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April 30, 2006


Thank you Dubi, for eloquently summarizing my feelings on this fantastic season, and for all the work you and the rest of the Bulletin staff have done all season.

Despite getting swept in the first round even against the Devils I feel not too much dissapointed about the season of the Rangers because nobody in the world exspected the Rangers got hundred points in the regular season and playing since a very very long time as a hockey TEAM and as a UNIT in contrast to previous years as they were called the laughinstock of the League. For most of the regular season they developed a really positive attitude and some lines lines really surprised, par exemple the energy line HMO, Ryan Hollweg, Dominic Moore and Jed Ortmeyer...

Nobody can fault them when four of their cornerstones of the teams are injured out or not hundred percent healthy and the other team is riding a hot streak. I see it this way if the Devils would have to play without Brodeur, Langenbrunner, Gionta, Elias or Gomez the outcome would definitely a different one..There is no doubt about for me.....!!! We weren ´t able to see the a real competition in this series.....!!!!

Make sure that the czech community stay happy, bring in maybe a good stay- at home- defenseman and another guy good blueliner for the powerplay and it looks pretty good for next October..... Jaromir Jagr was absolutely the MVP of the regular season probably the best player in the league right now before his injury. Tom Renney did a great job in creating the new Rangers attitude in the locker room with the exception of that useless shift on the PK from Jagr in Game 1 sustaining his shoulder ailment. And when I read the comment of Jess beeing overly very optimistic about some young prospects coming up from the minors, the future of the Blueshirts looks really NOT to be bad at all.....

Allow me please to take the opportunity to thank you guys here on the BB and especially Dubi and Jess for your recaps , comments, links to all NY papers to read Rangers stuff to feel not too far away from New York... It is really more than hard when you SEE them just once in a while over here ( especially when a game starts 1 am in the morning instead of 7pm in the evening !!!!!) to take part in discussion of players and line combinations. It is really tough when over here almost NO one is really interested what is going on in the NHL

So have a nice summer to all Rangers fans

Matthias of Eidengesäß/Germany


You are more than welcome thank you for supporting US

I also like to thank Dubi and Jess for all the fine material on the BB this year. This has to be one of the premier hockey pages on the net. It's just a great side dish to the main event. That's the paper edition I get in my mailbox. Great detail from Dubi on the home front and Jess with the prospects. I'd also like to thank all the posters that contribute on almost a daily basis. The taste is still bad at the moment for most of us. We will get over it when training camp begins. Maybe when the Devils and Flyer's get bounced, it will seem less bitter.
I can't say that I'm not surprised at the outcome. For me I just saw an extension of the end of the regular season. Oh, great efforts but great blunders that cancelled out the effort. This is as was mentioned a rebuilding team and a Stanley Cup was never in the gun-sights at the beginning of the season. I must say it was successful beyond our wildest dreams but at the end as disappointing as it could get. Looking for great things in the future from this club and hope to see everyone on the BB real soon.

I would like to thank all of your over there at BB for your hardwork and dedication to providing
Rangers fans with all the behind the scenes information and up to date opinions and thoughts.
It really increased my knowledge base and further increased my passion level to new highs. I
am subscribed, no worries.. I live off 42nd between 9/10th in Gotham and would love to see
Ranger power increase in this city while I live here. I will promote your site wherever I go.
Just an idea, everyone should were either blue/white jerseys for the playoffs next year, how does Calgary get
such good compliance?? Anyway, thanks again, great season, greater then any of us could have imagined.
One thing, bring in Chara, play him with Staal, Tyutin-Kaspar, Malik-Rosival.. Up front bring
in Arnott for the true number one center slot and sorry to say, Ruchinsky and his hooks are to
go and Prucha time should increase as should his weight/muscle.. Weekes - gone. Bye

In the first (and best) of the Eddie Caminetti novels, "The Green," Eddie is teaching this kid Albert how to hit a golf ball. He teaches him to start with a much smaller backswing, and not to try to the kill the ball right away, even though Albert is anxious "to whup it." Eddie calls this ease-into-it approach the "Little Albert" swing. (Forgive me if I'm getting this wrong, Dubi, as I'm doing it from memory.)

