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March 25, 2006


Happy Bithday Dubi and many happy more. So you want to go to Disney? Why don't you go to Euro-Disney in Paris? Never mind, I know the answer to that one already.

One ugly game last night. Maybe I was better off having to listen to it on the radio. Officiating, what officiating? I'm convinced that these clowns in the black and white shirts are just skating around and making sure that the poorer team can stay in the game, maybe make it to the shoot-out.


No I disagree with you on the refs from last night. The Rangers were lazy for the first 2 periods and got called for it.

Happy birthday Dubi !

I wish you nice week on the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysee.....
I hope you understand a little bit french in the city of love because the
Parisien donĀ“t like english really much...

Dubi in Paris me in St. Petersburg/Russia looking for another Ovechkin for the Rangers.
Well I think the Rangers need to win without us in the next couple of days :):):)

The Rangers did indeed get what they deserved on the hooking calls, no question. But where were all the other calls? It's fair to rake the officiating in this game for calling only hooking and nothing else -- the aggressive fouls and the interference went completely uncalled, and that cannot be completely explained away as the Rangers getting what they deserved for their lazy play.

BTW, Don't look for Nigel Dawes to take Rucinsky's spot -- Giroux has already been recalled.

Not enough wisdom after 50 years to find a better team to root for, Dubi? Happy Birthday!

Have a great time in France, and in the words of Jean-Paul Sartre, "Au-revoir, go-pher." (Sorry, it's the only French I know.)

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