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March 26, 2006


Before Ratelle got hurt early in March his line with Gilbert and Hadfield had become almost unstoppable. He got his 109 points in 63 games. That was the old curse in action.

I don't agree with all this yapping at the refs as if they are biased against the Rangers. These things average out. What does bother me is the way they are becoming too prominent a factor in games. Enforcing the rulebook is one thing, overdoing it with one questionable call after another is another. In the end if they keep overshadowing the players the guys skating around with the cup should be the refs.

And for us Peter Worrell fans, he has now lumbered up to the next level to Hartford. But it may be too much to hope for that he can play well at the NHL level this year anyway.

Just wanted to comment on Reese who is I believe a junior and so should be back at Harvard next season.

I don't believe that the waived off goal should be give so much weight. There was half a game to go when that happened, and more than enough time for the Rangers to get back on track. If you want to yell at the officials, talk about the stick to the face Modin gave to Rucchin that was missed.

How many times in the last few days pucks have been tipped past Lundqvist. Maybe you could give us a total? Between the Philly game and this one [didnt Moore tip one past his own goalie], it seems like he's not getting the bounces. Plus, there was at least one goal today where he was completely screened. I think when he's been able to see the puck, he's been fine.

I completely agree with the comment about Giroux. Before the game, Renney said something about how tey werent afraid to bring him up because "we are still in a rebuilding mode"...well if thats the case then he should have gotten a few shifts during the key comments of the game.

Sorry Jess, I 100% disagree with you about the refs. The Rangers are shafting themselves by not playing 60 minutes each game. Defense (using the term loosely) has left this team. They can't move the puck out of their own end when they do happen to get it. They spit up pucks like a newborn spitting up milk. Other teams are finding out if you put a little pressure on the defense in their own end you'll force a turnover and get chances. They act as if they don't know what to do with puck when they have it. They hold it looking for someone to pass too instead of moving up ice with it while looking for someone to pass too. Then when under pressure they toss it out to keep from getting hit which leads usually to the other team intercepting the blind pass and getting a good scoring chance. What really pisses me off is Renney and his A-coaches are not earning their money by fixing the problem. When the team is winning it's easy to look like your are a good coach but when the team is loosing that's when you find out who is a good coach, that's when you earn your paycheck. I do agree with you about Nylander on the shootout. Get him out of there. Straka is quick and can get the job done better than him. Sykora is good but he needs to develope a couple of different moves because Grahame knew what he was gonna do before he did it. You know, Jagr isn't too good on the shootout, why not replace him with Prucha. Let Jagr be the fourth man to shoot. It think I'd go with Straka, Sykora, and Prucha in that order. This has become the Ranger Fans version of March Madness!

This is a good account of the game, Jess.

Also, I agree 100% about the lack of 4th line ice-time. Most (if not all) of our success has come with the use of all 4 lines. I thought the idea was not to run these tired stars into the ground pre-playoffs and post-Olympics.

Ok since I am between periods of the Maine/MSU game a few quick responses:

Ecobones: Thanks for the correction as yes Dylan Reese is a junior. Methinks I have too many prospects to cover at the moment.

irvdov, saget, steve:

Normally I would be the first to say it is not about the refs but last night the disputed goal call clearly was in fact the turning point in the game. The Rangers did stop playing as hard as they had been (which makes you guys correct) but at the same time MY complaint is that it was a ref's call that was a factor.


Nice to see someone else recalling Jean Ratelle so thanks. However I hope you are sarcastic about Worrell as he is not going to help the Rangers other than as a door opener.


Stopping deflections is part of the game, early in the season when Lundqvist was sharp he was stopping anything and everything tossed at him. Lately he appears to be a step slower in reaction time.

As for Renney's rebuilding comments sorry but rebuilding is just a word that the Rangers use when they lose to explain away poor play. When you see how as the season has worn on that the older veterans have been getting more and more PT while the younger players less tells you where rebuilding really is.


March Madness?? Yes I think I got to agree with you there as since Friday night I believe I have watched/listened to close to 25 different hockey games so I am going a bit mad. Right now after one period (ON ESPNU) Greg Moore and Billy Ryan (who sets a great screen) are leading Corey Potter's MSU 3-1 in the East Regional.


The thing about not rolling 4 lines is that you are burning out your better players before the playoffs which makes me question whether the Rangers are going to be willing to settle for just one series.

