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January 24, 2006


"Coach Tom Renney is concerned about the lack of enforcer on the team." Uhhh, what? Colton Orr is Mike Tyson on skates. Put him in for tough games instead of letting him rot away in the press box.

Yes I agree, there is no way we should be using cap space and/or making a deal for an enforcer-type when we just did that for Orr; put him in for Rucchin PLEASE!

Dubi you are the best, you always seem to be one step ahead, great article.Thor and Ed you guys reALLY GET IT, i AM WITH YOU GUYS 100%, the real ISSUE IS WHEN WILL rANGER MANAGEMENT DO SOMETHING TO CORRECT THIS OBVIOUS FLAW ON THE TEAM.tALK IS CHEAP AND THE SEASON IS HALF OVER.

At MSG today Chico Resch states tHE greatest need for the Rangers is a tough physical defensive defenseman. Jess you have a pulse on the minors, how do Baranka, Weller, Liffton aND GRENIER FILL THIS DESCRIPTION. lAST YEAR i COULD WATCH MANY ahl GAMES BUT THIS YEAR THEY HAVE DISAPPEARED FROM MY DISH.

First off I just got to give you guys a laugh after another disappointing lose:

The Rangers trade Jeff Taffe BACK to the Coyotes for minor leaguer Martin Sonnenberg, a 28-year left winger, who has been playing for the Coyote farm team in San Antonio.

That means Jamie Lundmark (who has found himself a home with the Coyos) was worth only a career minor leaguer.

Next up allow me to address Brooklyn and his defensemen:

Baranka is the most talented 2WAY defender of those you mentioned. He is strong defensively because of his time playing for Kevin Constantine who preaches defense always. I call him the best of these 4

Liffton is perhaps the stronger defender of the 4 but for a player who came to the Rangers with some very strong defensive credentials at times he will have what I like to call Brain Cramps and that is what is hurting his potential.

Weller is the Wolfpack Captain and has repeatedly shown a willingness to stand up for his teammates. He is sound defensively but I question IF his skating is at the NHL level.

Weller is really nice guy as I remember him from his Kootenay Ice days as a solid hard working player but I have doubts he will get a shot at the NHL. I think he is the new Ken Germander.

Grenier I think is nothing but another career minor leaguer. He has serious size like Weller does but his overall game IMO is too slow for the NHL level. Given a choice between Weller or Grenier (for enforcer duty) I take Weller.

Third is Dubi and how I really got to point out that I have yet to ever meet a player who has suffered a serious concussion and NOT said that he has suffered no last after effects. What did you expect him to say?

That is why Renney himself I believe watches Hollweg like a hawk. Hollweg may not change how he plays but that doesn't mean he is a smarter player for it.

Now I get to say my piece about the game. the Rangers can point at their record all they want but it happens every time they win a key game as they did with the Debbies they don't follow it up with a second key win.

Losing to the Sabres is compounded because in addition to now having the Sabres back in 4th, the Debbies with their win regained the lost ground they had from the Ranger win on Sunday.

One can really say that the Rangers have turned a corner when they can win key back to back games like this one. Had the Rangers won not only would they have kept 4th place for themselves BUT they would have taken the edge in the head to head tiebreaker.

Once again the "Wave as they pass you by" blueline corp showed that it is the weakest link for the Rangers. The only reason the score was close was because once again Lundqvist stood on his head.

Sorry Throwaway I am not trying to be disrespectful to you for how you want to view games, heck I respect you for trying to find the positive but seriously dude this blueline corp plays like this every night (even in wins) and that is why I do give Lundqvist the lion's share of credit.

Jess, I left out the part where I said to Hollweg that I knew he was BS'ing me, and he clocked me, giving ME a concussion.

So what do you think Hollweg should do? Retire now before suffering another concussion? He can't change the way he plays -- he's in the NHL because of the way he plays. He's been playing it pretty smart as far as I can tell. He doesn't look to fight, the coach doesn't want him to fight, but he can't back down either, not from all of them.

Should he stop throwing checks? Lindros suffered one of his concussions that way. Should he stop skating on the ice with teammates? That's how Pat Lafontaine got his brain scrambled in the end. It's been three years since his injury, and he hasn't changed his style since, and he's gotten all the way to the NHL playing that way.

The only sensible solution appears to be dressing Colton Orr, which would of course mean scratching Hollweg. Would that satisfy everyone?


For starters the answer has to begin with the equipment as many a player has wondered why the helmets do not offer better protection.

As for Hollweg, you know this is a kid who is a lot more than an energy guy if he is given a chance to show it. He was a solid in the crease scorer in the WHL and his numbers in Hartford were not bad for a rookie.

He IMO is more than just a mini thug so yes he can avoid the fights if he wants a prolonged career at the NHL level.

And I disagree dressing Orr should not automatically mean scratching Hollweg where is it written that you can't dress both and scratch say Ninnyman for his boneheaded plays like last night. After all Hollweg is originally a center (which makes me die of laughter everytime Bloatie and Shill are amazed when Hollweg wins a faceoff).

Heck with no offense to Moore but I could see Hollweg centering Ortmeyer and Orr when playing teams like the Sabres.

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