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December 23, 2005


Dubi I find your comments about toughness very troubling. Two years ago I e-mailed Don Malomey as to why he was not giving guys like Weller aand Grenier an opporunity when the team obviously lacked size and toughness. His answer was he wanted guys who could play. Fair enough but over the next two years he has done nothing to coach, teach draft or trade for bigger tougher players. I am dissapointed you hAVE BOUGHT INTO THIS RIDICULOUS EXCUSE THEY CAN NOT PLAY. You your self have documented the poor play of Niemenen, Hossa, Rucchin etc. Tuytin and Kondratiev have not been very good, but I agree with staying with them to develope them. Why can the Rangers not develope a feww bigger and tougher guys[hope you watched the Philly Ottowa sliuggfest the other night]. I am tired of the excuse he can not play. Colton Orr got better all 3 years in the minors with playing time. Is he the right guy? I do not care, if he is noy good enough find someome else and coach and teach. Chauncy Billups was on 5 teams in 6 years going nowfere, Larry Brown coached him and he is now one of the best players in the game.Dubi the Rangers need toughness.Hockey is still a physical game.Holloweg should play more, but we still need size to play against the bigger players in the game. Saying h someone can not play is a poor excuse. Maloney is the manager and it is his job to find and develope players .

Dubi you do an incredible job with this site and I would like to thank you and wish you a happy and heathy holiday and New Years. My previous post is more symbolic of my view as to where hockey is going. I love football and hockey for the physical nature of the sports. European hockey with larger rinks emphasizes the skating passing and shooting parts of the game. Noth American hockey had always been more physical in its empasis. A nice combo of these two would be ideal for me. To empasize one and eliminate the other has no appeal. I applaud the hard work the Rangers have put in this year, but evey time I see a Ranger tossed to the ground or run into the boards or have a stick slapped in teir face[as Lecavalier did in the last game] I get sick seeing the Rangers do not even have one player to protect our smaller more skilled guys. I blame this directly on Don Maloney for if you remember when he ran the Islanders they ren him out of town for putting a soft nowhere team on the ice. All these years later and Don Maloney is still crying the same broken record,ie. I want guys who can play. Most other teams can find these guys but Maloney can not. I am not buying it anymore. If you guys want European non physical play I will respect that but I personally am not interested in soft hockey. If you disagree that is ok, I will stick with football but I will not watch my team get beat up and pushed around. Dubi thank you once again you have been a gracious and intelligent host

I wouldn't go so far as to label the Rangers' style of play European, Toni. Yes, the top line plays that way, but two of the lines are more grinding lines, and the other seems in a perpetual search of an identity.

I will, however, make one concession to the call for toughness from Kings County. I didn't like the way LaPerriere went right after Hollweg at the drop of the puck a couple games back. As many of us agree, Hollweg's value is not as a fighter, but as an energy player who needs to be getting regular shifts to be effective. I'd hate to see a scenario where other teams target him early, figuring they can thereby eliminate the Rangers' most effective "tough" player. Toward that end, it might possibly be worthwhile to add a bigger player along the lines of what Toni suggests, hopefully someone who can actually contribute as a player as well. I'm not yet at the point of endorsing such a move, but it is worth keeping an eye on.

great post throaway, you make a lot of sense.

there is no room for toughness or physical play in bettmans version of the nhl...

Craig you may be correct that Bettman's view excludes toughness and physical play but someone forgot to tell Brian McGrattan[Ottowa] and Eric Goddard{NY Islanders], or to tell the Flyers and Ottowa Senators about it. These were two intensely physical contests. When McGraI would rather see Colton Orr out there to stop McGratton rather than see Ville Niementton[6'4" 235lbs.] is looking to crush some of the smaller Rangers, how do you propose the Rangers deal with this? I would prefer to see Colton Orr rather than Ville Niemenen{who contributes very little]. Orr may not be a great player but he can at least protect Prucha and other Ranger assests until the Rangers can fid or develope a better player who is also physical. Watch the tapes of the Philly Ottowa game and it will be clear that you need a physical presence to play these big teams. Good post Craig I got a good laugh.

part of my post got messed up so let me fix it. Mcgatton is a big 6'245lbs.He is no more skilled than Orr' but that does not stop Ottowa from using him as a physical force. The Rangers must find a way to protect their players. It can be Colton Orr. It can be someone else, I do not care as long as the Ranger players are protected. If you have a better candidate than Orr that is fine with me. Post your choice and let us try to get that guy onto the big club. Remember the point is to find bigger more phsical players[one or two].

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