Back with an update later


Dont like J.D.??? Try listening to the lightning crybabies on direct tv which is what i have here in Pa. Rangers playing lousy, lazy and uninterested. Getting pushed around and if this was october i would be saying when is the draft... Renney needs to leave jagr as the 4th or 5th shootout shooter prucha.sykora, nylander should be 123 i'm pissed . i dont like watching lazy hockey....z

"Dont like J.D.??? Try listening to the lightning crybabies on direct tv which is what i have here in Pa."

Craig, that broadcast last night had me looking for the Rodents TV brick!
Those Tampa guys suck. Icing and their guy Boyle and Rucchin go into the boards. Oh yeah, that's a penalty for sure they exclaim. They made me want to puke. Hideous TV crew for Tampa Bay, hideous!

My beef is now about the Ranger inability to win in OT or shootouts.
Now when a game is tied with 3 or 4 minutes left, I concede the loss but hope to hang on in regulation for the point. Earlier in the season I had lots of OT/Shootout confidence, now I have none.

Looks like I have to tape the next game as I am heading out of town Monday.

Jess, Saget and anyone else above, I agree, Ratty was one hell of a Ranger and I think he was my favorite guy till shipped to Boston.

Since I didn't see last night's game, quick question for someone who did: I noticed from the boxscore that the Rangers gave up another goal less than a minute after scoring one themselves, a continuation of a dangerous recent trend. Anyone notice which line was out there for the goal against? And if it wasn't Moore's line, was there any reason at the time why they couldn't have been out there?

I was there for Ratelle's season, too. He may define the term "underrated." I was just wondering if anyone knew the Rangers' record in one-goal games. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to check it myself. But in spite of the letdown in defense recently, for the most part the Rangers are losing all one goal games. The Flyers and I believe Carolina are recent exceptions. I know it's easy for me to say, but if they win half of those games they win the division by ten or twelve points.

Sorry Throwawy, I was too busy celebrating the goal we scored. It was so quick and I was so deflated at the moment, I did not take note of what meltdown occurred and by which line.
More somber news as I just looked at the games remaining. Lots of bad news with Sens, Devils, Sabres, Flyer's...ugh. This team is still in a funk and the rude awakening is just around the corner. If they hope to survive more than one round, they better figure out in a hurry why they are being out-shot out-hustled, out-hit in most of the previous games.
We are not the same team we were before the Olympics and most of it looks like defensive breakdowns. Could be all those games without either Kaspar and Malik. Could be Lundqvist is running out of gas along with the rest of the blueline corp. Unless this team can build a 3 or 4 goal lead, each game is now in doubt. The sad-sack Flyer's have righted their ship and they are going full steam ahead into the stretch.
The Sabres up next? Brother, that can't be good!


I dont remember exactly, but the I think that St. Louis goal occurred when Rosival got caught in a 2-1 down low in the corner, and a shot towards the net deflected off his foot right to where St. Louis was skating along the goal line. With this goal, and with most of the other deflections I've seen lately, it did not seem as if Lundqvist had a chance.

Jess - look at some of those deflections - there was no way Lundqvist could react. The Knuble deflections? THose deflections either hit him or they dont. The ones last night did occur higher out in the slot, so there was some chance...but I dont expect any goalie to stop them - if they do, its a bonus. He has not been as consistent as he has been before the olympics, and that worries me. But Im more worried about his ability to control rebounds than his ability to stop redirections.

all these prospectr notes are great
- what I am curious about is how many of the guys we will sign, and when?
aside from Staal,
there are these 12 guys playing in N.A. and at crossroads:
College guys: D Guenin and Potter, F's Moore, Crabb and Walsh are all Seniors,
Canadian Juniors:
F Callahan and D Paiement are overage,
F Petruzalek is 21, and
all these guys are 20 now or before May: F's Bahensky, Byers, Dubinsky and Psurny -
Are the rules differnet for Euro players who play CA Juniors?

add the chatter about Czechs Marek, M.Richter, Rachunek (and is Pisa history? )
and we may be stocking Charlotte alone
and actually putting some meet into the link to Kevin McClelland's Memphis River Kings

But first things first - I want at least 4 points outta these 3 games in 4 nights
before the rare weekend off,
followed by the season ending 8 games in 15 days

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