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March 29, 2006


If you think sitting Jagr will be a good idea... well I respectfully disagree!

1) I doubt we'll have clinched the division until the very last game (and there's a good chance we'll lose the division if the defense and secondary scoring doesn't step it up to pre-olympics levels).

2) Jagr has been on fire. He played through injury after the Olympics, and now he's looking BETTER than he did before the Olympics. He's scored one really beautiful goal, a side of him that we haven't really seen for 10 years, and he almost scored another one like that in OT against the Panthers. If he wants to play, he should play. He deserves the Art Ross for the season he's given us, and I think sitting him will give him a negative impact if anything. Jagr is one of those guys that needs to be involved all the time to feel like he's a part of the team.

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