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April 25, 2006


As Chester would say on TV show The Life of Riley, "What a revolting development this is." If you're too young to know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry..
I guess this will be like the Colts going without their star QB Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Looks like the weight of the world falls upon the D and Hank at MSG. It will be up to that core unit from the blue line back to the goal. The most we can try to do now is maybe hold them to a goal or two and find a way to get three. Sounds like a tall order when we can hardly get one behind Marty. A new game plan with traffic in the front will be key for this match. All I can do is hope for the best and pray we get that first goal.

"All I can do is hope for the best and pray we get that first goal."


Crash the net. Brodeur is a real baby who absolutely HATES contact, and if we have to take an early penalty to send a message, so be it.

The ghosts of MSG will rise up and send the Devils down to defeat tomorrow night. I can just feel it.

So Dubi, Rucinsky is a no go for Game 3? If so, what about Game 4 and the rest of the series?

I wouldn't count on Rucinsky returning any time soon -- in order to play they'd have to freeze his finger, and that puts him at too much risk of re-injury. He can't even really shoot the puck that well anyway.

Lurker you have it ever so right as attacking the crease is the Ranger's only hope of beating Marty. The Debbies are so protective of him that just attacking the net will generate more Ranger PPs.

However the very last thing the Rangers need to do is take a penalty not with as weak a PK as they have been running.

The key no mattter what is getting the first goal and getting it early in the first period. Marty can not be allowed to settle into a groove, shoot the puck at every possible chance and angle. Good things do happen when you put the puck on net.

I'm with you, Lurker and Jess, on the need to attack the net. You've gotta do what you can to disrupt a goalie capable of performing a friggin' flying trapeze act! Unfortunately, one of the guys who could have helped with that, Nieminen, is long gone. Oh right, Sather decided this was a finesse team -- no need for Niemo.

Also, this may be the Jet fan in me talking, but NY had some clock management difficulties Monday -- ie. keeping track of when penalties were over. Hope the mental approach is sharper, and that gets squared away tomorrow.

I'm thinking this one is going to be a tight one, maybe an OT game? Looking for a big night from Straka.

I love Straka, but he did it again last night, passing up a shot from the slot to make a pass. He's been driving me crazy with that. I was waiting for Throwaway to bring up Nieminen. I think it's fair to argue that the trade seriously disrupted the chemistry of the team. And I agree, crash away. It's not too late to rattle this guy. But they have to get the lead!!!

I think what makes this playoff collapse, so far, so hard to take were the high expectations which built during the year. If they had just scraped in like Edmonton, any scrap of good effort would have satisfied the public appetite.

Injuries aside, the fact is that Lundqvist is not a proven playoff goalie. Dallas is still waiting to see Turco perform in the post-season as he has in the regular season. It may not be fair to judge Henrik on this post-season because he's coming in off injury and inactivity. You can't assume that Henrik has what it takes to be a great goaltender in the playoffs. But if he doesn't come up big, then the game is over before it begins.

Renney is also green as a lettuce in the playoffs. He's learning on the job. Edmonton up against the best regular season team in the league came in with a definite game plan and so far it's paying off. I saw chaos in the first Ranger game and some improvement in the second from Renney. The Weekes gamble was all right in my book. But you are not talking about Scotty Bowman here, again if he doesn't get those special teams going, then they've on a slippery slide.

With no fixed dependable scoring lines as the Devils have, the best chance the Rangers have it seems to me is a Lemaire-style 60-minute bunker provided they don't fall behind. The tendancy among poor teams under high pressure, which this is now, is that it becomes every man for himself trying to save the flag. That hardly ever works. I hope the vaunted chemistry from the regular season keeps them from disintegrating into a collection of outclassed and outsmarted individuals. Hang together or hang separately as it were.

An ant can move a rubber tree plant, but only if all the ants work together which they do.

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