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February 26, 2006


Maybe this is a wacky idea, but how about just giving Jagr the night off on Thursday even if he says he can play, so he can recuperate from a rough Olympics for this tough stretch of four out of five on the road, with the home game being against the Canes. Call up the Wolfpacker or two they've apparently been contemplating bringing up for the game anyway. Renney could challenge the team to help their two MVP's freshen up for the stretch drive, roll out the H-M-O line to start the game as adroitly suggested by Throwaway, and see what you come up with. It might be a good way for Renney to get the team re-focused right off the bat, and I bet they'd do pretty damn well.

Question - does anyone have 2 seats for the Rangers/Thrashers game on the 12th that they would be interested in parting with? Please post or let me know via email, thanks -


Petruzalek has a shoulder injury.

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