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February 28, 2006


This may fall into the "be careful what you wish for" category, but I felt better when the Rangers were comfortably beneath the media's radar. It's all well and good that Buccigross and company are now on the Ranger bandwagon, but I think I preferred it when the team had more of an "our little secret" feel to it.

Throwaway, as I read Dubi's column above, I said, Damn, now everyone knows. I preferred being thought of as the easy 2 points that teams were used to in the past.
Hey SI, remember, last place. Keep telling everyone, that and we can sneak in under the radar.
For those of you reading this daily report but not subscribing, let me just say you are missing out on some great coverage. Dubi is just giving you enough to wet your whistle on line. Don't miss out.


I got to agree with you that the Rangers were better off being under the radar especially with clowns like Buccigross now jumping on the bandwagon.


Thanks for the kind words. As one of those who writes for the BB, it means a lot to see someone saying good things about the mag.

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