Maybe this was the "Little Albert" season for the Rangers. My feeling is that the foundation is now there, from what we saw with the pro team this season, and what we've read of the prospects on the horizon. It's up to management now to continue to move this team in the right direction. Like most of you, I can use a break now, but I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to get back out there next season, to see if it's our time to really whup it.

I also join Laurie and Bob in thanking Dubi, Jess and all of the BB folks for all their hard work, and for providing us an off-ice place to gather during the season.

I echo everyone's sentiments and appreciating of this website. Thanks to all. I encourage everyone to subscribe to the Bulletin. It's worth it.

As far as the Rangers' season goes. Yes, it was a surprise success, even with the 9 (gulp!) game losing streak. But I think Renney has taken this team as far as he is capable of. If he comes back, I have a feeling the season will be a disaster. Time to bring in someone who can take them to the next level.

We all began the season just hoping the Rangers would be able to compete. The only thing we were sure of was the quality of the coverage we would get from BB. The Rangers exceeded our expectations throughout the season and so did Dubi and Jess. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

as a first-year reader of the bulletin, i've got to add my two cents and compliments as well. i've told anyone who will listen, this is the best hockey site around. thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

as for your final take on the season... it couldn't have been said better. i really liked what i saw this year in terms of team building and am already excited for next season.

Dubi, thanks again for sharing the story with others, as you intended. I'm already looking forward to next year (seriously), when I can eradicate the memory of these last 9 games. I'm trying to remember the previous 78, but I'll admit, it's tough. But when I see Jagr, Lundqvist, Prucha (all healthy), and throw in Staal, I'll have a whole other reason to celebrate. You have a new subscriber on your hands too - this site has become a huge part of the season for me as well. I've got my own blog, www.gasquetandracquet.com, and I realize after writing that on a semi-daily basis how much goes into producing your own product. I'd like to thank you for all your efforts. My cheque for a subscription will be in the mail soon.

Thanks, Ed

Thanks for being upbeat, guys. After bringing home yesterday's Post and News, I was really disappointed by their downcast coverage. Stupid of me to think their staffs might have put together a graphic with the highs of this season, but I've been spoiled by the BB. Nuts, you guys even managed a playoff issue for the home games.

What a blast it was to be at the Garden this winter. Hockey's Different Here! :-)

Thanks to everyone for their kind words. And thanks to Jess for his hard work and dedication. Those of you who know us from the past know how down we were on past incarnations of this team. I don't want to speak for Jess, though he is obviously high on our future prospects, but for me to be optimisitc about the direction this team is taking, even with you know who still signing his name to Don Maloney's work, is saying quite a lot. In the past, it wasn't the result that was getting me down, it was the culture, the dead end philosophy. Now, it's not the immediate results of the past nine games that I look at, it's the culture, the forward-looking philosophy. I hope they stick to it and continue to grow the team.

Your support of the paper is much appreciated too. I'm not sure where it's headed, as we still don't have the level of wide support that is necessary to make it viable. The playoff fade-out had extra implications for me, as I was really counting on the promotional issue to generate a lot of new subscribers and advertisers. But I'm afraid the nature of the games during which we gave it away probably dampened enthusiasm to the point where I doubt I'll even break even on the cost of producing the promo.

throwaway, that Fat Albert anecdote is indeed another good metaphor for the Rangers, especially since by the third book (Scratch), Albert becomes a PGA champion. So if this was a Little Albert season for the Rangers and they follow the Eddie Caminetti metaphor to its conclusion, we will eventually get there.

Also as an aside, we should get Leetch year and pair him with Staal...I think that could wrestle him back to MSG. Just my two cents.

well written... till next year! =)

Well I am very high on the future of this franchise based upon what I have seen from the prospects and once Ranger fans see them as well then they too will get that much more excited.

The Rangers season may be over but folks the Wolfpack are still playing and if you want to see part of that future then either catch the games in Hartford or hopefully MSG will show the next round of the playoffs.

