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January 25, 2006



"Since I would like to grow and rebuild from within your evaluation was very bad news."

No I disagree as I have seen guys work their butts off and improve on the very areas they needed to move up to the NHL. Baranka is a sure fire NHLer and I am not ready to give up on Liffton.

"So Jess and anyone else who have seen these young guys[Sauer,"

Very intense player, he is very strong and smart. He can dominate a game by himself. He is an effective 2 way defender who IF (please note the IF) stays healthy will be even better than Staal in my book.


The dark horse who IMO is possibly the next Beuk for the Rangers. Very few people have him on their radar but I do as I have been watching him closely this season. He is very smart on and off the ice but his defensive skills are in need of a bit of polish from someone like a Schoenfeld and Ulfie. I think he wants to turn pro just so he can drop the gloves (which they can't at the NCAA level). Besides how can you not like a guy who's nickname is NASTY?


I got to let someone else answer about him as I have not seen much of him.


Hmm how best to describe this future psychopath in Ranger Blue? Well if you did not catch my profile in the BB then I got to tell you this story about Flatt:

I watched him and Ryan Russell (next issue meet the Prucha Clone) in action against Everett when Russell got cheapshotted in front of the Ice bench. This happens right in front of Flatt and I can hear Flatt all the way in the press box screaming his head off swearing, promising revenge and offering very colorful promises to the clown who ran over his teammate. I am watching Flatt being HELD BACK on the bench.

The rest of the game NOBODY and I mean NOBODY goes anywhere near Russell. So after the game I ask Flatt about it and this kid has me laughing when he tells me he not only sent a message but protected his teammate without a punch. He also though said he has a very long memory and has filed away the Silvertip who ran Russell.

Ranger fans will love this kid (and I for one dream of the day when both Flatt and Guenin are on the ice together).

"and Paimont] what is their progress."

I also got to pass on him as I have not seen enough of him to give him a fair honest review.

Brooklyn the way I do evals on players is what I have learned from the NHL scouts that I have gotten to learn from (just wait for a feature on the NHL's CSB most likely in the March issue). I will not review any kid HERE or in the print version unless I have 3 different viewings of a player. Most times I try to get a home and away view and on on tape.

I get video on most of the kids from their PR dept or SID (college players). Those vids are focused on the prospect and tell a lot.

BTW as the next entry draft draws near I will be sharing what my friends at McKeens and elsewhere think might happen


Jess thanks for another informative article, I enjoy the way you research and evaluate your opions. Most agree the big weakness of the Rangers is defense and if the Rangers are serious about building for now and thwe future it becomes imperative to develope younger players[ie. look at the last 10 trs. success of the Devils, they replace their loses mostly from within.I was releived to see that you feel some of these young players can elevate their game if they work hard enough. It has always bothered me when Don Maloney says a guy can not play, but never talks about coaching, teaching,and hard work to bring their level of play up to NHL quality. So thank you once again as most of these guys I can not get to see play and I find your evaluations more realistic than the rating services.

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