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January 31, 2006


Get we get the HELL rid of Rucchin? He brings down EVERY line he is ON

tino, amen

Rumor has it that the Senators are interested in Rucchin, I'd deal him.

Dubi, you hit the nail on the head once again, this time with regard to Rucchin. It's unbelievable how his lack of productivity and culpability (as shown after the game last night) goes unnoticed in the eyes of the coaching staff.

It's really a shame, but we really missed the boat in picking up a guy like Mike Sillinger. He would have been a great fit in Rucchin's spot. Good faceoff guy, solid skater, veteran presence and smarts. No doubt his production would have been better.

Rucchin had a bad game but he hasn't played himself off the team, in my opinion, unless they can get someone better.

There are only four players who have gone the distance into the finals and he's one of them along with Jagr, Sykora, and Nieminen. (Weekes went along for the ride as well.) If the Rangers do make a marathon run, this is a good guy to have around.

Anyway Andreychuk is out there for faceoffs if Rucchin's considered that bad. And maybe Hossa could be pawned off in the deal.

Here's what Rucchin has contributed so far. From NHL.com

"Leads the team with 314 faceoffs won. * Is second on the team among forwards with 44 blocked shots. * Ranks seventh on the team with nine goals. * Has posted a plus or even rating in 22 of his last 25 games, registering a plus-five rating over the span."

The problem with some of those Rucchin numbers, Ivrdov, is that they are, in part, a function of the extensive ice time he receives, often with quality linemates. Watching him day-in and day-out, I often sense he's not quick enough or involved enough to justify keeping him. Neither he nor Rucinsky seem particularly inclined to finish checks; they often peel away instead. If we're looking to add toughness or youth, these would be the 1st two I'd replace.

On the faceoff issue, I'm not so sure the answer is to bring in a veteran faceoff guy. I would like, though, to see some sort of technique-instruction going on with the guys we have. I've been watching Moore closely; he often seems to lunge and pull himself off-balance when he loses draws. On a couple last night, he maintained better control and balance, and won those faceoffs. Again, better to fix from within, if possible, before importing from without.

Immonen or Helminen would look good on Broadway right now.

Finally Throwaway you say something I can agree with.

Moore I believe is better suited to be a winger as his struggles on faceoffs have gotten worse.

What boggles my mind is why Hollweg is not put back to his natural position?

Want to guess what it is? Yep he is a center which makes me laugh every time the Shills are amazed when Hollweg wins a faceoff.


Why doesn't Immonen get a look see right about now is something I really would like to know too.

I had to go to electroshock therapy today to get over last nights games.
I would like to give some credit to Hossa. Dubi had mentioned him in today's story and I'd like to add that I was quite pleased with his ambition and drive.
I criticized him before and will not hold a grudge from previous lacadazical play if he keeps up the good work. I was also amazed by Straka's stick-handling getting through the zone to set up Jagr. As I watched him go in between around and through the entire Flyer team I sat up in my chair. Wow, he looked like Bobby Orr on that rush.
This was a tough loss people. This game was as good as in the books before the last minute meltdown. A full day later and I'm still in a foul mood.

Anyone have any idea why Prucha is only getting about 10 minutes of ice time? Against Buffalo and now against Philly he's only gotten 10 minutes. Against Pittsburgh he got 15.

anthony, rodent thinks he caught what jagr has...

i am not ready to jump on the Hossa bandwagon just yet. He has responded well to this latest benching, and has at least put in some effort. But I have little faith that he is anything but another Rucinsky - a soft guy with good talent who can have a hot streak here or there, but over an entire season will frustrate you more often then not.

As far as Rucchin goes, I actually wasn't unhappy with his signing - I thought his leadership and solid-two way play would be a useful one or two-year guide to people like Moore and Lundmark. But I've seen very little to suggest that he's been a help on the ice, and I'll have to take Dubi's word for his lack of contributions off the ice. Very disappointing.

rucchin's lack of hitting should be no surprise, he barely had a game in his ducks days. go to http://www.sportsguynorth.blogspot.com and look up the definition of "rucchin of the year" there and you'll see how us ducks fans remember him... no surprise at all... especialy if you expected a physical game. he cant touch a puck without getting a concussion, ha.

Joe, great link -- do you mind if I rucchin it off you? What a hoot, and right on!

Having watched the Rangers every day this season, including training camp and practice, I have to make a couple of observations about the Rucchin of the Year award. First, Rucchin himself is not a candidate for the Rucchin of the Year award because even given the presence of stellar linemates all season, he has failed to rucchin off of them, that's how bad he's been.

I also think Straka has to be given immunity from Rucchin of the Year because Jagr asked to have him on his team and on his line. If you saw Straka set up Jagr the othe night, weaving through two Flyers and drawing another two before dishing off to Jagr for the goal, you might want to reconsider which one is the rucchin. There was another such goal recently where Straka set Jagr up for a gimme that had everyone agog at how he ever saw him. Jagr for Rucchin of the Year! (Just kidding)

To understand what all this means, check out http://sportsguynorth.blogspot.com/2006/01/soulcrusher-and-rucchin.html -- Rucchin of the Year is an award for the player who most thrives on the presence of talented linemates despite a distinct lack of talent of his own.

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