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December 28, 2005


I think Jessiman is injured again. He hasn't played in a while.

Jessiman has missed the passed 2 games with another knee injury. I am not sure how serious it, I heard it was only minor.

A funny thing happened on the way to our 2nd straight loss, and fifth-out-of-six games: we actually responded. Yes, it took awhile, and yes, it was against a team we should have beaten -- but the Rangers found a way to get it done tonight, and, at least for the moment (and with apologies to James Brown), i feel good.


I hate to point this out but in the Fishie/Ranger rivalry the team that has won most of the games in recent years has been the team that finished with the worse record.

And Dubi what do you mean one can follow Ranger prospects at the WJC over at NYR.com?????

Excuse me but I think you get better info here at the Blueshirt Bulletin thanks to ME

I suspect, Jess, that you yourself realize that that's a meaningless stat. Let the Rangers keep on beating the Fishsticks, and I'll take my chances that we finish ahead of them in the standings as well. Trying to rain on the Ranger parade tonight? That's not even a drizzle.

Strange start tonight. Looked like we picked up where we had left off. Looked like Hank may have been fighting the puck a bit in the beginning. A complete meltdown by the Fishsticks was a perfect Rx for the Rangers woes. The third period of this game looked remarkably like the the first period of the Sens/Ranger game but this time the roles were reversed. Happy about the win but need a strong follow up in our next game to get the confidence level back on track. No help around the league as the Flyer's took out the Thrashers in OT.

Hey, I didn't say it was the ONLY place to follow the WJC -- I was just posting a link where they have all of the Ranger prospect stats in one place. It's really not much beyond that.

Re: Jessiman, I was trying to find links to information about whether he was playing at all before posting the Charlotte links, and I couldn't find anything. Where did you guys hear about his latest injury?

It was, indeed, a rough start to the game, Bob -- in fact, it looked to me like we were going to be manhandled all night. And then Renney got Orr onto the ice at just the right time, and he seemed to have a stabilizing influence on the game -- the Isles seemed to ease off some of the rough stuff for awhile. Orr didn't play much after, but to my thinking he was an integral part of last night's win. Once the Isles' toughness was neutralized, it allowed the Ranger regulars, guys like Tyutin and Kasparitis, to start throwing checks of their own. The Isles still seemed to outhit us overall, but it wasn't as dramatic as it seemed early. I don't like that Orr's presence disrupted the normal flow of 4 lines -- Renney instead did his best to mix-and-match as the game progressed -- but at least on this night, Colton Orr was exhibit one in Brooklyn Toni's call to arms.

Has anyone asked Renney why he isn't playing Ryan Hollweg?

throaway got it right. The Rangers were being outplayed and totally outhit. Renney sends out Colton Orr to slow down the Isles hitting. Sterling makes a tactical decision not to answer with Goddard[ the Isles were ahead 2 to 0 and in control at the time and it seemed like the right decision to make]. However the move backfired as the Isle hitting slowed down and there was no Goddard running free[as McGratton had done the previous game slamming Kasparitis and any other Ranger he could find to the ice. So Orr served his purpose of neutralizing the other teams hit man. Listen we all want Beukeboom,Shanahan or a similar plaYER WHO IS TOUGH AS NAILS BUT IS STILL A GREAT PLAYER. bUT UNTIL WE DRAFT, TRADE, OR DEVELOPE SOMEONE, a guy like Orr has value. If you guys do not like Orr that is ok but how are you going to deal with the bigger tougher players in the league. I love Holloweg and want him to get much more playing time, but he is not the answer. He was interviewed alog side Ortmeyer and he looked 2 to 3 inches shorter than Orts.Force must be dealt with equal or grater force. I do not want a team of goons but you need two or three bigger guys to deal with the bigger players in the league.


There are players coming who are good players and are heavy hitters.

Nate Guenin of OSU is a solid heavy hitter. He has size and a nasty streak.

Brandon Dubinsky is a pest who can score and fight although he is more Barnaby sized.

Dane Byers is a super solid defender who can hit with the best of them.

Dalyn Flatt is a big time enforcer/defender in the WHL. He finished 4 in PIMs

Brodie Dupont is a future power forward being coached by former Ranger Kelly Kisio

There are prospects but they will take time.


Forgive me for pointing out that whichever team has won the Ranger/Fishie series has wound up being the team with the worse season and place in the standings. For the last few years the Rangers have owned the Fishies and what has that been worth? Nothing except bragging rights.

Me I would rather lose to the Fishies and finish in front of them in the standings.

"Hey, I didn't say it was the ONLY place to follow the WJC."
For the record Jess, I really enjoyed the interview with Brodie "Moose" Dupont in the BB paper edition.

How do I get Prague tix?

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