For those of you who do not know about the Wolfpack then heres some tips:

Right now the hottest line is the newly formed Dawes/Genoway/Dubinsky line which has been on fire as of late. After the first round these guys are 3 of the 4 leading scorers for the Pack (and Genoway is 6th in the AHL overall).

Chris Holt has replace the injured Al Montoya in goal and can be viewed as the main reason why the Wolfpack rallied to comeback and win the first round. Holt who was a 6th round pick in the 2003 draft has played exceptionally well and is expected to be the starter as the Pack advance to play Portland in the 2nd round.

On defense, while everyone knows who Marc Staal and Thomas Pock are, Daniel Girardi is following up his excellent rookie season with a very solid playoff run. Girardi was named to the AHL ALL Rookie team after a well played season where he was 8-30-38.

In fact during the first round of the AHL playoffs the Wolfpack had 11 rookies in their lineup at one time or another. This is an exciting young team who Jim Schoenfeld, Ulfie Samuelsson and Ken Germander have done an excellent job developing.

In other words our hockey season here at the BB is now quite over so stick around good things are still happening.

Having just witnessed one of the fastest, most precipitous implosions in NHL history I find it amusing to read all the nonsense and explanations of how 'we weren't supposed to even be there'. If that is so and 100 points wasn't expected, then why should we expect next season to be any better?
For one, can JJ have another MVP type season and stay basically injury free? Unlikely. Will the league now have a 'book' on Lundqvist? Probably. While he showed he's a legit NHL goalie, he also showed he's human, and a .930 save % for an entire season as the team's # 1 isn't likely as well. Those are the 2 team MVP's in my opinion. The 2 players that were largely responsible for the 100 pts.
How about adding some high priced free agents? Sure. We all know how well that has worked in the past. Lets try it again.(sarcasm)
All the team's leading scorers were over 30. Sure it was nice to see Prucha, but his style of play leads to his injury proclivity. Tyutin seemed poised to break through, but his second half wasn't too impressive, especially defensively.
We can all look to Hartford, but that's always the sign of true rebuilding; Touting your minor league team. Every franchise can/does that. Until a player can consistently display he belongs on the big stage, he's only a prospect no matter how highly touted he may be.
To that end, adding up the positives and the realistic negatives, I don't see this season as being step forward, more than an aberration of 2 MVP type seasons that ended abruptly

Sad to see that someone is not willing to put their name to their beliefs. Some of the criticism has some validity to it as I spoke out several times on some of the same issues.

However I do think that this person also fails to see other developments that in my eyes do help improve the Rangers in the long run.

People can tout Jagr and Henrik all they want BUT they were not the only parts of the puzzle. Yes there is room for improvement by the Rangers and quite frankly nobody associated with this site ever denied or hid those needs. If anything I for one spoke out about them all season long. However there are still some serious positives that can't be discounted

Let's start with Ryan Hollweg who by the end of the season was showing signs that he could be more than a mini-enforcer. In fact his move to join Betts and Ward to me was a sure sign that the Rangers now do have a solid checking unit with a bit of size to it. In the playoffs this line was to me the best line the Rangers had out there at both ends of the ice. I am not saying they are there yet as I want to see more offense from them next season.

We saw glimpses of Jarko Immonen's ability to play at the NHL level whether he can produce at the NHL level full time remains to be seen but I do like his chances.

Dom Moore most likely will be moved to winger given the glut of centers the Rangers have. He too needs to show more offense. His efforts all season were a positive sign.

As for Prucha being an injury waiting to happen, we all have seen that even the biggest of players can get hurt. Everyone kept waiting for Prucha to wind up hurt badly and with the exception of his knee it never happened. Injuries can happen to anyone no matter what their size is so why think it is automatically going to happen to him?

Now let me address the Hartford issue since I played cheerleader for them;

For starters this was just the second season where the majority of the Wolfpack roster was actual homegrown talent in over a decade. Unlike previous seasons where AHL lifers were brought in this team is being used for the right purpose and that is to develop for the future.

I will be the first to say that I would have liked to see some of the kids have been given a shot before they made trades like for Sykora and Sandis the worthless but rather than cry about it I prefer to tout the kids who will (hopefully) be given their chance at the NHL.

