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February 25, 2006


Maybe not Lundqvist hurt by the schedule as the BB headline reads but now this:

TURIN, Italy (AP) - NHL scoring leader Jaromir Jagr left the second period of the Czech Republic's 3-0 win over Russia on Saturday night with a minor groin injury and didn't return as his nation wrapped up the Olympic bronze medal.

Jagr headed back to the locker room after being injured. He was on the bench in the third but didn't play. He said he doesn't think he'll miss any time when he returns to the New York Rangers.

"I hope not," he said. "I didn't feel very well, but it's not bad."

Sure these Olympics are no problem, are they? Jagr returns gimpy and who the heck knows about those lasting effects from the Ruttuu hit to the melon.

Maybe it would not have mattered to me if we were in last place and out of the playoff picture. If Jags returns all smashed up, we'd be lucky to get the 8th seed, very lucky.

Do you mean gold medal winner, Henrik Lundqvist?

Well efter 40 minutes i can breathe again...this beats everything...to beat finland in a final in the olympics....well hitchkock couldnt have written a better scpript...

to you rangers fans henke on tele here in sweden says he giva him self ok..let a few easy in the tournement and that averything is ok and the burden is off..the ghost of belarus is no more..

so the amatuer DR Phil says start weekes in first game then you have a real henke to let us have succes in the play off...but i see oine team that will rise...toronto...Sundin is now on the rise hes fightins spirit is back and this gold is something that he has haunted för 8 years...

Forsberg was happy but most för sundin. lidstrom and alfredsson to win something big...Lidstom says this almost beat stanley cup...

lets say like this my 83 alzheimer grandmother has watch the game and she was so exited granfather almost was in need to reistrein her...
now of to celebrate...and wipe the tear of my eyes.

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