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January 26, 2006


You've summed this whole affair up better than anyone else has, great job!

I just read a very interesting article on MSGnetwork.com by Rosen. He touches on several topics, but most interestingly, "Staal was the best defenseman in the World Junior Championship, and depending on how far his team goes in the junior playoffs, that will determine how soon he comes to the Rangers. I think when his junior team is done, you will see him finish this year with the big club. Maybe he'll play some games, if not at least practice with the team, and my bet is that he'll get a look on the blueline."


What is the likelihood of that and what do you think about it, if true?

I'm certainly willing to give Renney the opportunity to deal with this issue, Dubi.

Having said that, if he ever opts to scratch Hollweg in favor of a "tough guy" like Orr, then I respectfully suggest that such a decision is an indefensible blunder. That would, in effect, be conceding lineup decisions to the opposition -- ie. "you win, we lose, we're sitting our most aggressive checking forward so we can play someone who will fight with you." Hollweg should be in the lineup every night, play his regular aggressive game, and his attitude should be the same as Kasparitis': if some moron wants to start a fight just to get him off the ice, ignore him and just keep playing his game. That's not soft -- that's smart. If Blueshirt Bulletin has any input with Renney, that should be the position.

And if someone does need to sit at some point in time in order to accomodate a lineup adjustment, then perhaps one of the older, slower guys like Rucchin, or the often ineffective Ruchinsky, should be the ones sitting instead of Hollweg.

Why when Colton Orr comes up is it Orr vs. Holweg. Hollweg should play every game as much as possible. Against the bigger tougher teams Orr could slide in for Rucchin{who generally has not been impressive] or Niemenen[who is playing better but a few games here and thereL between Rucchin and Niemenen would not disrupt the top three lines. Another possibility is sit down Strudwick and bring up Weller. Jess says Weller is too slow. How about a skating coach. How fast is Strudwick? I think Weller is much better at everything than Strudwick, he can play offense or defense, he can score, throw hits and stick up for teammates better than Strudwick has shown.One last point,three years ago I e mailed Don Maloney about this subject and his response was he needed someone who can play. That was three years ago and to date his only answer has been to bring in Strudwick. I am sick of this we need someone who can play, it has been three years so develope or trade or draft or do something already. Maloney I am tired of your garbage,if you can find no one in 3 years you should be shown the door because you are not doing your job.

Why did Boston feel compelled to dress Orr on a regular basis and why did his mates lament his leaving so much??

We NEED him to dress on a semi-regular basis, no ifs, ands or butts about it. I can give you 1,000 reasons, but those who disagree will always come back with the same arguments--we're playing to the other team--we're sitting someone who should be playing--why ruin the chemistry.

Sorry folks, but if it were not for Henrik Lundvquist this year, we would be nowhere near our point total. This team is not, I repeat, not as good as our record indicates. Dressing Orr gives our smaller guys confidence, can electrify a building, and properly says to ALL OF THE TEAMS IN OUR DIVISION, who now have a major heavyweight, do not screw with us.

Please Tom, do the right thing before Brashear, Cairns, White, Godard, or someone else kills the loveable Ryan Hollweg.

mailman you get it so once again I raise the same old question, what is taking Maloney, Renney and Sather so long to either play Orr to protect the Ranger plaYERS OR FIND SOMEONE ELSE IF THEY THINK oRR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THIS ROLE.When Sather ran Edmonton he always had one or two very big tough players to protect the other players. Changing the NHL this year can not be used as an excuse because top teams like Ottowa, Philly and Calgary have players to fill this role and it has not hurt their teams. Look at McGratton in Ottowa, he is not a fast skater, he is not that skilled but he plays regular shifts and does his job.I agree with those of you who feel Orr is not a skilled player and my first choice would be a guy like Shannahan who is skilled and tough. But Sather and Maloney have now had 4 years and have not found that elusive big guy who can play and the one guy they have[ORR] they refuse to play.Mailman you can deliver to my house any time.

There was talk at one time of Orr learning to play defense, then he could step in for Strudwick. I don't know how realistic that was but I had heard the management was considering. I know as well as anyone else that rumors abound in hockey, but if there is any truth to this, then it may not be a bad idea. Also, how bad can he be that he has to be limited to 2 minutes a night? Is he only good to go out, fight, and then ride the bench? He can't play 6-8 minutes without being a liability? Just some ideas.

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