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April 24, 2006


Hmm down 3-0 after 2 giving up 2 shorthanded goals must mean the Rangers are gutless.

No excuse even missing Jagr, DK and Henrik to mail in an effort.

This team is WAY TOO dependent on Jagr

Stick a fork in them, they're done.

I've gotta strongly disagree with both of you guys. The Rangers didn't mail this one in -- in fact, just the opposite. Sure they made mistakes, but the effort was there, from start to finish.

You just have to continue to fight through something like this, even when things just aren't going your way, when it seems like the Rangers must have ticked off some hockey god or something. I think the Rangers will fight through this and, as strange as it sounds, I expect to be singing that Neil Diamond song Wednesday night. It's been a long time...but the time has come.

Sorry Throwaway but time for a bit of reality here.

You give up 2 SH goals in a game and you are giving away the game.

368 minutes and 37 seconds - this is the amount of game time that has been played since the Devils tied the score during the game played on 4/9. 1 minute and 38 seconds - the amount of time the Rangers have had a lead - during all the struggles endured over the past 8 seasons/9 years, I can't recall such a level of futility.

Jess, I don't disagree with you in ripping the team for the SH goals -- of course Ozolinsh made a boneheaded play on the 1st one. But what I can't agree with you on is your suggestion that they just mailed this one in. Too many guys on the team worked too hard to justify such an assertion. Watching the effort of guys like Hollweg and Prucha tonight, watching Betts score that goal (as prophesized by Alan here several weeks ago) -- surely something positive can be taken from that.

Of course we're up against it. It won't be easy to crack the Devils and Brodeur. But the Rangers showed me tonight that they're going to keep coming at them, and, as I said before the series started, that's all I'll ask of them.
And if we can somehow get a healthy Henrik back in there Wednesday night, you may be in for a surprise or two before this thing is done.

Sorry Jess, I'm with throwaway here. That was the most consistent, hard-working effort they've put in in over a month. Over three periods, they carried the play. The difference: the Devils were able to capitalize on every mistake the Rangers made. That's what happens when you're a confident team. Confident teams get the bounces. Struggling teams see them all go against them. One lucky bounce in the Rangers favor, and this would have been a completely different game. Frankly, I think there were a lot of positives to be taken from this game. It certainly gives them something to build on. A lot more than Saturday's game did. With this kind of effort and (hopefully) Jagr, Kaspar and Rucinsky back in the line-up and a sharp Lundqvist in goal on Wednesday, I think it's still possible to make a series of it.

a very succesful coach once said
"a playoff series doesn't begin until the road team wins a game"

an effort like tonight, with an MSG-type performance by Henrik,
better special teams, more even-strength pressure,
and they can fight their way back into this series

it's a steep climb, but if they turn the corner wednesday,
i believe there will be game 6
and once the losing streak is behind them, more will be possible

look at some recent history with the Yankees -
'96 World Series - Atlanta (not a slouch underdog) wins Games 1 and 2 at Yankee Stadium
- but the Yankees win the Series
'04 LCS, Yanks have 3-0 lead in the series, and a lead very late in game 4
- but those Bo Sox fight back

our boys are in deep,
and need to deliver better results immediatley
but it's not over yet

these Devils are not that good,
especially on D

Lets Go Rangers

The Rangers kept coming for three periods right up until the very end, even after that horrifying sequence at the end of the second that nobody would have blamed them for if they sagged afterwards in the third. Talk about a backbreaker - a lesser team, with their star player out, could easily have just packed it in at that point. Even I almost didn't want to turn the TV back on for the third! They re-established their work habits, took the play to the Devils all night long, and played their hearts out, if not always using their heads. I'm proud of their effort tonight, and on Wednesday, back in Ranger Blue, with Jagr back (please), Lundqvist back playing where he does his best, in front of a raucous crowd, we'll kick their butts. We just need to play at equal strength - and that means no power plays for us either!!

This was no gutless effort, this was not mailing it in. Far from it. How can you even go there? Ozolinsh and Weekes blew it, but everyone else played great, especially under the circumstances. The Rangers lost this game because the Devils blocked 18 shots and because Brodeur and the shot blockers forced them to shoot so finely they missed the net 20 times. The Devils had almost no scoring chances -- they just all went into the net. More tomorrow, but I just wanted to weigh in with my opinion that the effort was superb and the Rangers deserved a better outcome in this one.

lets look at this game...... Weeks sucks simple put. Lunquist starts its 1 - 1 in the 3rd and anything can happen. Renny has no clue, he has a gut feeling that he should be coaching a AHL team. THIS IS THE NHL NOT A FREAKEN MINOR LEAGUE..............YOU DON"T GO ON HUCNHES in game #2. Honestly where does this leaves us??? Renny is a freaken moron......

I never said that they mailed it in. I thought the effort was there, but even so the the two SH goals were a killer. They may win one at MSG, but sorry folks they're done.

Cwede - I totally appreciate the sentiment! I honestly think the Rangers will make a series of it, and the Devils really are not that impressive. But please, for the love of God, stay away from making comparisons to the Yankees in this thread. I'm already frustrated enough with games 1 and 2 - you're just making me more ill with your references to the Skankees. Mets all the way! :)

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