalized. The referee was pointing at the goaltender to indicate his call. If what you're saying is that he was called for knocking away the goaltender's stick, that was not at all visible on the replay that I slowed down and analyzed.

Actually I think the referring has levelled off pretty good. The hooks are real hooks, the holds are real holds, they are letting the guys finish their checks, but they are calling the blatant penalties. I think they are down to their nine best referees and class tells. It's too bad they couldn't maintain this standard the whole year

As for Anaheim, as goes Selanne so go the Ducks. He was stripped of the puck and that resulted in the go-ahead goal and after that he played a tentative game, he wasn't sharp at all. With the Niedermayers this team won't quit, but they have their work cut out for them and they'll need Selanne at his best.

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