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April 27, 2006


With all the bad publicity given to Weekes this season, I wondered aloud if he would have stopped those shots last night? Hank is still not right, mental, timing, whatever.. This is now the Rangers darkest hour. In retrospect, would not matter who is in net when your own team is is incapable of scoring a lone goal. Quite a gutsy move by Jagr to even dress last night. He indeed inspired the fans but not his team. For some reason if you are looking for any hope at all, plug in your 1994 cup video and listen to Bure when asked about being down being down 3 games to none against one of their opponents. He said, "we never said we had to win the next four games, we just said we have to win this game. After that we have to win this game and so on." Now that's a stretch considering what we have watched on the ice. This team is not the 94 Canucks. I don't think anyone is much going to come up with any magic cure to what ails the Rangers. Even if JJ was healthy, the rest of this team is off right now.
I hope for Renney's sake, he chooses to sit OZO and I hope that was the last game of his Ranger tenure. I don't even think the ultimate optimist "throwaway" will come up with any rabbits left in his hat..........but I wish he did have one.

Sorry, Bob, no wabbits from me today. This one was disheartening. Not much for me to add right now. When you have no confidence in your goalie, every muff by an Ozolinsh is magnified, every missed scoring chance by a Sykora is magnified. And let's give the Devils their due -- they're like a machine with their efficiency.


We fucking blow :(

Thanks for the update, T-Bone! What would we do without your biting wit and insightful commentary?

If there was one thing I thought we had settled this year, it was that we'd found our star goalie for years to come. Now, I'm wondering about his mental fortitude. Would you be as confident now going forward in the off-season that our goalie situation is settled once and for all? Or do we just chalk this up to fatigue, the Olympics, his hip flexor injury? He has to play on Saturday...if he's bad, he's no worse off than he is now; if he has a good game, at least he'd be able to take some confidence into the offseason. This is no longer about winning the series, but just to get a win....just for the hell of it (no pun intended). Otherwise, this will be like the year that Espo fired Bergeron and they lost what, like their last 10-11 in a row.

Why was there some immigrant in front of MSG yesterday giving out free copies of BB??

We put together a promotional issue to hand out at the home playoff games to try to attract some new subscribers. The issue contained material previously published in past issues -- a sort of "Greatest Hits" to give prospective subscribers an idea of what we do. But the way the game went and the series is going, I doubt we'll get enough subscriptions to even cover the cost of producing the special issue. So you won't be seeing any sympathy for Sandis Ozolinsh in these quarters!


In Europe they play 1-2 games a week, they hardly have to travel and life is so different for a player. Lundqvist played a total of 58 games (including playoffs) in 04-05 for Frolunda.

This season he has played 53 games with the Rangers PLUS 5 more for Sweden in the Olympics and now 2 more in the playoffs. I have not even included the exhibtion games either. I am not even going to talk about the travel, the several back to back games etc etc.

Tom Renney kept saying he needed 2 solid goalies all season long but didn't really say why.

Now We know and it really bothered me to see Henrik say on several occasions that he was either tired or a bit worn out. IF he wants to have a long term career here in the NHL then he had best develop some more mental toughness.

So when readers of the BB read my pre draft forecast and wonder why I have a goalie listed as one of the Ranger draft needs then remember how fragile Henrik supposedly is and I think Sather's statement in 04 about never having enough goalies is going to ring true.

Our franchise goalie now has some question marks about him

Jess, you added in the non-league games Henrik played this season, but not the non-league games he played last season. He said the other day he played over 70 games in 2004-05 when you add it all the tournaments he participated in as Sweden's #1 goalie. Fatigue was not a factor -- lack of sharpness due to the layoff and a loss of confidence was the problem. If he hadn't gotten hurt, he may well have been the same goalie all the way through.

Alan -- when i went back to my seat after our between-periods conversation, I spent almost the entire rest of the game focusing on Henrik, kind of hoping-against-hope that I'd see some positive sign to build on. It got to the point where I was hoping the Devils would attack him to see how he'd respond. As I watched, I was making specific mental notes, like how starting with 13 minutes left in the 3rd he made a couple of saves where he looked sharp to me. But late in the 3rd there was a sequence where he went back to looking "not right", and this was, of course, without the Devils really exerting much pressure at all. I refuse to believe this is all mental -- maybe I just don't want to believe it. His movement seems off, to the point where he doesn't seem at all comfortable or in control. I agree with the need to play him Saturday, though I suspect we'll have to wait 'til next year for any definitive type answer.

The game Wedn night may have been lost by shoddy defense and ordinary goaltending, but even if we were strong on D and Henke was great, we could have lost 1-0 still.
You don't win if you don't score. The turning point to the game for me was Peter Sykora's unbelievable wide open net misses. If he converts on those two wide open nets it would have been a completely different game. We needed to score to start to break down that Brodeur air of invincibility. To break their confidence etc. Alternatively it would have given the Rangers confidence that they are so sorely lacking right now.
I would not overeact , as some people here have , to Henke's poor performances. Yes something is wrong, but this goalie has been terrific for quite a while and I expect he will bounce back next year. People are ready to write him off. Calm down people!
You reap what you sow and Renney did just that playing Sandis again. Sandis will probably go down as the only blemish on Sather's report card this year. He made a terrible mistake trading for this fumbling , bumbling Dman. I called for a defensive Dman with some grit at the trading deadline. We are already loaded with offensive dmen. We need stay at home types to compliment our puck moving types.and keep the puck out of our end and clear the crease. I would trade this guy for a jar of pickles because that's all you going to get for a misfit who makes $ 2 plus million for another year.
Burke fleeced Sather on this trade.

I'm not writing Henrik off at all, just lamenting the unexpected chink in the armor and hoping that he'll bounce back. As far as the Ozo trade being the only blemish on Sather's report card, Sykora is a UFA who was acquired for a young defenseman expressly to bury chances like he had in Games 2 and, especially, 3. If he's not re-signed and we're left with nothing, I think you have to question that deal too, even if Kondratiev is really only a #5-6 defenseman. (He has 4 goals and 4 assists in 4 playoff games for Portland, wow!)

Tony. I agree with much of your comments except the fact that we are loaded with offensive D-men. Sure they are slated to be offensive like Poti and Tyutin but how many goals did they really produce? Certainly not so much coming from Malik, Kaspar and very little from Rozy and Struds. I think as a whole, we have about the poorest point and shot production from the point of almost any team in the NHL. I can't fault Sather for attempting to get a booming shot from the blue-line. I can fault Ozo for bumbling around like the Keystone cops but the intent of the trade was good. It just backfired and blew up in our face. I'd like to see Jess comment on who can fill that need that is already in the system. What we need is a 22 year old Brian Leetch. Do we have any of those in development Jess? Truth be told, I lick my chops when hearing names like Chara and Redden that may be available. I'm sure every club in the NHL is also salivating about those guys.

i'm a little surprised Dubi hasn't pointed out that Parise scored the 3rd goal (and take another shot at Sather for passing over him to pick Jessiman).

That's a story for another day, Saget.

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