Ask anyone who has ever read me over at RFC, I was one of the most vocal critics of the Rangers and while I am not going to say all is perfect; I will say that for the first time since the mid 90's that there really is some light at the end of the tunnel.

I haven't had Internet access for a few days, so if it appears that I'm not living up to my top 1% of Ranger fans status (thanks Jess!), I apologize.

I wanted to join everyone else in extending my thanks to Dubi and Jess for the amazing site they have going here. I've enjoyed both of you guys for years at RFC - you've proved to have the most honest, fair, informed takes on this team and organization. BB is essential reading, and while I don't always agree with you, I ALWAYS respect where you're coming from.

I only wish more people would post here, because the comments section is thankfully free (mostly) of the ill-informed, knee-jerk "Rangers suck" comments I find elsewhere. Ed, throwaway, Laurie, Bob and all the rest - kudos for being such great, smart, passionate, rational fans. I love hearing what you guys have to say, which is a refreshing change from most of the junk I read on the web.

As for the future of the Rangers, I can post a novel, but instead I'll leave it at: We're on the right track, and I'm happier about the team than I have been in more than a decade.

Bring it on, NHL!

To the nameless poster: Make no mistake this is a team in full rebuild mode. At least I hope it is. The fact that we made the playoffs while rebuilding is pretty impressive. I think that should give us a lot of hope for the future.

I'm not going to say Renney is the coach to bring the cup back to NY but I think he still has a lot to do here. We do not have a Cup contending team yet. There is a lot of development that still needs to take place with prospects that are still in Hartford. Next year should be fun as I expect one or two of the more elite prospects to make the team and make an impact.

I second Jess's comment that the unnamed commentor should be willing to identify himself. Not that it's a requirement, obviously, but you clearly do yourself a disservice by hiding behind anonymity. Anyway...

Here's the thing. The aberration you talked about, two MVP type seasons. Where did they come from? The truth is, the Rangers witnessed a season of extraordinary overachievement from the top of the line-up to the bottom, from Jagr right down to Hollweg. The number of exceptions are incredibly few. That overachievement derived from a culture, a culture that was a 180-degree reversal from the prior one, one that resulted in a decade of underachievement.

That's why the team exceeded expectations. And that culture is not going away -- which is why we can foresee further success in the future. That might not mean another 100-point season -- we could very well see half the UFA's leave to be replaced by developing players, which could result in say an 85- or 90-point season, a low playoff seed, maybe even a playoff miss, and if it's all handled properly, it may very well be exactly what the franchise needs to meet its long-term goal.

If, for example, Rucchin, Rucinsky, and Poti are replaced by Immonen, Dawes, and Staal, and the developing young trio do well but fade in the end like Tyutin did this season, we're still ahead of the game, no? Two-three years from now, the core will be in place, hitting their prime, and ready to do some damage. That's what this is supposed to be about, right?

That's the reason for optimism, at least on my part. You think that's funny? Nonsensical? Go ahead and laugh. Saying that in one breath and saying that this season wasn't a step forward, even a small one, in another breath pretty much speaks for itself.

Dubi, I think its time for you to get a new nickname. With Dubinsky with the team now HE gets that name over you. Im sorry.

"Dubi, I think its time for you to get a new nickname."

Tony, I think Jess had a fondness for Elmer as a new name for our Dubi. At least that is what he had picked as a likeness for the figure on top of the BB trophy if we called it the Dubi award. BTW Jess, who won the award?

PS.........Go Sabres, would be great to see the big Orange take a first round dive.

If I have to change my name, who's going to pick up the legal bills? It's no nickname, it's real.


To be honest I still have not come up with a name for the Best Ranger Prospect of the Year Award but I do have my finalists who I will pass along to Dubi after the next issue comes out.

I am hoping to get Ranger input on the prospect review but given how the Wolfpack season is still ongoing I am going to have to include the play of those who joined the Pack for their playoff run in determining the winner.

I really do invite everyone to follow the Wolfpack and see for yourself why I am so high on several of those players. Besides of 3 of the finalist are currently playing for the Pack so here is your chance to talk about the kids as well.


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