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March 25, 2006


Horse driven zambonis at MSG ???? Once in a while I know there is a zoo in MSG so why not let the horses do the job again ????

The Rangers have obviously played last night for long stretches as they were horse driven to Florida ! Due to a technical problem on nhl.com I was n´t able to get the Rangers radio last night over here in Germany I was forced to listen to the Florida Guys always yelling and screaming about the attacking Panthers and the paralyzed Rangers especially in the second period..
Lucky to get a point and really careless from Jagr try to make a highlight reel play instead of just scoring the winner.... !!!


As long as you are not better rewarded by Dubi for your ambitious work for the BB, your recaps are absolutey marvellous....:):):)


When you make the profile over Kim Hirschovets, You need to go to Helsinki ! On my visit last year in April I was in attendance during a home game for HIFK and they have probably the best atmosphere all around Finland and are very hospitable. I had probably the best fish dinner the last couple of years, as Helsinki is really a nice charming but sometimes a little bit cold place ..!!! Before jumping on the plane to Helsinki I chatted with the board chairman of one biggest fanclubs of HIFK and he provide me with a lot of useful informations about the club. During the lockout Florida Panthers star forward Olli Jokinen played for HIFK at that time...

As I suppose that Dubi was golfing over the weekend with the whole Rangers media on one of the best golf courses all around the states in Florida and getting first class treatment from the Rangers organization, you probably sit in your dark home office, probably arguing how much better and more insightful it is to do it on the road....

THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

Jess, Nice job on the fill in for the boss man. I agree 100 percent with your assessment of the Rangers allowing themselves to be dominated by a team that is not even in a playoff position. Weekes was sensational, really some bad luck with that dribbler that got through.
I do have a difference of opinion on the Nylander shoot out approach.
I like his deliberate slow moves and dekes. It seems to through off the timing of the goalie. Watching the Florida feed on the NHL package, they flashed a stat having Nylander as the highest shoot out percentage on the team as it was 50 something percent. If anyone has the stats on that, I'd like to see them. Jagr has been jammed his last couple of attempts and needs to consider releasing before he is at the goalies feet. Who am I to tell a 50 goal scorer how to shoot but it seems the last couple of times he was just in too close. He'd probably say the same thing.
We can only hope to see some motivation tonight as every point is huge.

Jess, I think you're absolutely right: your recaps stink compared to Dubi's!

Seriously, though, we all appreciate your stepping in. I actually do have a disagreement with you, however, on Weekes. Yeah, Florida threw 40+ shots at him, as they've done a lot recently, but a good portion of them were clear looks from far out, with the Rangers clearing away any rebound efforts. Other than the early sequence you mentioned, I didn't think Weekes was particularly herculean on this night. In fact, from the late 2nd period on, he seemed to be fighting the puck, and I felt like we were on borrowed time; any sustained pressure from Florida would have ended things in regulation. In the shootout, I, too, was waiting for Prucha, figuring our only chance was to get through the 1st 3 shooters even. Once it came down to "Olli vs. our goalie," I knew it was over.

Strange as it sounds, several times during the game I found myself missing Hollweg. It was the type of game where we could have used his drive, particularly early on. Renney didn't seemed to give Moore's line much ice time early, and even seemed to limit Moore-Ortmeyer to 3d-string on the early PK's. Late in the game, with some more ice, the line actually created some scoring chances, leaving us, yet again, to wonder about Renney's failure to utilize them more earlier on.

The defense was a study in contrasts. Strudwick had a bad giveaway early, then settled in to play one of his stronger defensive games of the season. Tyutin had a horrible giveaway in front, then comes back with some solid shifts, including some strong center-ice play and a huge hit. Malik had an early miscue, but also rebounded to play a very strong game, particularly in moving the puck with poise. Ozolinsh -- well, his ups-and-downs have been well-chronicled. What I'm taking away from all of this is that the ability is there, but the consistency isn't always there with it, and that will be a problem in the playoffs.

Rucinsky's loss will be felt, not so much as a scorer, but as a playmaker. Wonder if we'll see Prucha go to that line now?

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