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January 28, 2006


Someone in my section pointed out how it was a shame we didn't have Weekes out there today; suspect he'll be in there for the rematch next week.

Rangers didn't seem to ease up much late in the game. It might have been a good time to try some different combo's on the PP, and give Jagr and his head cold a rest. Kind of felt bad for Fleury; he got little help from his teammates, and didn't help himself any with the rebounds he kept leaving in front.

Not sure how much of it was their readiness to play, and how much of it was due to the level of competition, but the Rangers did come out sharp -- their passing was as good as it has been for awhile. They had the usual trouble finishing early on, but the game had the feel of a blowout from the start.

Though they didn't score, Moore's line drew, I believe, another 3 penalties. I hope Hollweg's back in there Monday night against Philly. Looking forward to that one -- the Garden should be rocking.

Memo to all Ranger players:

Fellas if you have any dreams of making the playoffs or in the future perhaps a cup run with the Rangers then the next time someone, anyone even looks at Henrik Lundqvist the wrong way you jump all over him.

You do not allow a Colby Armstrong to trip up HL and allow him to skate away with just a minor penalty, YOU SEND A MESSAGE.

Call me an old timer but nobody is supposed to touch my goalie no matter what the circumstances. All I saw in response from the Rangers was Rozsival pointing at Armstrong as if he (Rozsival) the schoolyard tattletale.

Or since Rangers players don't seem to understand words then let me put in it into detail:

Lundqvist (good) == playoffs

Weekes (weak) == go home no playoffs.

BTW if you can get CSTV (College Sports TV) then right now (8PM EDT) has Ohio State with Nasty Nate Guenin (profiled last issue) going up against fellow Ranger prospect Mike Walsh and Notre Dame.

Throwaway, got to admit that I started feeling bad for the whole Pens franchise watching us put more shots on net since some game in 1975. It was brutal for the Pens to be blown away on national TV.
On the other hand, we had a killer instinct that has been missing for the past 8 or 9 years. Good teams don't feel sorry for the opposition, they bury them.
Jags pointed out that the Pens are not the Flyer's and we will see if we can carry over some kill and still hope the Flyer's are reeling from their own embarrassment today. Other than the Rangers still not coming to terms that taking a penalty while you still have a guy in the box is going to burn you, I have no complaints about today's game. Great observation, Weekes would have been a great fit today in the nets. Oh yeah, how pretty was that give and go with Jagr and Malik? I could watch that replay 20 times and still want more.

Here we go again. A few games ago it was Boston throwing Prucha and Straka around like rag dolls. Last night late hit on Lundquist was even more potentially damaging[as Jess said do you want to play the second half with Weeks as no.1 and Lundquist injured. No response or consequences by the Rangers. And that is my point about Colton Orr. Orr is on the team today and could have dressed last night. Maybe he is not a great player but what did RUCCHIN, nIEMENAN, hOSSA AND sTRUDWICK BRING LAST NIGHT? Untill the Rangers find that tough guy who can play it is still the responsibility of management to protect the players.I held my breath when Lundquist was hit, then I got really mad to see not one Ranger even try to do anything. Do you guys who do not like Orr really feel comfortable having no one to stand up for the Rangers? I do not get it. Play Orr or get someone but tell Maloney to stop this cry baby He can't play excuse. Does any one want a seven game series against Philly, Ottowa, Toronto, etc. with not one player capable of answering the physical game these teams will bring?If you have someone other than Orr that is OK, but I feel to have no one is unacceptable.

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