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March 29, 2006


The thing I liked about this lineup is that it was a complete hockey team, a balanced mix of finese and muscle. One snowflake does not make a winter, and the Islanders' game is not much to go on, but all the great teams of the past had that mix. The question on Orr has been because he's a raw rookie was he capable of filling the role of cop the way, for example, that Simon does it at Calgary or Laraque at Edmonton. That includes wise judgement besides physical ability but he is certainly showing lots of promise. Renney of course calls the shots and now he's referring to Hossa as a "penalty killer" rather than as before as an "offensive threat" but with Hossa in place of Orr you don't have anyone to challenge the Godards, and they are all over the league, when they run Kasparaitis. With the Wizard of Oz, the necessity to dress Tyutin is lessened and Strudwick gives you a lot more grit. You can't fake your way through the playoffs, you have to be strong in all the multidimensions of the game. I feel we are definitely on the right track for a good cup run although a lot depends on injuries, fatigue, and minimizing mental errors.

That line should read Posted by ivrydov. I don't know why it doesn't.

Good wrap up of the game, much better then the previous games wrap up. As for Orr, I think he can be a Joey Kocur type player. Kocur was a solid hockey player, not just a fighter. Not sure if Orr will be the feared fighter Joey was but I think he's a very similiar player.

I've read in the past that Orr is a heavyweight contender; but it sure didn't look that way when he took on Brashear before the break.

I've read in the past that Orr is a heavyweight contender; but it sure didn't look that way when he took on Brashear before the break.

When Orr and Brashear went, Orr was at the very end of a long shift. He was too tired to fight properly. Wait till he gets a rematch before you make your judgement :)

orr is just a kid he's 23 give him some time he'll be one of the most feared fighters in the league. he's got HEAVY fists that do alot of damage ask godard. anyway much better write up than the last one, but how can you argue the team contributor award thats just silly. Jagr breaks ratelle's record and in the process gets 4 assists and you think he's a bad choice for the team contributor award in starting your editorial. give him a break man!!!

I will try to refrain from saying we are back baby. If we can do the same to the Sens and Flyer's, I'll admit that we have regained all that had been missing as of late. A come back win against the Sabres and a convincing win against the Ice-Landers is great forward progress. Show me the same against the Sens and I'll give you all a high five.
The measuring stick goes out tonight.

As much as everybody is talking about Jaromir Jagr breaking scoring records, Orr a heavy fighter or not or Lundqist getting his 30th win as a rookie, Petr Prucha is the biggest surprise for me beeing not in the lineup at the beginning of the season. He is improving his play with every game. It just amazes me how he always find open spots on the powerplay always in a good shooting position and not afraid of shooting whenever the occasion arises. It´s seems to be that Jagr can find him everywhere on the ice...I would wish some other forwards would follow it....
Best example was this perfect blast on the first one....

Tonights matchup will be very interesting at Ottawa....2.30 am start time

oh man this is devastating and killing me...

If it turns out that Orr does wind up having a regular shift, the pivotal point for him was the shift he had late in the 2nd period against Buffalo. He played smart and aggressive, and the Rangers strung together several good shifts in a row after that. Then, even though the Rangers trailed by 2 heading to the 3rd, Renney showed enough confidence to give Orr more ice time.

I see last night's effort as Orr's building on his success from that Buffalo game. If he's to continue being a contributor to the team, which, to me, is still undecided at this point, it'll be because he can play a regular shift; i'm less concerned, at this point, as to where he ranks on the list of heavyweight contenders. His effort in the last two games was good, and I share Ivrydov's enthusiasm for having the blend of finesse and grit in the lineup. I also like having him play with Betts and Ward, and leaving HMO in tact. I hope the lineup stays the same tonight, because, as Bob suggests, facing Ottawa will be a better test of where we're at.

Update from the Rangers prospect Kim Hirschovits from HIFK Helsinki. He played on the third line for HIFK tonight as they lost Game 5 against SaiPA 2-5. HIFK leads the best-of-seven series 3-2 but must travel to SaiPA for Game 6. Hirschovits wasn´t involved in the scoring when I correctly understand the finnish stats.... !!!!

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