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April 29, 2006


At least Hartford advanced as they defeated Manchester

Im done with the Rangers, same old garbage.

Tom , don't say you are done with the Rangers, because if
you are a true Ranger fan you have to cut this team some slack.
This team didn't come in to the playoffs healthy and collapsed
This team was decimated by injuries to its key players. Do you really believe that if the Devils were dealing with an injured Brodeur , Elias , Gionat and or Gomez they would have had the same result?
Right before the Olympics we were as hot as a fire cracker. Then as we anticipated the Olympics took the steam out of the whole team.
But then those injuries down the strech that worsened with the loss of Jagr doomed us. Dissapointed ? You and I have every right to be. But the future has never looked better with a boatload of talent in our farm system and in a good position to sign a couple of key free agents.
Its not the same old garbage.

cripes, we really DID deserve to lose like that -
we couldnt score, we couldn't/wouldn't shoot, special teams were embarassing, turnovers and odd-man breaks against every period

you could see the 9-game losing streak coming, with the efforts against the Isles and Pens when it started; even in the OT win vs Boston.
The skating, the passing, focus on D had all begun to melt.

In retrospect, was the Ozolinsh for Niemenen roster swap a mistake?
you can't say no, because Pock or Strudwick could not be less effective than Ozo was, and when the injuries happended up front, Niemenen was missed. But it seemed like it might make sense at the time...

I do think the coaches deserve as much blame as the players.

I will be rooting for the Canadian teams the rest of the way.
Can't root for the Devs or Flyers, and the California, western and southern teams are nothing special.
Ottawa and Edmonton are fun to watch, Calgary and Montreal play like we did when were playing well.
the buildings and all of Canada will be going crazy - was Montreal in '93 the last Cup up there?

I am optimistic about our boys for next year - we need a few parts,
like a stopper or a banger or a slot-clearer on D,
and a player on the checking lines with size AND hitting AND energy -
i love Betts, Moore, Jed, Ward and Hollweg,
but dammit Marshall, Wiemer and Rasmussen just were more disruptive

too soon, way too soon
have good summers all

well it's Jess's time of year for a while

at season's end, LA and Islanders flooded their affiliates with players from the 'big' clubs

if the Rangers and the players were willing,
could they send, not only Immonen and Pock to Hartford,
but even Prucha, Hollweg, Moore, Betts, Hossa,
[ and even even Ortmeyer, Tyutin and Henrik ;-) ]

not that we expect that

speaking of Hartfod:

it is great the way that Holt has come through in games 6 and 7

did they send Byers away ?
the Wolfpack website roster page doesnt have his number (28) next to his name...

still wondering if they'll add Petruzalek, Callahan, Crabb, Potter and Guenin to the Wolfpack's 'taxi squad'
(maybe the college kids are still going to class?)

well the next few weeks it'll be Bob Crawford's voice coming out of my PC, with that Wolfpack play-by-play

the future looks bright for the Rangers, even though the last 8 days / 3 weeks s**ked

thanks to BB and all of you


Dane Byers was released by te Wolfpack from his ATO on the 26th. That happens all the time.

Petruzalek and Callahan deserve serious looks but not now as the Pack should run with what they have out of fairness to those who have worked all season.

I don't expect to see the Rangers offer contracts to Guenin of Ohio State (a mistake), Walsh of Notre Dame (mixed feelings) or Paiement of Lewiston of the QMJHL. Potter of MSU reportedly rejected what the Rangers were offering and in my book that was a mistake on his part.

Don't think the Rangers are all that serious about Joey Crabb so we shall see.

Don't miss the next issue of the BB as I got prospects Dylan Reese (already named Captain for next season's Harvard team) and Kenny Roche of BU. These 2 are reasons why the Rangers can afford to let those listed above walk away.

In the June issue I hope to have Ranger input on who did what among the prospects and a look at the Entry Draft (hopefully with former Wolfpack coach and current CSB head EJ McGuirre).

Rangers season may be over but the BB is still working hard

OOPS my boo boo Elsie as Byers was released from his ATO but does have a pro contract signed with the Rangers DUH

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