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March 23, 2006


As I am very often have printed out the links to Rangers articles given here on this website I have today an interesting story about german ice hockey for everyone who is interested.


Amazing to me is one fact that I never heard before that one of our best hockey player Erich Kühnhackl had a contract offer in the mid 70th to play for the New York Rangers. Unfortunately he turned it down. That was obviously the Rangers had to wait until to 1994 to end their Cup drought :):):)Maybe some long time Rangers fans like Jess can remember him....:):)

So Dubi is away... that is very pitty because he didn´t read my comments on
his previous update....:):):)

Has anyone seen that Cairns spear? In the video Chara and Cairns just seem to come together in a post-period scrum, Chara hits him with a flurry of punches, before getting knocked down. The Canadian Press is still reporting it as an "apparent spear." In any event Chara now has hurt his hand from punching Cairns and will miss a few games.It must have happened to warrant three games.

The Hollweg incident is serious because as Maloney said on radio, if you can see the number and name on the sweater, you have to pull up. That's when serious injuries happen and the league wanted to send a message. Hollweg just erred.

I agree with the length of Hollweg's suspension. I have no tolerance for hits from behind along the boards, and I think the league recognizes that it is the most dangerous play that can take place on the ice and is punishing it accordingly. Hollweg should count himself lucky that all he's dealing with right now is a suspension. A difference of inches could have meant ending someone's career or worse. Frankly, I think the suspensions for incidents like this should be longer, but that's just me. It's one of the first thing pee wees are taught: if you see his numbers, you don't hit him. I'm all for the league making an example of guys in order to drill the message back into player's heads.

I haven't seen the Cairns-Chara incident yet, but will search it out on the 'net today.

I have to go along with the suspension too. Especially after seeing Erik Cole in a neck brace last week. I wouldn't mind seeing them call somebody up; a little infusion of new blood could be helpful, especially with five games in seven nights.

Rough night for the Debs and Icelanders last night, eh? :) But a real scary scene with Gomez. You gotta wonder what these refs are doing out there sometimes, really.

Jess - I saw your comment on Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick on the previous post. Last night on Rangers 101, they showed a Rangers-Kings playoff game from 1981, and it was amazing to hear those two again. Those were the days, eh? I always loved Gordon, particularly his stacatto "SAVE!" I still do that when I'm watching games now! It was the series-clinching win, and they showed Chadwick interviewing Beck afterwards. Chadwick opened by chiding him "Shoot the puck, Barry," and Beck told him that ever since you told me that, things have gotten better for me. Beck seemed genuinely grateful towards Chadwick, and really opened up, talking about having overcome personal problems earlier in the season; it was pretty poignant, actually. The man never seemed to sweat though.

Ivr, Laurie and Alan

I have no problem with Hollweg getting suspended but I do when he get the same punishment that someone who (a)got a 5 minute major for spearing, (b) a double game misconduct and (c) has a very known rep for being a dirty player. IF Hollweg got 3 games then how come Cairns (and for the matter Orpik who did injure Cole) got the same number of games?


What made Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick so special to me was that they made you feel that you were at the game. I just loved it when Chadwick and Toronto's King Clancy would yap at each other

Sam and JD turn me off with:

JD's yuck yucks (a laughs that Iragi POWs would call cruel and evil)

The trivia nonsense as if it is the most important part of the game.

The very clear and visible "blame it on a youngster" while refusing to rip a vet.

That they think we watch the game for them rather than the action.

Once upon a time announcers were secondary and let the game come to us instead we are supposed to feel special we get them to call it for us

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