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May 21, 2006


Dubi -- I, too, "grew up" with Fuzzy, only my experience was at Shea. I used to sit in the upper deck at Shea for maybe 20-30 games a year -- sometimes we even got the tickets for free from Dairy-Lea milk. We always sat behind the plate near Fuzzy Abrams and his crew -- they were often as entertaining as the game itself (except, of course, during the Dwight Gooden years). One thing in particular I remember was their chant of "7:35, 7:35, 7:35..." for any of their crew who dared show up as much as a minute late. Sometimes I'd also see Fuzzy around the city -- I think he was a messenger or something like that. And of course, he's a regular up in the blue seats at MSG. Like you, I've never actually spoken to the guy -- the appropriate words for such a conversation elude me -- but to this day I still sit in the upper deck at Shea, behind the plate, where I have a Saturday only season-tkt plan. I haven't even checked out the NYT story yet, but just seeing your write-up inspired me.

Never met Fuzzy but he always seemed to be in view at MSG. Always the guy in the crowd making his way into MSG with the masses. I'd look at him and say, "now that's a fan." Two famous fans at MSG, Fuzzy and the Chief from the past. Poor Chief, people were not too nice to him.. Good article in the Times about Fuzzy. Wondering if the trumpet guy still hangs near the front exit outside after games as he plays Potvin Sucks?

Yes! the trumpet man is still there... i went to my first game at MSG, vs the islanders on april 6 (my gf and i took the train up from VA to go to my first game at MSG and Shea) and the trumpet guy was definetly there playing potvin sucks, i loved it!

I have known Fuzzy for a very long time. He would always come to New Haven to to watch AHL hockey games. We were the farm team of the NYR so he had someone to cheer for. Now he comes to CT to visit the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. He is well known up here as well as in NY. Whnever I attedn a Yankees game I would see him. Nice for the the NYT to do a story on him.

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