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February 21, 2006


That prospect list is terrible. How does HF put it together? I know they arent watching the players just by juding that list.


How can I say thank you for acknowledging what I have been saying all along about Hockey's Future?

I guess what I need to do is talk Dubi into letting ME put together a Ranger prospect list based on actual prospects not those who already are playing with the Rangers.

In my book the prospects need to be broken down by groups like one for those playing in the minors and one for those playing either in the CHL, Europe or NCAAs.

Now tell Dubi that is what you want to see in a future issue LOL.

Timo, the person who writes the Ranger articles for HF is actually credentialed at the Garden, though I can't say that I've actually ever seen her there. That doesn't mean she's not there, but I've met a lot of people at this point and have never seen or heard of her other than seeing her name on some lists. There are indiciations in her work that she keeps up to date on comings and goings, but I don't see any indication that she talks to anyone to get any information that is not publicly available elsewhere.

Look, don't mistake my linking to articles or sites as an indication of my personal approval. It's just a link. I'm sure the other scouting services out there that Jess has named are better, but until they provide public access to their info, I can't link to them (I'm not saying they should be free, they need to make money, but I can't link to it if it's a pay site).

So Jess, looks like you just gave yourself your next assignment.

Dubi, The writer in question responded in the comments on the HF Ranger board. She said she has seen all of the players in question (save Korpikoski) either in person, or on film. She also discussed players with NHL scouts, and conferred with fellow HF staff writers. For the most part, I've never felt Ranger prospect got a fair shake at HF, but, that could be due to my own biases. Anyway, the biggest crime IMO was leaving Greg Moore off the list.


Don't worry Dubi has finally given me the green light to do justice to the REAL Ranger prospects.

However I will seriously question that person's statements regarding talking to NHL scouts about Ranger prospects.

I can tell from firsthand experience that no Ranger scout will talk to a reporter unless that reporter has first gotten permission from the Rangers (IE Tom Renney or Maloney).

That permission is not given out because (again from firsthand experience) because the Rangers only want either Maloney or Renney talking about the prospects. The all too paranoia that runs the Rangers has them afraid to allow their scouts to speak (it is a decision I find dumb because the Rangers have totally overhauled and improved their scouting department for the better.) to the media while on the road.

I have gotten to meet some of those Ranger scouts and as nice as they are they will do their best not to talk about the kid they are there to see.

If someone wants to claim they have talked to NHL scouts but not Ranger scouts then I can also tell you from firsthand experience that they will tell her what she wants to hear not the real evaluation on the prospects.

NHL scouts are there to look at those who their team drafted and those who they might want to draft. It is very rare that they give a rat about other team's prospects. Hio

BTW if that writer would like to show me how she does gather such info then perhaps then she can meet me at any Winterhawks, Thunderbirds, Silvertips, Giants, Hurricanes, Tigers, or any other CHL or WCHA team she so desires. I am not hard to find I am the one wearing the Ranger hat there.

I can tell you that I do look and TALK with both the players and their coaches, I talk with their peers (fellow prospects who are a great source of info on each other I may add) and those who watch them on a daily basis.

I also believe that a fair ranking of a prospect has to start with at least 3 different looks whether they be live in person, on tape or on TV.

Here is something I learned from a scout, watch a prospects bad game and then his very next game to see how he reacts. It is just one of many very different ways I have learned to evaluate the prospects.


Good to hear that. Anyway, I am intrigued by certain prospects, (Dubinsky, Cliche, Dupont, Greg Moore, just to name a few), especially due to the better than expected performances of Lundqvist, Prucha and (to a lesser extent) Moore. I feel that Ranger prospects got the short shift in evaluation, and that, due to the performances by the above mentioned players, the Ranger prospect pool is either vastly underrated, or more likely to achieve success than previously believed.


Dubinsky-- no doubt has NHL skills and talent BUT has to grow up a bit maturity wise. I would like to see him take over a game as I believe he can do but has yet to show it. He is perhaps the best faceoff center among the prospects. However I believe he has to leave Portland for reasons I will not disclose here.

Dupont-- I like this kid and believe IF he continues upon his current developmental path he can become a power forward at the NHL level. Love his hit everything that moves attitude. He should spend another season in the CHL allowing his body to mature a bit more.

Cliche plays in a offensive league as it is so I tend to discount the numbers one gets in the QJMHL. I have seen too many a prospect put up very high numbers only to bust at the NHL level. I believe the Rangers will expect him to spend another season with Lewiston.

Greg Moore was just named the Pure Hockey Defensive Player of the Week. He is also is Maine's leading scorer and he just might be perhaps the best player the Rangers got in all of those trade deadline deals made in 04. I have been told that the Rangers fully intend on signing him once his college season ends and he could be on the Hartford roster for their playoffs.

I am going to work on putting together my own prospect report card for the end of the season.


Thanks. I'll be looking forward to your report.

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