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March 25, 2006


Well, Jess as I have told you more than once you need to restructure your
deal with Dubi... As you see the world is very small as you can reach Paris
in less than seven hours from NY:):) And I don´t need to tell you about
the fantastic restaurants and bars especially around the Sacre Ceur and the
Quartier Latin has to offer. I hope you got a bonus for filling in for your
boss for the whole week ;):):)

Let´s hope that Dubi knows a lot of the french savoir vivre and came back
in good mood after the week...


Since Jess is jammed up with his expanded duties in Dubi's absence, here's a quick Hartford update (since I took the family to the game). Hartford lost to Bridgeport, 6-3 (the last an empty-netter). Bridgeport scored 3 in the 1st, mostly with traffic in front, and Montoya was lifted after that. Penalties hurt Hartford -- sound familiar? None of the Wolfpack looked particularly ready to step in with the Rangers, though one thing did stand out to me: Immonen was absolutely awesome on faceoffs -- he's real, real quick and seemed to win better than 95% of his draws. The rest of his game still needs a bit of work, but he's quick and has potential.

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