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March 28, 2006


" This is typical negative stuff from a guy who's been down on the Rangers all season and predicted they wouldn't even make the playoffs."

Isn't that pretty much everyone?
Very few people thought they'd make it before the season.

The PP all game was annoying. It seemed even more "tic-tic-tic-Jagr shot, tic-tic-tic Jagr shot" than it has been recently.

Overall a poor game. Weekes played poorly in front of the home crowd again, but the defense was swiss cheese for him. Sure, he looked lost on the goals he let up, but so did every other Ranger on the ice.

I've certainly had my share of disagreements with Jess this season, but I think the tenor of some of these comments is getting a bit ridiculous. So, there was a mistake about Jagr; you point it out and move on. The guy puts up the recap just hours after the game, in addition to covering all the prospect stuff -- I think we can cut him some slack. For me, the main point of the recaps anyway is to serve as a launching pad for us to comment; we don't need to agree with the opinions expressed therein. I thought we were on borrowed time with Weekes in the Fla. game, and I told Jess I disagreed with his recap; there was no reason for it to get personal, and it didn't. From where I sit, it's the comments following last night's recap, and not the recap itself, that is bringing that reflects poorly on this site today.

Throwaway, I couldn't agree more. Jess obviously works hard and puts in a lot of effort, so cut him some slack. Yeah, he makes mistakes from time to time, but we're not talking the N.Y. Times making mistakes about WMD here. Jeez!

The personal stuff is ridiculous, too. I've disagreed with Jess numerous times on this site, sometimes VERY strongly, but he's never come back at me in a disrespectful way. Let's have an honest debate, but let's also not get too carried away.

I've disagreed with Jess often. He's always very blunt, presents his opinion as fact, and usually sees just one side to an argument.

He's incendiary.

But that's what makes his editorials worth reading. It gets you thinking, gets you to see things his way even if you don't agree with it, and gets conversations going. There's good reason why I loved his RFC articles. Of course, I hated Sather before the lockout, with good reason, so I agreed with him more than disagreed with him back then.

He made the Jagr mistake. Fine. But I don't think he defended Weekes. He said Weekes deserves a better defense for his locker contribution. He didn't in any way say Weekes didn't let the team down as much as they let him down. He didn't defend Sather anywhere here, and Weekes was a Sather move, wasn't he?

The Rangers played a sloppy game with no real energy until they got down and Henke came out, didn't they? Rodent said this, too, no one jumped on him for it.

Geez, guys, you can disagree with someone's game assessment without getting schoolyard. Detention for all of you.

I began reading the Bulletin this year and quickly developed into daily reader because of the journalistic approach, weighing pros and cons, and well formulated arguements. I live in Boston and rely on the Bulletin for game analysis from a hybrid professional/fan perspective. However, in the past few days I havn't been able to complete reading an article due to the extremely poor writing, overzealous opinions, and lack of knowledge. I can get better recaps from the AP sports wire.

I understand that this site is an editorial and does not carry the same burden of facts or journalistic responibility as does the New York Times, as someone alluded to earlier. However, you do owe a responsibility to the fans and readers of this site who deserve an article that, at the very least, provides some form of an accurate recap with knowledgable insight. The author of the past few articles has provided a disservice to the site this week. The Bulletin would be better served not to post articles in any form than to post an article such as this, otherwise fans, like myself, will stop coming here very soon.

Well well it seems we have someone who has developed themselves a case of internet bravery. It is sad that in the year 2006 that people still use nonsense like "fucking jew" among other cowardly acts of behavior.

Wow I made a mistake in saying Jagr missed when he never shot so the whole world now is about to come to an end. Amazing huh how jealous people can get of someone else.

My thanks to those of you who took the time to defend me but you know what? The best thing one can do with people like that is to ignore them and feel sorry for them. Theirs is a life that must royally suck if this is what they must do in order to gain attention.

What they don't realize is that everytime they post they also let me know what their IP address is so they can change their name, their email addy but the IP always remains the same. IP addys can be tracked right back to their PC.

The IP addys are being turned over to the proper authorities

Oh and even better is how with every post they also show how little they know. The Federov comment came from this article: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/timesleader/sports/hockey/ahl/penguins/14190588.htm

I may be new at this stuff and I will make mistakes which I got no problem owning up to. However if the best you can do is name call and insults then you lose before you even started.

Jess, I have a friend over here in Germany who roots for the ECHL team of the Idahoo Steelheads because he is a diehard hockeyfan and he is traveling almost once in a year to Boise because his daughter lives there. He is the only guy over here with whom I can talk NHL hockey all night when I met him :):):) As I suppose that you live somewhere in the west and are covering all Rangers prospects, I have a question to you as I haven´t had too much knowledge about the minor leagues:

Do you know this team ? Do the Rangers have a prospect on this team ???? Do have those leagues like AHL, ECHL,UHL, CHL kind of the same standard ????

I gave him my first copy of the BB for reading as he is not much of a internet guy but he is always excited to go to the Steelheads when he is there in Boise because of the fanatic atmosphere in their hometown rink of around 5000 fans...I have tried to convince him a number of times to accompany me to NY to watch a game at the Garden but he doesn´t like flying as much so it is very hard for me.....:):):)

As I know that Dubi is in Paris this week and due to the fact that Jess had rightfully questioned the relationship French/US because of this visit I was more than stunned the french reacted to his arrival on CDG Airport at Paris....:):):)

Look at this video and the slideshow:):)::)


Oh man I was so often in the city of love but I won´t never imagine that one of my visits would to release bombs like this :):):)

All of you should appreciate Jess's efforts. I've known him many years and he makes an effort to show up at games and personally watch any prospect he talks about. First hand information.

I hope whoever made that anti-sematic remark, gets his computer impounded. As Jess said, takes a lot of guts.

Jess is a big boy and can take care of himself but to his detractors....you are wasting your time, Jess will beat you anytime.

Keep up the good work.

Beamer was right on about tic tic tic Jagr shoots... If Rozival would have taken one shot he would have gotten the goalie leaning the wrong way and had a goos chanch to score. Why cant these Rangers kill these little peckerheads named Briere, Gionta, etc from running around and causing havoc... Still dont trust Weekes but he probably plays wed night Z

Lets´hope that I do not get the same kind of reception when I fly into St.Petersburg/Russia on Saturday trying to steal the new Ovechkin for the RANGERS !!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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